Sunday, July 10, 2016

Murli 10 July 2016

10/07/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 17/10/81

“The solution to all adverse situations is to become a flying bird.”
BapDada is signaling all of you children through the language of the eyes to go beyond this world and become residents of the subtle region. BapDada, the Resident of the subtle region, is blessing you with the blessing of becoming equal to Him. Whilst staying in the world of angels, simply come into this corporeal world to perform actions. Constantly continue to practise performing actions as a karma yogi and become an angel. Always remain conscious of being the form of an avyakt angel who lives in the world of angels. You do not live on land, but in the sky. To be an angel means not only to be someone who is beyond this world of vice but also who is beyond the vision and attitude of vice. An angel is beyond all of those things. Angels constantly love the Father and the Father constantly loves them. Both are constantly absorbed in love for one another. Have you become such angels? The Father remains detached and only incarnates in order to perform His task. Similarly, you angelic souls don’t come because of your karmic accounts, but you enter bodies to perform actions because of your ‘bondage’ of service. You then become detached whenever you want. Are you free from bondage to this extent? This is what is known as being an angel.

When you belong to the Father, all the bondages of your old body and the old world are finished. This is why this life is called a life in which you have died alive. Therefore, your old accounts of the past have been settled and you have opened a new account of your new Brahmin life. All of you understand and believe that this birth is your birth of having died alive, do you not? Have you died alive or are you still dying alive? What would you say? Have you become this or are you still becoming this? Are you still dying or have you died? When you are dead, all your past accounts are settled. A Brahmin life is not a life of karmic bondage; it is a life of a karma yogi. When you perform actions as a master, those actions are not a karmic bondage. Because you are the master of your physical senses, you can use your physical senses to perform whatever actions you want and for as long as you want. So, to be a Brahmin means to be an angel. It doesn’t mean to be a soul who has any karmic bondage, but to be a soul who has the pure bond of service. You have received your present body for service. All the accounts of your life of karmic bondage have now come to an end. This life is a new life. All of you understand this, do you not? None of your past accounts are still continuing, are they? What do the people from Maharashtra think? What do you teachers think? Are you clever at settling your accounts? Or, are you slack? You do know how to settle your accounts, do you not? By becoming an angel you will be liberated from having to make effort. Those who fly are faster than those who walk, run or jump up high, and so they would be liberated from making effort. In the eternal form, you are those who fly. A soul is a flying bird, not a walking bird. Because of your burden you forgot your eternal sanskar and this was why, instead of being an angel, you got tied in the bondage of your karma. Instead of being a flying bird, you became a caged bird. Now, your eternal sanskar of a flying bird has to emerge once again. This means that you have to stabilise yourself in your angelic form. Claim the blessing of being equal. This is what is meant by easy effort. When you labour over many different adverse situations and wonder what you can do, or how you can do something, then the situation becomes big and you become small. The situation becomes powerful and you become weak. In any situation, no matter whether it is to do with nature, whether it is connected to your body, whether it is based on your physical or spiritual relationships, or on your own sanskars or those of others, there is only one answer to resolve all the questions of “How?” and “Why?” in an adverse situation: to become a flying bird. Let the situation remain down below and you fly above it. When you look down from up above, then, no matter how big something is, it will appear to be very tiny. Therefore, the easy way to overcome all situations is to become an angel and a flying bird. Do you understand what easy effort is? When you say, “My nature, my sanskars, my bondage” etc., did you not finish the bondage of the consciousness of “mine” when you died alive? The language of angels is not the language of “mine”. To be an angel means to be someone who believes that everything of “mine” is now “Yours”. The consciousness of “mine” makes you a resident of this land, whereas the consciousness of “Yours” lets you to be seated on the throne. Therefore, to become an angel means to become free from the bondage of “mine”. In this spiritual life, only the one Father and none other is “mine”. Have you become an angel to this extent? What will those from Maharashtra become? You know how to become angels, do you not? Always remember that the one way to resolve all problems is to become a flying bird and make others into flying birds. Do you understand? Achcha.

To such souls whose angelic forms are equal to the Father’s, to the souls who constantly stay in a loving and detached stage and belong to the one Father and none other, to those who are conquerors of their physical senses by constantly practising being a karma yogi and karmateet, to those who are constantly free from bondage and who stay bound in service, to the children who have received the blessing of being equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:

1) Do you constantly move along whilst considering yourself to be a hero actor in this world drama? A hero actor pays attention to himself at every step. Every step he takes is such that people sing praise of it and ask for him to do it once more. If a hero actor ever makes a wrong move, he wouldn’t be called a hero. All of you are double heroes. You are heroes who have a special part to play and you are also those who make your life like a diamond (hero). Do you experience such self-respect for yourself? It is one thing to know but something else to know and behave accordingly. Therefore, do you just know this or, as well as knowing it, do you also behave accordingly? Remain constantly cheerful whilst seeing your hero part. Wah drama! And, wah my part! If you perform a single act in an ordinary way, you would not be called a hero. The Father is the Hero Actor and so every action He performs is praised and worshipped. In the same way, every action that all of you co-operative souls who have hero parts perform with the Father becomes worthy of praise and worthy of worship. So, do you experience such intoxication or do you forget this? You forgot this for half the cycle. Do you still want to forget it? At least become an embodiment of remembrance now! Once you have become an embodiment of something, you can never forget it!

