Sunday, July 24, 2016

Murli 24 July 2016

24/07/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 22/10/81

“Always be bestowers, children of the Bestower.”
Today, the Ocean of Mercy has come to meet His children who are master oceans of mercy. Devotees sing praise of the mercy of BapDada and you most elevated souls. Souls of all religions definitely ask one thing of BapDada and you most elevated souls. Aspects of gyan and yoga, which are referred to as “beliefs”, are mentioned in all religions. However, one aspect is the same for all religions. All souls want mercy which,

in their own language, they also refer to as blessings. Even in the last birth, all that your devotees want from you souls is just a moment’s drishti filled with mercy. They say, “Have a little mercy for me too!” Mercy is said to be the main quality of all religions. Any religious soul who is not merciful, or who has no vision of mercy (daya drishti), would not be considered to be religious. To be religious means to have mercy. Today, BapDada was looking at you to see how merciful and compassionate you have become. All of you Brahmin souls consider yourselves to be the elevated souls of the original, eternal, ancient religion. This means that you consider yourselves to be dharmatmas (religious and righteous souls). Hey dharmatmas, let the foremost religion of all of you, that is, your main dharna be to have feelings and vision of mercy and compassion for yourself, for the Brahmin family and for all souls of the world. Therefore, ask yourself whether you constantly have feelings of mercy and compassion for everyone, or is it numberwise? For whom would one have feelings of mercy and compassion? Weak souls who lack attainment and who are influenced by one thing or another want mercy and compassion from others. Even if such souls do not want this, you children of the Bestower give this to them with your good wishes. Whichever souls you come into contact with, whether they are ignorant or enlightened, do you have this vision for all of them constantly throughout the day? Or, do you also have other types of vision for them? No matter what type of sanskars souls may have, your feelings and vision of mercy and compassion for them would change stone into water. Souls in opposition would be able to stabilise in their position. Souls in conflict (takkar) because of their nature would become idols (thakur). The fire of anger would become the fire of yoga, in which many severe karmic accounts of many births would be settled in a second and through which a new relationship forged. No matter how much someone may be opposing you, he would become one who embraces you. However, the basis of all of this is your feeling of mercy. Feelings of mercy in such situations and at such times are needed. If you don’t have mercy at the right time, would you be called “master oceans of mercy”? Those who have feelings of mercy would be constantly incorporeal, viceless and egoless: incorporeal in thoughts, viceless in words and egoless in actions. Such souls are called merciful and compassionate. Hey souls, whose treasure-stores of mercy are overflowing, are you not able to give souls a drop of mercy at their time of need? Just give a drop from your overflowing treasure-store and the problems of the whole Brahmin family will end. The original, eternal and imperishable sanskars of all of you are those of a bestower. A deity is one who gives. At the confluence age, you are master bestowers. For half the cycle, you are deities who bestow. From the copper age onwards too, your non-living images are of deities who bestow. Therefore, your sanskars throughout the cycle are those of a bestower. Hey souls, who are full of the sanskars of a bestower, why are you not becoming bestowers at the time of need? Children of the Bestower can have no feeling of wanting something. “I will give when so-and-so gives” is not being a deity, but being one who takes. Which type of souls are you? Those who give or those who take? Hey souls, who are ignorant of any knowledge of desire, instead of being deities, do not become those who take because of some temporary desire. Keep giving! Do not count what you give! “I did this much and that one did not do that much - to count everything in this way is not the sanskar of a bestower. Children of the generous-hearted Father do not count in this way. The treasure-store is overflowing. So, why are you counting? In the golden age, no one keeps an account or counts in this way. The royal family of the sun dynasty are master bestowers. “I gave this much, I did this much – there will not be such bargaining there However much someone takes, to that extent he remains full. To be in the royal family means to belong to the house of the bestower. Therefore, you have fill yourself with those sanskars. When will you become filled with them? In the golden age? No, you have to fill yourself with these sanskars now. You bargain with the Father even here. You say: The Father didn’t ask me anything. He didn’t do anything. Even amongst yourselves you do a lot of bargaining. Become emperors! Become bestowers, children of the Bestower! “This one did that, which this is why I did this.” “This one said that twice, and so I said something four times.” “This one did that twice, but I only did it once.” Children of the Bestower do count in this way. Whether someone gives to you or not, you just continue to give. This is what is meant byhaving the feelings and vision of mercy. Therefore, merciful and compassionate souls, become bestowers! Do you understand? BapDada has the accounts of all you children. BapDada watches the games of how merciful and compassionate you are throughout the day and how much you want to receive rather than want to give. Just as you have the video set up so that you can watch as well as hear, so BapDada too has a TV set for each one of you. He can switch it on whenever He wants. That TV is a means of service and this TV is a means for the Father to know about the activities of you children. In any case, all of those facilities will finish at the end. At the end, those videos will not be useful. It is the set of will power that will be useful. However, scientists have used their time, energy and money to create those facilities, and so their efforts are being used for the Father’s service. So, the Father is pleased to see the efforts of the children who have created such good facilities for service. However, they (scientists) are also children. A father would be pleased to see the inventions made by his children. Whatever task you are engaged in, you are achieving success in that. Even if it is only temporary, it is still success. This is why BapDada is not watching the TV set, but is watching those children. Achcha.

All the children in this land and abroad will see and hear through that facility. BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to all the children who are sitting in deep love and in anticipation of what will be happening in Madhuban. Physically, you may be somewhere in this land or abroad but, in your subtle forms, all of you are Madhuban residents. To all those souls who are embodiments of remembrance in their subtle forms BapDada is giving special love and remembrance. BapDada is looking at the double gathering, not a single one. One is the physical gathering and the other is the subtle gathering. The remembrance of all of you is reaching here. Achcha. There is just one response to all the letters from all of you. You remember the Father and the Father remembers you children multimillion-fold. Just as you count the days till you come, so the Father constantly rotates the rosary of the virtues of you children. All of you children have the one thought of meeting BapDada and BapDada responds to you children who have the thought of celebrating a meeting in this way by especially celebrating a meeting with you at amrit vela. He also continues to give special thoughts for service. Achcha.

