Sunday, December 6, 2015

Murli 06 December 2015

06/12/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 09/03/81

“Put an end to all labouring and become a constant yogi”
Today, the Father, the Conqueror of the children’s Hearts, is happy to see the love in the hearts of the children. Today’s meeting is of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, and the children who are the lovers. Whether you are personally in front of Baba or physically far away, you are close to the heart. Even the children who are far away are personally in front of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, because of the love in their heart. The melody of “Baba” is constantly playing in the hearts of the beloved children. It is an unlimited melody, not a limited one. Even now, such children are merged in the Father’s eyes. BapDada is giving them a special response for their remembrance. All of you children are seated on the heart throne of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, but all of you are still numberwise - just as all are beads of the rosary, but there is a difference between the first eight and the last bead of 16,000. They are all said to be beads, but there is a great difference. The main slogan which is the basis for attaining a number is: “Be Holy. Be Yogi”. The first type of yogis are those who make effort to have yoga and the second type are the yogis who are always in yoga. The third type are those who are constantly making effort to remove their obstacles and cut away their sins. They receive fruit according to the effort they make. There are those who, based on the elevated actions they have performed in their past birth and on the path of devotion, receive without any effort an inheritance of a limited kingdom; they attain everything on the basis of their right to the inheritance. Because of this, they automatically have the intoxication of their kingdom. They don’t have to make effort to remember that they are princes or kings. They have a natural awareness of that attainment and prosperity. There are no kings nowadays, but this refers to the kings at the beginning of the copper age. It is an aspect of the time when devotion was satoguni. Such number one children have natural yogi lives. Their treasures of attainment are constantly overflowing on the basis of their inheritance. They don’t have to labour or say “Give me happiness today” or “Give me peace today”. As soon as they press the button of their thoughts, the mine opens. They are constantly overflowing, that is, they are yogyukt; they are constantly connected in yoga.

The second type of yogis are those who have to make effort to have yoga. They are like today’s businessmen. Sometimes they earn a lot and sometimes a little. Nevertheless, they have treasures. They have the intoxication of their earnings and also the happiness of that, but it is not constant. Sometimes, they are embodiments of the stage of being totally complete but, at other times, they make effort because of thinking, “I want more. I want more.” They are not constantly full or constantly stable. They are not constantly content with themselves. These are the ones who make effort to have yoga. Those who make effort to have yoga are the ones whose yoga breaks and they then have to reconnect it.

The third type are like today’s workers. They simply earn and eat. They eat comfortably, according to how much they earn. However, they don’t accumulate any stock. That is why they are not those who constantly dance in happiness. Because of the effort they have to make, they sometimes feel disheartened and sometimes happy. These are the three types of children.

The Father says: All of you receive an inheritance of the treasures of all attainments. All of you have this right. You are natural yogis. You naturally have a right to self-sovereignty. You are the children and the masters of the Father’s treasures. So, why do you make so much effort? Why should you master creators have to labour like labourers? Those people earn two hundred and live on that two hundred, or they earn two thousand and live on that two thousand. In the same way, you have two hours of yoga and experience two hours of its fruit. Today, you had six hours’ yoga or today you had four hours’ yoga. Why is this? The heir to a kingdom would never say that he has a kingdom for just two days or four days. Similarly, you are constantly the children of the Father and are therefore always the masters of His treasures. To say “Baba” and then have to labour for remembrance is a contradiction. Therefore, constantly remember the slogan: “I am an elevated soul who is a child and a master. I have a right to all treasures”. Don’t play any games of winning and losing, winning and then losing again. “I have attained whatever I wanted.” So, why should you then lose what you have won and have to win it back again? Otherwise, you must change the song you sing to, “I am still attaining! I am still attaining!” These are not the words of someone who has all rights.

You are the children of the Father who is constantly full. You are the children of the Ocean. What are you going to do now? Become constant yogis! Who am I? Is it, “I am a Brahmin who will become a deity?” Or, is it, “I am a warrior who will become a deity?” BapDada feels mercy for the children, on seeing the efforts they have to make. Does it seem right for the children of a king to have a labourer’s job? All of you, become masters!

