Sunday, December 13, 2015

Murli 13 December 2015

13/12/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 11/03/81

“The two main bases of success.”
Today, God, the Friend, is meeting you children as His friends. How many friends does the one God, the Friend, have? In any case, foreigners like friendship a lot more. So BapDada is the Father, the Satguru and the Teacher; He fulfils all relationships. Which relationship do you find the loveliest? Although He is all One and the same, some prefer Him as the Teacher, some prefer the Bridegroom and some prefer the Friend. Therefore, by fulfilling any relationship with the One, you attain everything. The magic is that you can fulfil any relationship you want with the One; you don’t need to go anywhere else. By doing this, your desire to find someone else finishes. Are you experienced in fulfilling this love of all relationships? Have you experienced this or do you still have to experience it? What do you think? Are you fully experienced in this? Today, Baba has not come to speak an official murli. BapDada is very pleased to see all the souls with all relationships who have come from far, far away. Who resides the furthest away? You have all come from the corporeal world. BapDada has come to the subtle region from the incorporeal world which is beyond the subtle region and then come to the corporeal world. So, do you reside further away or does Baba reside further away? BapDada is giving loving congratulations to those who have had to travel the furthest, in terms of this world. Those who have come from the furthest land, raise your hands! However far away you have come from, however many miles you have had to walk to come here, add multimillion miles to that many miles and accept that many congratulations. Foreigners means for ever. You have received this blessing, have you not? You are not foreigners, but for ever. You are always ever-ready for service. As soon as you receive a direction, you follow it. This is the speciality of the for ever group. Once you experience something, you immediately have the courage to become engaged in service and give others that experience. On seeing you do this, BapDada is very pleased. Many servers have become instruments from one. There are two main bases of success. Do you know them? (Many replied with different answers.) Each of your answers is right according to your own experience. The principal basis of success in service and for your stage to ascend is to have unbroken love for the one Father. No one other than the Father should be visible. You should have Baba in your thoughts, Baba in your words and the Father with you in your deeds. When a soul is merged in this love and speaks just one word, then that loving word binds other souls with love. Just the one word “Baba” from a soul merged in love works like magic. Souls merged in love become spiritual magicians. To have love for the one Father means to be merged in love. The second basis of success is to become an image who is experienced in every point of knowledge. It is one thing to give a point of the drama on the basis of knowledge but something else to give knowledge as an image who is experienced in every point of knowledge. Those who have experienced all the points of the knowledge of the drama will always be stable in the stage of a detached observer. They will be stable, unshakeable and immovable. Those who are stable in such a stage are called images of experience. The result of something may appear to be good or bad externally, but a soul who has experienced that point in the drama will never see anything bad in something bad but will only see goodness in that. This means that such souls will be able to see a path to benefit themselves. All accounts of loss will have ended. Because of being the children of the Benevolent Father and because this is the age of benevolence, you have now begun to accumulate in your account of benevolence. With this knowledge and with the authority of experience, you will remain constantly unshakeable. If you were to count them, all of you would find that you have many types of authority. Other souls would only have one or two authorities. Some would be an authority of science, some an authority of the scriptures, some an authority of medicine and some an authority of engineering. What are you the authorities of? Make a list and you will find it is a very long list. The first authority is that the World Almighty now belongs to you. Therefore, all the authorities of the world belong to you too. Make this list. You have the authority of having the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world on the basis of which and in memory of which the Bible and the Koran and all the scriptures have been written. This is why the knowledge of the Gita is said to be the Mother and Father of all the holy books and scriptures. It is called the jewel of all scriptures. Who listens to the Gita directly? (Brahmins) So you are the authorities of that, are you not? In the same way, whose religion is the number one religion of all religions? All religions take birth from your Brahmin religion. The Brahmin religion is the root of all religions. This religion has other specialities too. The Brahmin religion is established directly by the Supreme Father. Other religions are established by the fathers of religions. This is the one religion that is established by the Supreme Father. All other religions are established by His children. People speak of the “Son of God”. That one is not God. You are the authorities of the elevated religion that is established directly by the Supreme Father. You are those who have the authority of being the direct mouth-born children of Adi Pita Brahma. You are the authorities of leading a life of most elevated actions. You are the authorities of receiving the reward of the elevated actions which is your right to the unshakeable kingdom of the world. You are the authorities of being worshipped by devotees. If you were to carry on counting this list, it would become much longer. Do you understand how great you authorities are! Even the Father salutes those who have such authority. This is the greatest authority of all. BapDada is very pleased to see those who have such authority.

