Saturday, August 15, 2015

Murli 16 August 2015

“The Sabha (Parliament) of the Almighty Authority Raj Yogis and the Lok Pasand Sabha (Gathering of those loved by people)”


May you be a master creator who is economical with time and the powers by understanding the responsibility of world benefit.

All the souls of the world are the family of you elevated souls. To the extent that the family is big, you have to think about being economical. So, keeping all souls in front of you, use your time and powers while considering yourself to be an instrument for unlimited service. Do not be careless and just earn for yourself and eat from it by yourself. Make a budget of all treasures. Keep the blessing of being a master creator in your awareness and accumulate time and a stock of powers for service.


A great donor is one from whom everyone receives blessings through his thoughts and words.

Om Shanti
16/08/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 16/1/80

“The Sabha (Parliament) of the Almighty Authority Raj Yogis and the Lok Pasand Sabha (Gathering of those loved by people)”
Today, Baba is seeing the most elevated gathering of the whole cycle…the gathering of Brahmins and Raj Yogis. On one side there is the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and the Lok Sabha (Lower House) of that temporary Government. On the other side, there is your Raj Yogi Sabha (Gathering of the Raj Yogis), the Lok Pasand Sabha, created by the Almighty Authority. Both are doing their own work. That limited Lok Sabha is creating its own limited law and order and this Lok Pasand Brahmin Sabha (Gathering of Brahmins loved by people) is creating the kingdom of imperishable law and order. Just as the leaders of that Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha with their small intellects come up with various ideas, you Raj Sabha and Raj Yogi Sabha of Brahmins are coming up with ideas for world benefit. There, whatever they do is for their own selfish motives whereas here it is for world benefit. This is why they are Lok Pasand (loved by the people). If you have selfish motives, you would be called man pasand (one who does everything according to the desires in your mind). However, if your ideas are for world benefit, then you are not only Lok Pasand, but also Prabhu Pasand (loved by God). Whenever you create a thought, first check if that thought would be liked by the Father, by God. You would want to do the same as the one you dearly love. Whatever the Father prefers is what you prefer. Those who are liked by the Father are liked by people too, because, whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether seeing or not seeing, who do people like the most? The fathers of the various religions are loved by the souls of their religion. However, even the fathers of each religion have someone they love and that is the one Supreme Father. This is why, from time to time, everyone’s lips call out in different languages to that one Father alone. Those who do everything the Father likes and that people also like are automatically loved by the people. Those who are loved by the Father are automatically loved by His people. Ask yourself whether you have received a ticket for the Lok Pasand Sabha. The Father has selected you. The Father has accepted you and you now belong to Him. However, the Father says every day that it is numberwise. There is a vast difference between the first bead of the rosary of eight and the last bead of the rosary of sixteen thousand. Both beads are Baba’s children, but there is so much difference between them. What is the main reason for such a big difference? Why is there so much difference, even though each one is a child of the one Father?

The first type of children are those who do everything for world benefit, and the second type are those who praise the children who do that work and praise the work itself. The second type only become worthy of receiving praise. There are those who do something and the other are those who say that it should be done - that it should happen or that they should become that. Although both types of children belong to the Father, this is why there is so much difference. You have to change “It should be” into “It is”. Those who constantly say, “It is, it is” (Hey, hey) never cry out in distress (Hai, hai). Those who say, “It should be” dance with a lot of enthusiasm some of the time, but they cry out in distress when obstacles come. They are not members of the Lok Pasand Sabha. The parties have many members but there are very few members of the Sabha. Here, too, there are many who are members of the Brahmin family, but they wouldn’t be entered in the list of members of this Lok Pasand Sabha. They wouldn’t be in the list of souls who have a right to claim the kingdom of constant law and order. One are those who claim a right to the throne of the kingdom and the others are those who claim a right to enter that kingdom. They would claim a right to be in the rosary of sixteen thousand and the kingdom, but they would not claim a right to the throne of that kingdom. So, book a ticket for the Lok Pasand Sabha and you will automatically claim the throne of the kingdom.