Today, Baba has just come to meet groups. So, why was the murli spoken? There is a significance to this. Today, many mahavir children are pulling Baba. Today, BapDada spoke the murli whilst keeping those children in front of Him. Many mahavir children from this land and abroad are remembering Baba a great deal. BapDada is also especially remembering such servers (sevadhari), obedient (agyakari) and natural yogis.

BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to all the Madhuban residents and the foreigners who with a lot of love are like chatrak birds, who constantly want to hear the murli, who are so serviceable, love-full and merged in love. Baba is giving special love and remembrance to all the Madhuban residents and to all those who are sitting down below and yet are in front of Baba’s eyes, that is, to the tireless, serviceable children. At the same time, he is also giving special love, remembrance and namaste to the lucky stars who are personally in front of Baba.

Personal meeting with the brothers and sisters from the zones of Bengal, Bihar and Nepal.

1. You have heard the murli. Now, after hearing it, you have to become an embodiment of that. One is to become aware of something and the other is to become an embodiment of that. Everyone becomes aware of what they hear. Even souls without knowledge are able to remember what they have heard, but to have knowledge means to put what you are told into practice. So, what are you going to become an embodiment of? To be a master and a child means to become an embodiment of what you are told. Together with making effort, you also have to experience the reward of that. It should not be that you still consider yourselves to be effort-makers and think that you will receive your reward at some time in the future. The speciality of the confluence age is that you make effort now and also experience the practical fruit of that effort now; to be an embodiment of remembrance now and to experience attainment now. You have the guarantee for the future. However, the present fortune is even greater than that of the future. You have received your inheritance of the present time, have you not? Have you attained it or are you still going to attain it? If you have attained it, you are not still complaining at amrit vela, are you? There can either be remembrance (yaad) or complaints (fariyaad). Where there is remembrance, there cannot be complaints. Where there is a complaint, there cannot be remembrance. So, have all of your complaints now stopped? Have all your question marks finished? With complaints there are question marks, whereas, in remembrance, there is just a full-stop, the point. Become a point and remember the Point. The Father is the Point and you too are all points. So, having come to the land of transformation, you must definitely bring about some special transformation. Now, stop complaining and return from here as natural yogis. When there are complaints, there is confusion and no happiness. So, claim your treasure of happiness from the Father, not confusion. Confusion was the treasure you received from your physical fathers. That has now stopped. All physical relations have ended and so all your complaints have ended. You now belong to the alokik father and have an alokik inheritance. So, your list of complaints has now ended, has it not? You have torn it up, have you not? If it’s just erased, you might sometimes say that it was written there. Therefore, put an end to them all by tearing up the list. Give your time to service. Until you become ready, the coming of the kingdom will be delayed. Have you made a new plan for service? All of you served in the mahayagya (great sacrificial fire). It is not a small thing to have a gathering of Brahmins and be present on service. Be present and ever-ready on time. Keep the aim of maintaining your power of tolerance. All of this also accumulates in your register. This is connected with your final result. Nowadays, they have exams every three months or six months. All their marks are accumulated and are part of their final result. You too receive marks for co-operating in all the elevated tasks of Brahmins. These marks will be accumulated for the final result. You tolerated everything and you used your bodies, minds and wealth. To use means to attain. To do something according to the directions you receive also accumulates marks. You did not just come to the mahayagya, but you accumulated marks for the final result. So, this is service, is it not? To spread this sound is also a subject in service. There are many forms of service. Therefore, to spread the sound as a gathering is also service. You were happy to meet the family, were you not? You saw so many brothers and sisters. Does anyone in any other age have such a huge family? This was just a sample. It was not the whole family. You would have to make the whole of Delhi your own to gather the whole family together. If you were to gather together in Abu, you would have to gather together as far as Abu Road. That day will also come when everyone offers their buildings for you to use. They will prepare the Victoria Ground of Calcutta and give it to you. They will say, “Come! Welcome!” Gradually the sound will spread. Those people now think that you are no less. On seeing such a huge gathering after Father Brahma became avyakt, they surrendered themselves. In other places, organisations break up after their leader departs. However, here, it increases and they see the wonder of this. All of you have served with your pure thoughts, your power of co-operation and the power of the gathering. Now, you will receive invitations from everywhere. The Governor’s house will become your house.

