Sunday, December 27, 2015

Murli 27 December 2015

27/12/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 15/03/99

"In order to reach your karmateet stage, increase your controlling power and become a ruler of the self"
Today, BapDada was seeing all His royal, specially loved (raj dulare) children everywhere, the children who are loved by God. Very few children receive God’s affection and God’s love. Very few children become worthy of receiving such fortune. Seeing such fortunate children, BapDada is very pleased. To be a royal child (a crown prince) means to be king child. Do you consider yourselves to be kings? Your very name is Raja Yogi. To be a Raja Yogi means to be a child who is like a king. You are kings at present and kings in the future too. Do you experience your double royal status? Examine yourself to see whether you are a king. Are you able to rule yourself? Are all your servants working in your kingdom according to your orders? You know what the speciality of a king is, do you not? Ask yourself whether you have both ruling power and controlling power. Ask yourself whether all the servants in your kingdom are working under your control.

Today, BapDada was examining the children’s controlling power and ruling power. What did He see? All of you know this anyway. BapDada saw that, as yet, not everyone’s kingdom is constant and undisrupted. The constant kingdoms are disrupted every now and again. Why? Instead of constantly ruling yourself, you try to rule others. This also disrupts your kingdom. When your physical senses become dependent on external things, it indicates that you are trying to rule others. It means that you are being influenced by the kingdom of Maya, that you are depending on others. A minority is OK, but the majority is influenced by the current special influence of Maya, so the sanskars from the copper age up to the end of the iron age emerge and interfere with your original and eternal sanskars. Your own sanskars disrupt your own kingdom. It is particularly the sanskars of waste thoughts, of wasting time and having wasteful interactions, either in listening to others or relating things to others. Firstly, it is your sanskars of waste and, secondly, your sanskars of carelessness that disturb your kingdom in many different, royal ways. Even though the final time in now coming close, many children still say that some sanskars are now emerging that had never emerged before the start. Sanskars are emerging even now in the atmosphere. What is the reason for this? This is the way Maya attacks you, makes you feel disheartened on this Godly path and makes you belong to her. Because you are even now still moving along in that way, you wonder whether you will attain the success of becoming equal. Maya will try to dishearten you in one aspect or another, particularly one in which you are weak. This is the way Maya attacks your sanskars. Even though you may be moving along very well, Maya will adopt a form to make one or other of your old sanskars emerge to try and dishearten you. All your old sanskars have to be destroyed by the end. Therefore, any sanskars that still remain may sometimes still emerge. However, BapDada is signalling all of you fortunate children not to be afraid, but to understand Maya’s ways. Pay special attention to both laziness and waste. Negativity is also included in this. Understand that this is the way in which Maya attacks you at the present time.

Keep in an emerged form the experience of the Father’s company and the combined form. Do not just think that the Father belongs to you anyway and that He is with you. When you keep the practical experience of His company emerged, these attacks of Maya will not be attacks, but, instead it will be the defeat of Maya. It will be the defeat of Maya, not an attack by her. Never be afraid and wonder what is happening or why something is happening. Simply maintain your courage and stay aware of having the company of the Father. Check whether you still have the Father’s company or whether your experience of that company has become merged. You have the knowledge that the Father is with you. However, together with this knowledge, you also know the Father’s power. He is the Almighty Authority, the One with all powers. Therefore, experience the power of all the powers to be emerged in you. This is what is meant by experiencing the Father’s company. Do not become careless and start to think “Who else do I have except the Father? The Father is always there.” If you have the Father, do you also have that power with you? You tell the people of the world, that if God were omnipresent, then the Godly virtues would be seen and experienced. So BapDada is also asking you: if the Father is with you and combined with you, do you experience that power in everything you do? Do others experience it in you? What do you think? What do the double foreigners think? Do you have this power? Do you have it constantly? Everyone is answering “yes” to the first question. Yes. However, when you were asked the second question as to whether it is constant, you began to think about it. So it is not constant and unbroken, is it? What challenge do you issue? Are you creating a constant kingdom or a disrupted kingdom? What are you doing? It is a constant kingdom, is it not? Teachers speak! Is it constant? Therefore, check whether your own kingdom is constant. Is it constant? Do you want to claim a good kingdom, a reward for all time, or does it not matter if your kingdom is disrupted every now and again? Do you think in this way? Is it that you want the attainment for all time, and yet, in terms of effort, it doesn’t matter whether it is only sometimes? What words were the foreigners asked to remove from the dictionary of their lives? Do you remember? Sometimes and something. Do you still use the word “sometimes” or is that finished? Speak Jayanti! Speak! You will give the result, will you not? Has “sometimes” finished? Those who think that the word “sometimes” has finished for all time, raise your hands! Has it finished or is it now finishing? Raise your hands high! Although not all of your hands were visible on the TV here, they all appeared on the TV in the subtle region, because this TV is iron aged, whereas that TV is a magical TV of the subtle region, where everyone’s hands are therefore visible. Very good! Many of you raised your hands. Congratulations for all time to all of you who raised your hands. Achcha. Now, people of Bharat, raise your hands! Only those who have done this in a practical way should do so. Don’t raise your hands just like that. Those who are able to rule the self for all time and who keep all their physical senses under law and order, raise your hands! Raise your hands firmly, not weakly. Always remember that you have raised your hands in the gathering. It is good! You then also tell Baba very sweet things. You say: Baba, You know everything. You know that Maya does sometimes come. Maintain the honour of having raised your hand! At least you have remained courageous. Therefore, never lose your courage. When you stay courageous, you definitely receive BapDada’s help.