To those who constantly have feelings of mercy and compassion, to those who constantly give and never have any desire to receive, to those who have the stage of being ignorant of any knowledge of desire, to those who have the sanskars of the royal family, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

All of you are BapDada’s especially co-operative souls. Only those who are loving can be co-operative. When you have love for others, they won’t be able to stay without co-operating with you. So to be a server means to be one who is loving and co-operative. You are those who live together, who give your company to one another and who return home together at the end. So you are ever ready in all three. You have to live together and give your company to one another at this time and return home together later. When the first two things are fine, the date will be fixed for the third. All of you are instrument souls. The more you give your company to one another and stay together, the more zeal and enthusiasm others will have on seeing you. Each one of you is an instrument for many others. Do not have the consciousness of “I”, but have the feeling that Baba has made you an instrument. The consciousness of “I” has now finished. Instead of “I”, let it be “My Baba”. Let it not be “I did this, I said this.” but “Baba made me do this, Baba did this.” Then see how easy it will be to be successful! The more the words “Baba, Baba” emerge from your mouth, the more you will be able to make others belong to Baba. Let every one of you have just the one concern of belonging to Baba. Only then will you be able to make others concerned about belonging to Baba. That is what will happen when the concern you have is deep. BapDada is pleased to see the courage and renunciation of the young kumaris. The old ones experienced everything before they adopted renunciation. That is not a big thing; they experienced and saw everything before they renounced it all! However, you young ones are sensible from the beginning. The younger you are, the more sensible you are!

BapDada meeting groups:

Gujarat: Do you constantly move along whilst considering yourselves to be mahavirs, great souls? Even if you just think of who you belong to and what you have become, your consciousness cannot be gross. Remain beyond any gross consciousness. Constantly be an angel and continue to fly up above. Angels do not come down; they do not set foot on the earth. Gross consciousness is to become conscious of a body

made of earth. Since you have become angels, how can you enter the earth of a body? An angel means one who flies. So, all of you are flying birds; you are not caged birds, are you? For half a cycle, you were caged. You have now become flying birds; you have become free. No attraction down below can pull you any longer. If you remain down below, hunters will hunt you, but if you keep flying up above, no one can do anything to you. So, all of you are flying birds, are you not? The cage has now been removed, has it not? No matter how beautiful the cage is, it is still a bondage. Alokik relationships can also become a golden cage. Do not get trapped in that! Freedom means freedom! Only those who are constantly free from bondage can experience the stage of liberation in life. Achcha.

Delhi: Businessmen have not yet emerged from Delhi. A businessman can make a hundred thousand move forward, because one businessman comes into contact with many. If even half of all the people he comes into contact with hear the message, very many would emerge. This too is a business. A businessman receives many shares. A businessman has good opportunities to do service. Now prepare a group of businessman before you come again. Achcha.

Sevadharis (servers): Those who serve the yagya (sacrificial fire) are as important as the yagya itself. Even now, the memorial of this service still continues at many religious places. The service carried out at religious places created later is considered to be important. So, how much more importance would be given to the servers of this great, living sacrificial fire? You are not just doing service, but eating the multimillionfold nourishing fruit of that. A wealthy person is referred to as someone who always eats nourishing fruit. A poor person is said to have only dal and roti to eat. A rich person is one who eats nourishing fruit. A server is one who eats nourishing fruit. Therefore, you have become so elevated! You have a double income at every step: through your thoughts and deeds. “Through your thoughts” means that you do everything whilst staying in remembrance. Therefore, that is a double income. Each of you can understand for yourself how much you earn. The treasure-store of service is overflowing. The great sacrificial fire means the treasure-store of service. The treasure-store of service is overflowing. Therefore, each of you can do as much service as you want. There is no limit to it and it is never going to end. Do not think that this work is finished, and wonder what you should do now. The treasure-store of service is always overflowing. The treasure-store is unlimited. Therefore you can do as much as you want. You have won the lottery of becoming full of all treasures. You have won this lottery. However, within this lottery, whether you win multimillions, a hundred thousand, a thousand or a hundred is up to you. This lottery is so great that you can even win multimillions. BapDada too comes here as the Server. The first form of the World Almighty Authority is the World Servant. Therefore, the Father’s praise is equal to the children’s praise. You are obstacle-free servers, are you not? There are no obstacles in service, are there? When there is any type of obstacle in the atmosphere, in the company, or laziness of any type, then that service is not proper service. That service has been spoilt. Do not get caught up in any type of obstacle. Importance is given to service that is free from obstacles. Let there not be the slightest obstacle even in your thoughts. Such a constant server would never get caught up in any type of circle. Never get caught in any wasteful circles and you will then be constantly successful in service. Otherwise, there won’t be success in service.
May you be a victorious jewel and become a conqueror of Maya who finishes all thoughts of doubt.  
Do not let any thoughts of doubt arise in advance, thinking that perhaps you may fail. It is when your intellect is filled with doubt that there is defeat. Therefore, constantly have the thought: I will definitely prove that I am victorious. Victory is my birthright. By performing actions with such a right, you definitely attain the right to victory, that is, success. In this way, you will become a victorious jewel. Therefore, never let the words “I am not sure” emerge through the lips of one who is master knowledge-full.
Feelings of mercy enable the consciousness of being an instrument to emerge easily.