Saturday, December 19, 2015

Murli 20 December 2015

20/12/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 13/03/81

“Spiritual awakening by serving in two ways.”
Today, BapDada is seeing the gathering of all of you who have positive thoughts for others. To be a well- wisher means constantly to maintain positive thoughts and good wishes about the self and others. Do all of you constantly have good wishes and positive thoughts and constantly maintain the intoxication of having received all attainments, all treasures and all powers from the Father? As well as this, are you always an embodiment of the awareness of your goal of becoming a perfect angel and a perfect deity? To the extent that you maintain this intoxication, your goal will always be clear to you. It will become clearer to you as you come closer to it. Just as you can see the aim of your efforts very clearly, so too, you will experience your perfect angelic form just as clearly. The thought as to whether you will become this or not will not arise. If you wonder whether you will become this or whether you should definitely become this, it proves that your angelic form is not that close or clear to you. Your Brahma Kumar or Kumari form is clear to you and your intellect has full faith, when you say that you are a Brahma Kumar or Kumari. You would not say that you should be a Brahma Kumar or Kumari. These words of doubt would not emerge. You would say that you are that. There would be no question as to whether you are that or not. No matter how much someone cross-examines you and says that you are not a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, that only those from Bharat are Brahma Kumars or Kumaris, that only the big maharathis are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, that you are foreign Christians and that Brahma came from Bharat, and so how can you become a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, however much they say that you are mistaken in claiming to be a Brahma Kumar or Kumari instead of a Christian Kumar or Kumari, would you accept that? You would not accept that, would you? Because your intellect has complete faith, you would reply that you are not only a Brahma Kumar or Kumari at this time, but that you have been and will be this for many cycles. You would speak with such faith, would you not? Or, would you begin to wonder about it when someone asks you? What would you do? Would you wonder about it or would you say with faith that you are that? You have the strong faith of being a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, because it is very clear to you and you have experienced it. In the same way, do you also experience your perfect angelic form just as clearly: that today you are an effort-maker and tomorrow you will be an angel? Let your faith in this be so strong that no one can shake it. Does your intellect have such complete faith? Is the picture of your angelic form clearly in front of you? Do you experience the awareness, attitude, vision, behaviour and service of an angel? All of you experience service through your form of a Brahma Kumar or Kumari according to your capacity. You have been seeing the result of this service from the beginning and you will see it until the end. There was a need to serve through that form and it was fulfilled. This is continuing and it will continue in the future as well.

As you progress further, according to the time and the need of souls, you will have to serve them in two ways. One will be as Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, which you will do through your corporeal forms. The second way will be through your subtle angelic forms. You saw both forms of service being performed by Father Brahma. You saw him serve through his corporeal form and also through his angelic form. The speed of service performed through the subtle form is much faster than through the corporeal form. You know this, and you have also experienced it. Now that Father Brahma has taken his subtle form, his angelic form, he is pulling you children to your subtle angelic stage. You know how to follow this father, do you not? You are not thinking that you should also leave your body and become avyakt (subtle), are you? That is not what you have to follow him in. Father Brahma became an angel so that when you see the example of his subtle form you can follow him easily. Even though he is no longer in the corporeal form, he gives visions of his corporeal form through his angelic form. You foreigners especially experience this. You experience physical Brahma in Madhuban, do you not? You go into Baba’s room and have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. Is it just that picture you see or do you also see him in the living form? It is because you experience him in this way that you say from your heart “Brahma Baba”. Is he Brahma Baba for all you children? Or, is he Brahma Baba only for the children who came in the beginning? Are you speaking from experience or just on the basis of knowledge? Do you have this experience? It is as though the subtle Father Brahma gives you sustenance in his corporeal form. He gives you the experience of receiving sustenance from the corporeal form. In the same way, let everyone experience your subtle angelic form from your corporeal form. Let everyone experience who these avyakt angels are and wonder where you angels have come from! Now, just as the sound is spreading everywhere about you people in your white clothes and where you have come from, so, too, people everywhere should now be having visions of your angelic forms. This is what is meant by the double form of service: to be those dressed in white and in a white light. When you appear, people’s eyes should open even against their conscious wish. When you are in the dark and a bright light suddenly appears in front of you, your eyes blink open and you wonder what has happened. In the same way, people should wonder who you are and where you have come from. So, now, create such a unique upheaval. Just as clouds go everywhere, in the same way go everywhere and reveal yourselves in your angelic forms. This is called the spiritual awakening. All of you, whether you have come from this land or abroad, have been serving as Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You have performed the task of awakening everyone with a lot of sound. You have hoisted the flag of the gathering. Now, you will make this new plan, will you not? Wherever people see you, let them see only you as angels. Whether they see you in London or in India, wherever they see you, let them see only angels. If they see you in America or Australia, let them see only angels. What preparations do you have to make for this? You created a programme of 10 strands (points). How many strands do you need for this? That was a programme of 10 strands, but this task is made up of the strands for becoming 16 celestial degrees. Discuss this amongst yourselves and Baba will advise you more later. Baba has given you the plan and you now have to make the programme. Baba has given you the main theme. You now have to make the detailed programme.

