Sunday, July 17, 2016

Murli 17 July 2016

17/07/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 19/10/81

“Each Brahmin star is a decoration of the living constellation.”
Today, the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge have come to see their constellation. Both the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge have come together amongst you stars. In the physical world, the sun, moon and stars are not normally all visible at the same time. However, you living stars are with the Sun and the moon. This is the unique spiritual gathering of stars. Today, BapDada is looking at you different stars. Each of you stars has your own speciality. Even the tiny stars make this constellation look very beautiful. The big stars are big anyway, but the beauty of this constellation increases even more with the sparkle of you tiny stars. BapDada is very pleased to see how essential each of you stars is. Even the tiniest of you stars is absolutely necessary. You each carry out a very important task. Therefore today, BapDada is seeing how important each one of you is. Just as parents discuss at home the virtues, duties and behaviour of each child in their limited family, similarly, the unlimited parents, the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge, were discussing the specialities of all the stars in this unlimited family. Today, Father Brahma, the moon of knowledge, was especially dancing in happiness on seeing all his sparkling stars in each corner of the world. He was so happy telling the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, the necessity and speciality of every star, don’t even ask! Are you able to capture the scene at that time with the camera of the yoga of your intellect? Those who experienced the sakar form know this very well. Baba’s face appeared in front of you, did it not? What can you see? You are all so happy that pearls are shining in your eyes. Just as a jeweller describes the importance of every jewel, in the same way, the moon of knowledge was today praising every jewel. Can you all think what the praise of all of you would be? Are you aware of the praise of your greatness?

There is one aspect in which the speciality and greatness of each of you is very clear. Whether you are maharathis, part of the infantry, tiny stars or big stars, each of you has the speciality of knowing the Father and belonging to the Father. None of the great authorities, whether they are an authority of the scriptures, religion, science or politics, none of any of those with the authority of their huge perishable titles, have recognised the Father, whereas all of you have. They still just simply invoke God. Those who debate the scriptures are still speculating. Scientists are so engrossed in their inventions that they don’t have the time to listen to or understand the things that the Father is telling you. They are totally absorbed in their own work. The authorities of politics are all busy holding onto their positions. They don’t have any time. The religious leaders are busy looking after their own religions out of the fear of not wanting their religion to disappear. They are all very busy looking after their own things. However, instead of invoking God, all of you are going to celebrate a meeting with God. Each of you has this speciality and greatness. You don’t think, “What speciality do I have?” Or, “I have no virtues”, do you? Those are the words of devotees, “I do not have any virtues”. To be a child of the Father, the Ocean of Virtues, means to be virtuous. Therefore, each of you has the speciality of one or another virtue, and the Father sees that speciality. The Father knows that every member in a royal family is always so full that they would never become beggars. Similarly, any child who has no virtue or speciality would not be called a child of the Father, the Ocean of Virtues. Therefore, all of you are virtuous, great and special souls. You stars are the decoration of the living constellation. Now, do you understand who all of you are? You are not weak, but strong because you are master almighty authorities. Do you constantly have such spiritual intoxication? There is no arrogance in spirituality. Instead of arrogance, there is self-respect. Self-respect means respect for oneself, the soul. There is a difference between self-respect and arrogance. Therefore, constantly remain seated on your seat of self-respect. Leave your seat of arrogance. Any seat of arrogance looks very beautifully decorated. It looks very comfortable and appealing, but it is really a seat of thorns. This seat of arrogance is just like the saying, “Repent for what you eat and repent for what you don’t eat.” You look at one another and think that you too should taste it. You think: So-and-so has experienced this, so why shouldn’t I do the same? So, even though you are pricked by its thorns when you sit on it, you can’t let go of it. Therefore, never try to sit on the externally beautiful seat of arrogance that can deceive you. When you are seated on your seat of self-respect, you will experience yourselves to be constantly happy, always elevated and an embodiment of all attainments. By keeping your speciality of knowing the Father and celebrating a meeting with Him in your awareness, you will remain constantly cheerful. You were told that the moon was happy to see the stars. Therefore, you stars have to follow the Father. Achcha.

To those who are constantly stable on their seat of self-respect, to those who constantly consider themselves to be special souls and use their speciality to make other souls special, to those who constantly follow the moon and Sun of Knowledge, to such faithful, obedient and worthy children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada speaking to Dadiji: You saw everyone’s specialities, did you not? What did you see on your tour? You saw the specialities of the young ones and the old ones. So, everyone is so happy when they hear about their specialities or when their specialities are spoken about. Everyone was listening happily, were they not? (Dadiji had related news of the mela that took place in Ambala and Ferozabad.) What would happen if everyone were only to speak about specialities? Just as drums of happiness beat for a special task, similarly, musical instruments, that is, music would be playing everywhere in the Brahmin family. The tour was short and sweet. You took a mine of happiness and came back having made everyone full of happiness. The zeal and enthusiasm at each place was greater than the next. The Father also showers flowers of praise of the virtues of all the children on seeing their courage and enthusiasm. Achcha.