2) What is the easy way to make your life elevated? You make your life elevated when you consider yourself to be a trustee. A trustee means to be someone who is loving and detached. Therefore, the Father has made all of you into trustees. You are trustees, are you not? When you live your life as a trustee, all your consciousness of being a householder automatically finishes. It is the consciousness of being a householder that brings you down from your elevated life. Nothing belongs to a trustee. When you have no consciousness of, “mine”, you automatically become a conqueror of attachment. To remain constantly free from attachment means to remain constantly elevated and happy. When you have attachment, there is sorrow. Therefore, become a conqueror of attachment.

3) Do you perform every action as a karma yogi? Do your karma and yoga remain combined? Just as the combined soul and body perform actions, similarly, do karma and yoga remain combined? While performing karma, do not forget remembrance and, while staying in remembrance, do not forget karma. Many are such that, when they go onto the field of action, they forget remembrance, which proves that their karma and remembrance have become separate. However, both are combined: the very title is karma yogi. Those who stay in remembrance while performing actions remain constantly detached and loving; they will be light and will not experience a burden in any action. In other words, a karma yogi is said to be like a lotus. So, do you remain like a lotus? You are not touched (affected) by any type of rubbish, that is, any vibrations of Maya, are you? Does Maya come sometimes or has she said goodbye to you and gone away? You don’t make Maya sit with you, do you? To make Maya sit with you means to step away from the Father. Therefore, be knowledge-full of Maya and chase her away from a distance. Someone who is knowledge-full on the basis of his experience knows when and how Maya comes. Maya takes birth through weakness. If you have any type of weakness, Maya will come. The germs of many illnesses are born out of weaknesses. In the same way, Maya takes birth through the weaknesses of the soul. The reason is your own weakness and the solution is the daily murli. The murli is your fresh food, your nourishing food. Whatever powers (vitamins) you need, every day’s food is full of those. Those who eat nourishing food every day cannot be weak. You eat this food every day, do you not? There is no need to fast with this food. By having such nourishing food every day, you will remain a master almighty authority. As well as the food, you also need digestion power. If you just have the power to listen and do not have the power to churn, you cannot become strong. The power to listen means to eat the food, whereas churning power means to digest the food. Those who have both powers cannot be weak.

To the families:

Whilst living with your family, all of you constantly keep your stage loving and detached, do you not? You do not become trapped in any physical relations or worldly atmosphere or vibrations, whilst living with your family, do you? Do you stay beyond the physical consciousness and keep your relationships, atmosphere and vibrations spiritual? There isn’t the consciousness of anything worldly, is there? Have you made the atmosphere of your home so spiritual that no one feels it to be an ordinary home, but everyone experiences the atmosphere to be of a centre for service? Let anyone who goes there experience it to be spiritual, not worldly. Let there be no feeling of anything worldly there. Let anyone who goes there not feel it to be an ordinary home, but a temple. This is the practical fruit of the service that pure householders do. Let your home be a service place and the atmosphere be of service too.

When someone creates upheaval at your centre because of being influenced by his or her nature or sanskars, everyone says that that shouldn’t happen. Similarly, let everyone also feel at your home that nothing like that should happen at your place. Let there be the feeling in your heart that you cannot perform such actions there. When something happens at your centre that is not right, you immediately put it right. In the same way, immediately put your lokik place and your stage right. Let your home feel like a temple, not a household. Just as the atmosphere at a temple attracts everyone, in the same way, let the fragrance of your purity emerge from your home. Just as the fragrance of incense sticks spreads everywhere, in the same way, let your fragrance of purity spread far and wide. This is what is known as a pure household. Achcha.
May you constantly have faith in the intellect and remain constantly carefree by considering your victory and success to be guaranteed.   
The children whose intellects have 100% faith in the Father, in their parts and in every act of each second of the drama have victory and success guaranteed. Because of having victory guaranteed, they remain constantly carefree. No lines of worry are visible on their faces. They constantly have the faith that that task or that thought is already accomplished. They cannot have any questions about any situation.
To change your feeling or intention when you hear something or relate something is to spoil the atmosphere.