Today, BapDada saw that, according to the present time, there is a lack in terms of staying in control of yourself and your physical senses, that is, having controlling power. Hearing the heart to heart conversations of you children, BapDada smiled. Children say that they are not able to have four hours of remembrance. BapDada changed eight hours to four hours and you children are now saying that two hours is fine! So, is this your controlling power? If you don’t practise this from now, how are you going to pass with honours in time? You have to become rulers of yourself. Children, you are laughing because BapDada heard all of your conversations today. You make BapDada laugh, because you say that you are unable to have three minutes’ traffic control. Instead, it just becomes the control of your body. You are able to stand still. However, sometimes you are able to control your mind, but not at other times. Why? Lack of controlling power. You have to order your mind. Just as when you order your hand to go up, it rises, so, order your mind. If your arm is not cracked, you are able to raise it. In the same way, the subtle power of your mind must be under your control. You have to bring it under control. As soon as you order it to stop, it must stop. As soon as you tell it to think about service, let it become busy thinking of service. When you tell it to go to the supreme abode, let it go to the supreme abode. Tell it to go to the subtle region and let it go there within a second. Whatever you tell it to think about, it should be able to do that. Now, increase this power. Do not waste your time with small sanskars and in battling, and say that you chased away that sanskar today and that you chased away another sanskar yesterday. Once you adopt controlling power, you will not have to spend varying periods of time on different sanskars. When you tell your mind, “Do not think, do not do anything, do not speak”, it has to stop as soon as you tell it to stop. This is the way you can reach your karmateet stage. You do want to become karmateet, do you not? BapDada also says that you have to become this. No one else will come here to become this; it is you who have to become this. Baba will take you back with Him, but only those of you who are karmateet. You will go back home with the Father, will you not? Or, will you follow later? You spoke very well, when you said that you will return with the Father. However, you didn’t say “Ha ji”, when you were asked whether you will settle your accounts. You will return home after having become karmateet, will you not? To return with the Father means to return as His companion. A couple has to be a good match. Or, should one be tall and the other one short? They have to be equal. Similarly, you have to become karmateet. What will you now do? Now, look after your kingdom very well. Hold a court every day. You are the ruler of your kingdom, are you not? So hold your own court and ask your physical organs how they are. Check whether everything is in order. Brahma Baba also held court every day. You have a copy of it in the diary. Show it to them! Father Brahma also made effort. It was only because he held his own court every day that he became karmateet.

So, how much time do you need now? Or, are you ever-ready? When you have this stage, service will take place quickly. Why? Because your thoughts, words and interactions through your face and activity will all be powerful at the same time. Doing all three types of service at the same time will quickly bring a fast result. Do not think that because you have to do this spiritual endeavour, very little service done will be done. No, you will easily gain success in service. If all of you instruments for service have such a stage collectively, it will then take less effort and you will achieve greater success. So, pay special attention to increasing your controlling power. Let there be control over your thoughts, your time and your sanskars. BapDada has told you many times that you are all kings. Keep your mind and intellect under law and order when you want, as you want, wherever you want and for however long you want. If you tell your mind not do something and yet your mind still does that, if it still happens, then that is not law and order. So, you rulers of the self, make your kingdom a practical reality. You want to make it practical, do you not? You are making it practical, but BapDada has already told you to add the word “constantly”.