Meeting groups:

Does each of you know your elevated fortune? You are making your fortune elevated by performing elevated actions. To the extent that your actions are elevated, so, your line of fortune is accordingly long and clear. What do palm readers look at when they try to read your fortune from your hands? They look at your line of fortune to see whether it is long or whether there are breaks in it every now and then. It is the same here too. If you constantly perform elevated actions, then your line of fortune would be very long, clear and elevated for all time too. If you sometimes perform elevated actions, but, at other times, you perform ordinary actions, then your line would have a break here and there; it would not be permanent. You would sometimes come to a halt and at other times move forward. Therefore, be those who always perform elevated actions. The Father has shown you the way to make your fortune elevated - elevated actions. It is so easy to make your fortune! Perform elevated actions and thus attain the fortune of being multi- multimillion times fortunate. The basis of performing elevated actions is to have an elevated awareness. To remain aware of the most elevated Father means to perform elevated actions. Are you fortunate to this extent? All of you are fortunate, but your number is based on whether you are elevated or ordinary. Therefore, has each of you drawn your line of fortune for all time, or have you only drawn a short line? Your line is long, is it not? It is permanent, is it not? It doesn’t break every now and then, but continues all the time. You are so fortunate! You are fortunate now and also in your many future births.

2) Do all of you move along in this drama while considering yourselves to be souls who are loving and co-operative with the Father? We souls have received such elevated fortune – do you always remember this occupation of yours? Just as someone who works with a soul who is a professional and considered to be elevated, so your part and your task is with the Father, Himself, and so your part is so elevated. Are you aware of this? Earlier, you simply used to call out to have a glimpse for a few seconds. You had that desire, did you not? You could not even wish for or think about having a right to this; you considered this to be impossible. However, now, what was impossible has become possible and has happened practically. So, do you have this awareness? Do you have it all the time or only sometimes? If you have this awareness only sometimes, what would your attainment be? You would receive the kingdom only sometimes. Sometimes, you will become a king and sometimes a subject. Those who are constantly co-operative are always kings. The right you have is imperishable and for all the time. For the duration of the time that the Father has guaranteed – for half a cycle you can attain a kingdom for all time in that. However, if you are not a Raja Yogi, you cannot have the kingdom. When you have the chance to take something for all time, why do you accept it for a short time? Achcha.

3) The confluence age can also be called the new age, because everything becomes new. Every moment and every activity of those of the new age is new – your way of getting up, your speaking and moving around are new, that is, alokik. New concern, new situation, everything is new. You have newness in your awareness. As is your awareness, so is your stage. Your conversations are new, your way of meeting is new, everything is new. When you look at others, it is souls looking at souls. Earlier, you used to see the body, whereas you now look at the soul. Earlier, when you came into contact with others, it was with many feelings of vice. Now, you have connections with others with the vision of brotherhood. You have now become the Father’s companions. Previously, you had lokik companions. The language of Brahmins is new. People of the world cannot understand your language. If you even just told them that God has come, they would be amazed and not understand anything. They would say, “What are you saying?” Everything of yours is new and so, let there be newness in yourself at every second. The stage that you had a second ago, let it not be the same the next second, but something higher. This is known as fast effort. Those who are sometimes in the ascending stage and sometimes in the stopping stage cannot be called number one effort-makers. The sign of number one effort-makers is that they experience the ascending stage at every second and in every thought. If it is now 80%, then after a second, let it be 81%, not that it remains 80%. The ascending stage means constantly to keep moving ahead. The task of Brahmin life is to move forward and to enable others to move forward. There is benefit for everyone in your ascending stage. All of you have this responsibility. Achcha.
May you have greater glorification with less expense and become powerful by finishing any waste through leakage.  
Stop wasting all the treasures you have received from BapDada at the confluence age and you will have greater glorification through less expense. To save something from going to waste means to become powerful. Where there is power, it is not possible that there can be any waste. If there is waste by leakage, then, no matter how much effort you make or hard work you do, you cannot become powerful. Therefore, check your leakage and finish it, and you will become powerful and not have any waste.
To remain completely pure while living with your family is a challenge for a yogi and gyani soul.