To those who constantly maintain positive thoughts, to those who have good wishes, to the double servers who serve in two ways, to those who follow Father Brahma, to those who reveal the incorporeal Father, to the souls who are constantly full of all attainments the same as the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Personal meeting with teachers:

Teachers are souls who are always overflowing. According to the drama, you have become instruments. You are working very well and will continue to do so in the future. Your results are good. They will be even better. Because time is getting short, service will grow very quickly. It is at the confluence age that you have to create the royal family and the subjects who will come until the end of the silver age, as well as the souls of your religion who come until the end of the iron age. All foreign lands will become picnic places, but the Brahmin souls who are to become part of the royal families will not rule in those places but here in Bharat. All of you are serving very well. However, now make a special plan for doing very powerful service through your mind. Together with serving through words, also serve through your mind, because that service can reach much further. Just as people see flying saucers nowadays, in the same way, the angelic forms of all of you will be seen everywhere. The sound will spread of “Who are these people who are touring around everywhere?” They will research this. People will have visions of all of you coming down from up above and they will realise that these are the same Brahma Kumaris who are giving them visions of the angelic forms. Now spread this wave. Practise touring around with your subtle forms. The time will come when you will not be able to catch a plane. At such a delicate time, you will be able to arrive there in advance. The practice of travelling through your subtle bodies is very essential. Practise this in such a way that it is as though you have all been there and met everyone in a practical way. Let others also have the experience that you angels have come to meet them and they will then go and search for you angels. What will happen when so many angels go on a tour? Everyone’s attention will automatically be drawn. So, now, as well as doing physical service, you must also do this subtle service. Achcha. Now, at amrit vela, detach yourself from your body and go on a tour.

Question: What is the greatest service that only you spiritual servers definitely have to do?

Answer: To remove other people’s sorrow and give them happiness is the greatest service you can do. You are the children of the Ocean of Peace and so you must continue to remove the sorrow of whoever you meet and give them happiness. To remove someone’s sorrow and give that soul happiness is the greatest act of charity. It is by performing such charitable acts that you become charitable souls.

Question: What is the first stamp of being a Brahmin and dying alive? What are the signs of this?

Answer: When you first became a Brahmin, a mouth-born child of Brahma, you were stamped with the stamp of a Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari. As a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, you move along in a Brahmin stage in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships, connections and service in your everyday life. Let no sanskars of a shudra be visible. As a Brahmin, let your every action and every thought be equal to that of Father Brahma’s. As is the father, so are the children. Whatever are the nature, sanskars and thoughts of the Father, let the children’s be the same. Just as no wasteful or weak sanskars can emerge from the Father, for He is constantly stable in an unshakeable and immovable stage, so it is the duty of Brahmins and children to follow the Father.

Question: What is the real meaning of “Following the Father”?

Answer: “Follow Father” does not mean that you just become a Godly server, but “To follow the Father” means to follow the Father at every step and in every thought. Just as the Father always has Godly sanskars, a divine nature, divine attitude and divine vision, similarly, let your attitude, vision, nature and sanskars be the same. Just as you sing praise of the Father’s virtues and His divine activities, so you also have to adopt all those virtues yourself.

Question: Which deeds of the children become a memorial for all time?

Answer: The deeds you perform while staying in remembrance become a memorial. A karma yogi means every deed is yog-yukt, yuktiyukt and shakti-yukt (filled with power).

Question: What is the sign of a karma yogi?

Answer: Such a soul will not be attracted by any type of action. A yogi makes his physical senses function with the power of yoga. Those who move along while influenced by karma are not karma yogis; they are called karma bhogis (those who indulge in the pleasure of karma), because those who are influenced by the consequences of karma, that is, those who are influenced by good or bad consequences of karma, cannot be called yogis. You Raja Yogi souls can never be dependent on karma or bound by karma.
May you be an easy yogi who becomes an example in front of the world on the basis of following the Godly codes of conduct.  
In order to become an example, continue to follow the Godly codes of conduct from amrit vela till night time. Especially understand the importance of amrit vela and create a powerful stage at that time and your life for the whole day will then become great. When you especially fill yourself with power from the Father at amrit vela, then by moving along as an embodiment of power, you will not experience any difficulty in any task. By living your life according to the codes of conduct, your stage will automatically become that of an easy yogi. Then everyone in the world who sees your life will create their own life.
Give the experience of the greatness of purity through your activity and your face.