2. Do you constantly consider yourselves to be seated on the heart-throne? In no other age throughout the cycle, only at the confluence age, can you attain this heart-throne. Who can sit on the heart-throne? Those whose hearts are constantly with Baba, the Comforter of Hearts. The place for those who constantly have the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other is the heart-throne. So, where do you live? When you leave your throne, you end up on the gallows. You become trapped on the gallows of Maya for birth after birth. It is either the Father’s heart-throne or the gallows of Maya. So, where are you going to stay? Do not remember anyone but the one Father, not even your own body. If you remember your body then, together with that, you also remember your bodily relations, possessions and the whole world, one after another. If there is a subtle thread, even in your thoughts, that would then pull you towards itself. For this reason let no strings be attached to your thoughts, words or deeds, even in a subtle way. Remain constantly free and you will be able to liberate others. Nowadays, the whole world is crying out in distress because of being trapped in the trap of Maya. In order to release everyone from this trap, you first of all have to release yourself. There must be no bondages in your thoughts even in a subtle way. To the extent that you are free from bondages, you will accordingly be able to stabilise in your elevated stage. If you do still have some bondages, they can pull you down, even though you want to stay up.

3. Do all of you consider yourselves to be the especially chosen, elevated souls of this world? Do you feel that the Father, Himself, has made you belong to Him? Out of all the souls of the whole world, the Father has chosen a handful of souls; and, out of those, you are the few elevated souls. What should you feel as soon as you have this thought? You will experience supersensuous joy. Do you experience this? Do you experience supersensuous joy or have you just heard about it? Have you experienced this in a practical form or do you just know about it? Knowledge means understanding! Understanding means to experience it. To hear and relate is different from experiencing. This elevated knowledge is for becoming experienced. You have been hearing and relating many different types of knowledge from the copper age. What is the big deal of doing now what you have been doing for half the cycle? This is a new life, a new age and new knowledge for the new world, and so it can only be new when you experience it in practice. Experience every word, “the soul”, “the Supreme Soul”, “the cycle”, any words of knowledge etc. Let there be the realisation and experience of being a soul. Experience the Supreme Soul. This is known as newness. Do you experience this to be a new day, a new night, a new family, everything new? You are now receiving knowledge as the fruit of your devotion. Therefore, become experienced in this knowledge! Put it into practice!

4. All of you are victorious jewels, are you not? The flag of victory is strong, is it not? Victory is your birthright. This is not just a slogan to be chanted, but a slogan for your practical life. You are the victorious ones of every cycle, not just victorious in this one cycle. You have been victorious countless times. Such victorious jewels remain constantly cheerful. Those who are defeated experience waves of sorrow. Those who are constantly victorious will be constantly happy. There can be no waves of sorrow under any circumstances for you. You have stepped away from the world of sorrow. The night has come to an end and you have now stepped into the dawn. Therefore, how can there be any waves of sorrow? Let the flag of victory be constantly flying high; let it not come down.

At the time of farewell: With the Dadis.

BapDada is also bound by love. He cannot become free from this even if He wanted to. This is why a picture of bondage has been portrayed on the path of devotion. In a practical way too, even though Baba is avyakt, he is bound by the bondage of love. He was freed from that corporeal form, but he could not be released from this bond. This is why you are bound by love and the Father is also bound. (Signalling to the foreigners): All of them are also doing tapasya. Is it day or night now? This is why it is said that a magic spell has been cast on them.
May you be a sensible embodiment of knowledge who makes every thought and action of yours elevated and worthwhile.  
Those who create any thought and perform any action while being sensible and embodiments of knowledge become embodiments of success. On the path of devotion, as a memorial of this, before beginning any task, they draw a swastika or they bow down to Ganesh. The swastika is a symbol of stabilizing in your original stage and Ganesh is a symbol of the stage of being knowledge-full. When you children create every thought and perform every deed while being knowledge-full, you easily experience success.
The speciality of Brahmin life is happiness; therefore, continue to donate happiness.