BapDada will come one more time, the last time, this season. One more turn still remains. Baba will ask for your result in that last turn. You have fifteen days. So, will you show some result in fifteen days or not? Teachers speak! Will you hand in this result in fifteen days? Achcha, those from Madhuban, raise your hands! Will those from Madhuban show this result in fifteen days? Say yes or no now! Raise your hands now! Uphold the honour of the hand that you raised! Achcha. You also have to promise that you will hand in this result in fifteen days. Those who feel that they will try, raise your hands! Those from Shantivan, stand up! (BapDada called all the main instruments of Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan to come in front of Him.)

BapDada has called all of you so that everyone can be granted a vision of you. Everyone is happy to see all of you. Achcha. (To the audience.) All of you have seen the special souls, haven’t you? You didn’t congratulate them. BapDada will now tell you what He wants. There are the four pilgrimage places: Pandav Bhavan, Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar and the Hospital. The fifth one is small. BapDada has a hope for all four. Should Baba tell you about it? In three months’ time, no more than three months, BapDada wants to see the result of you kings being constant, undisturbed, obstacle-free and unshakeable rulers of the self. In three months’ time, let nothing of any other situation be heard from anywhere. All of you are to become number one rulers of the self. Can you give this result in three months? (Asking Brother Nirwair). You represent the Pandavas. Is this possible? Dadi is there anyway, but all of you sitting in front are also included. Is this possible? (Dadi says, “Yes, it is possible.”) Those from Pandav Bhavan sitting here, raise your hands! Is this possible. Achcha, if someone is weak or if something happens to someone, what would you do? Who has the courage to believe that you can hand in this result whilst still giving your company to your companions? Do you have this courage? Is this possible? Or, do you just have courage for yourself? Are you able to accommodate the situations of others? Are you able to accommodate the mistakes of others? Do not spread anything into the atmosphere, but accommodate it. Are you able to do this much? Those sitting at the back, are you ready to do this? Say “Ha ji” out loud. Congratulations! Baba will see your report in three months’ time. Baba will also see the report of Shantivan. Are those from Shantivan saying “Ha ji”? Give these vibrations to one another. Give vibrations full of love. Let there be no more quarrelling.

You double foreigners also have to give the result, do you not? All of you have to become this. All of you double foreigners who believe that you can hand in this result in three months time by yourselves and make your companions do the same, raise your hands! All of you raised your hands. You saw one another. If any one of you here thinks that you will try, but that you are not able to commit yourself right now, raise your hand! You have a clean heart and those with clean hearts receive help. Achcha.

To all the souls everywhere who are the rulers of self, to the souls who remain constantly worthy of a constant kingdom, to those who reach their karmateet stage like the father, to the intense effort-making souls who follow the father, to the children who are well-wishers for others and who constantly give their co- operation of good wishes and pure feelings, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Speaking to Dadis:

The thought of intense effort that remains emerged within you instrument souls gives power to others to enable them to continue. It fills disheartened souls with power so that they all go back from here with fresh enthusiasm. No matter what happens, even if there is a little conflict, the majority do take enthusiasm back with them to make effort for themselves. Therefore, everything is working out fine and it will be OK. Nothing will decrease, it will increase. It is good. BapDada is proud of you children who are Brahma Baba’s companions because you are fulfilling your responsibility very well. You are no less. You are playing very good roles in fulfilling your responsibility of companionship. So, how many congratulations and blessings can both Bap and Dada continue to give His children who fulfil the responsibility of companionship? You are playing very good roles. You have become pillars. You pillars have been created in the corporeal form and everyone is progressing on the basis of you pillars. Therefore, the efforts of all of you are easy. Your account is increasing a great deal with blessings. Achcha.
May you be yuktiyukt (filled with wisdom) and jeevanmukt (liberated in life) and use spiritual power in every action.  
The speciality of this Brahmin life is spirituality. It is only with the power of spirituality that you are able to transform yourselves and everyone else. With this power you can be liberated from many types of physical bondage. However, instead of being yuktiyukt (clever) and become ‘loose’ in every deed, use the spiritual power. Experience spiritual power in your thoughts, words and deeds at the same time. Those who are yuktiyukt in all three are liberated in life.
With the speciality of truth, continue to experience happiness and power.