All of you have worked hard and brought about growth as a result of your task of service. You have shown the path to your brothers and sisters who have been wandering around. You are making effort very well to give a few drops of peace and happiness to thirsty souls and thereby making them into satisfied souls. You have fulfilled in practice the promise that you made to the Father and brought bouquets in front of Him. No matter whether it is a small or a large one, Baba loves even the small bouquets. You have fulfilled this promise and will continue to do so even more. Some of you have created a necklace and brought it here and others have created a garland. Some have created a bracelet and others have created a ring. All of these are BapDada’s jewellery. Each jewel is a valuable jewel. You have brought very beautiful jewellery in front of the Father. What are you going to do now in the future? What will you do with the jewellery now? (Polish it.) You have come to Madhuban and so it will be polished. Now, keep it in a showcase. Everyone should be able to see this jewellery sparkling in the showcase of the world. How is it placed in the showcase? It is very good that they have come in front of the Father and the Brahmins. They now have to be placed in front of the world. Now make a plan so that the sound emerges from every corner of the world that the children of God are revealed everywhere. There should be the same wave spread everywhere, both in every corner of Bharat and the lands abroad. It is the same sun and moon that are seen everywhere in the world at different times. In the same way, let the children of the Sun of Knowledge be seen from every corner. The sparkle of the stars of knowledge should be visible everywhere. There should be the same thing in everyone’s thoughts and words, that together with the Sun of Knowledge, the stars of knowledge are being revealed. The sound of everyone will echo together everywhere and the time of revelation will come. Up to now, you have been playing your incognito parts. Now, let your roles be revealed. Make a plan for this and BapDada will then tell you more.

If Baba were to remain seated here and speak of the specialities of each of you jewels, many nights would pass. The speciality of each one of you children is sparkling on your forehead like a diamond.

To all the special souls, to all the serviceable children who give the proof of service and who are constantly engaged in remembrance and service, to the serviceable, master almighty authorities, to the extremely lovely children who fulfil the desires of everyone whilst merged in love, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada’s personal meetings with groups:

New Zealand Group:

What do those from New Zealand constantly remember? Those from New Zealand should constantly remember that they have to give new news to the world. New Zealand should give the world news every day. What will New Zealand then become? It will become a lighthouse for the world. Everyone’s vision will be drawn to New Zealand and wonder where all this news has come from. Even now, when there is some news in the newspapers, where is everyone’s attention drawn? They all wonder where that news came from. So New Zealand should perform this wonder. Now make new plans to do something new. Perform the wonder of creating so many teachers who are able to spread around everywhere. It will then be said that your work is according to your name. All of you are long-lost and now-found children who have been selected by the Father who has come from far, far away. It was you who left Bharat and went away. The Father of Bharat did not leave you! The garden of New Zealand has blossomed a lot.

Trinidad Group:

What speciality does BapDada constantly see in you children? In each of you children, BapDada sees your reward for 21 births. He sees what you were, what you are and what you are going to become. On seeing all three aspects of time in you, BapDada is very pleased to know how elevated your future is going to be. Do all of you become just as pleased on realising and experiencing your reward? Your reward of what you are today and what you are going to become tomorrow is so clear. Since you belong to the Father, it means you have to become a Brahmin, and it is definite that Brahmins will become deities. Amongst the deities, too, the status you receive will be according to the effort you make.

You now have many ways to serve. Together with serving through words, you can also serve the world whilst sitting somewhere. You have a very good chance to serve through the mind. Therefore, remain busy throughout the day in one or another type of service. To be refreshed in Madhuban means to become an instrument for service, to become a serviceable soul and take every chance to serve. Before doing service, continue to make progress by keeping in contact with those who are serviceable instruments and you will then definitely become successful. Now, we shall see how many centres you have opened when you come again. We shall print in the news bulletin how many new centres have opened.

Remain constantly aware that you are all spiritual social workers who are going to free everyone from their wandering. Many souls are wandering around and so you should feel mercy on seeing those wandering souls, should you not? When you look at your past life, you realise how much you had been wandering for many births. Therefore, on the basis of your experience, you should feel even more mercy. Constantly think of plans within you of how to free those souls from their wandering. Think of new points every day. Think of what point to tell them so that they can quickly be transformed. Now give devotees the fruit of their devotion. Constantly think of new easy ways to enable souls meet their Father. Constantly think about this.

America Group:

Do you constantly swing in the swing of supersensuous joy? You are BapDada’s long- lost and now-found children. Parents always make their beloved children sit somewhere safe where there is no difficulty for them. What place has BapDada given you long-lost and now-found children to sit on? Baba’s heart-throne is so large that you can do whatever you want to whilst seated on it. Therefore, remain constantly seated on your throne; do not get off it. Abroad, they have carpets everywhere so that your feet don’t get dirty. BapDada too wants you not to be dirtied by the mud of body consciousness. Therefore, remain constantly seated on the heart-throne. Those who remain seated on this throne now will be seated on the throne in the future. So check whether you are constantly seated on the throne or whether you get off it and have to climb on to it again. Who can claim a right to sit on this throne? Those who are constantly double-light. If there is the slightest heaviness, you will get off the throne. If you get off the throne, you have to face Maya. If you remain seated on the throne, Maya salutes you. You receive very nourishing food for the intellect from BapDada every day. Continue to digest it and you will never become weak. Maya will not then be able to attack you. Achcha.
May you be constantly victorious and give the proof of faith by experiencing spiritual intoxication.  
Spiritual intoxication is the mirror of faith. The proof of faith is intoxication and the proof of intoxication is happiness. Maya cannot perform any of her tricks in front of those who remain constantly happy and intoxicated. Maya cannot enter the sovereignty of carefree emperors. Spiritual intoxication easily enables you to forget the old world and old sanskars. Therefore, constantly stay in the intoxication of your soul-conscious form, your spiritual life, being angelic and of the future and you will become victorious.
The virtue of sweetness is the greatness of Brahmin life; therefore, become sweet and make others sweet.