Today, BapDada went on a tour of His main pilgrimage places. The service centres of this time will be worshipped as pilgrimage places on the path of devotion. So, whilst touring all the pilgrimage places, Baba saw all the rivers; the Ganges, the Jamuna, the Saraswati and the Godavri etc. All the rivers of knowledge were engaged in doing service. At some places, Baba saw some heirs and, at other places, He saw those who are to become heirs. At some places, Baba saw those who are extremely close to the royal family, those who are working for the royal family. One are those in the kingdom who issue orders and the others are those who carry out the orders. Baba was seeing and checking the different types of results amongst the majority of you. At the end, all the results will have to be announced. At this time, Baba is checking everyone’s papers. Today, Baba was especially checking the paper of purity. So, He went on a special tour to see the extent to which the light of purity radiates from each Brahmin. He saw how far the vibrations of purity of each soul at the service places reach. Baba was checking to see whether the percentage of purity was equivalent to a small bulb, a big bulb, a searchlight or a lighthouse. Baba toured all the pilgrimage places to see how much their power of purity was able to transform the atmosphere. The importance of the pilgrimage places depends on the instrument servers who are the true pilgrims. The impact of the vibrations on the atmosphere everywhere is according to the impact of the instrument servers.

So, today, BapDada’s programme was to check the paper of purity. He saw the result at every place. Baba checked the chart of purity from the beginning to the end, from your thoughts to your dreams. BapDada can make His co-operative souls emerge whenever He wants. The Tribunal has been remembered. At the end, there will be the Tribunal of those who co-operate with Baba. At present, Baba makes you emerge in the form of the specially loved and co-operative children. Why does He make you emerge? Even BapDada has meetings with small groups. You sometimes have a group meeting of zonal heads, sometimes of serviceable souls, sometimes of servers. BapDada also calls His groups there. Do you remember how, at the beginning, there were celebrations with different groups? Each of those groups was fed separately. You have now reached the time of the Bhagawad. The Bhagawad is a very long and intertwined story. On the path of devotion, the Bhagawad is much larger than the Gita. Some are interested in listening to the Gita being read and others are not, but everyone is interested in listening to the Bhagawad. So, just as children celebrated in happiness in the sakar days, similarly, Baba is now making you children emerge in the subtle region. The Father has to have everyone’s papers verified by you children because the Father constantly sees you children as the masters. This is why Baba sees all of His instrument children as senior brothers in every task. How do brothers meet one another? A brother would get something verified by his brother. This is why BapDada is never alone; He is always with you children. He is unable to stay alone anywhere. Even in the memorial of the effort-makers at the Dilwala Temple, is he alone? He is with the children. Even in the final result of the rosary of victory, He is not alone. He constantly keeps someone or other with Him. The Father makes your complete and perfect angelic form emerge. Do you receive that touching? Do you receive it every day or only sometimes? You bring the subtle region down here and the Father calls you to the subtle region. Sometimes, the Father comes to you and sometimes, He calls you to Him. This business carries on all day long. Sometimes, He plays games with you and sometimes, He takes you with Him on service. Sometimes, He takes you with Him to grant visions and sometimes, because some devotees are so stubborn that they are only content when they have a vision of their special deity, He sends you to grant them a vision. Even if the Father were to be revealed in front of them, they would still prefer to have a vision of their special deity. This is why Baba has to send different special deities to the devotees. What else does Baba do? Sometimes, He whispers a special mantra for power into the ears of His especially loving and co-operative children. Why does He do this? Because some tasks are such that only the special souls, only His dearly beloved children, because of being instrument souls, with their courage, enthusiasm and powers are ready to do the task. When a rocket has to be sent high up, it is given extra force to go there, and it then becomes independent. Similarly, certain tasks come up for which the children need to be given a signal of a second. To receive that touching means to receive a mantra for power in one’s ears. Achcha.

Now that you have created the different wings, the Father has told you of the different things that are happening with His groups in the subtle region. Baba told you this because, even now, you can still prepare to take that paper again, for you are sometimes allowed to take a test paper a second time. So, in the paper of purity, you can still do more and have more marks added because the main foundation and real knowledge is discerned by purity. On the basis of purity, knowledge is easy, yoga is easy, imbibing divine virtues is easy and doing service is also easy. The foundation of all four subjects is purity. This is why this paper is being checked first. You will be told the results later. Achcha.

To those who are loved by God and loved by God’s people in every thought they have, to those who have the right to command their physical senses and make them do everything, that is, those who have a right to the royal court, to those who are the Father’s constant companions in their minds and activity for world service, to those who constantly make the atmosphere elevated with their thoughts, to those who spread vibrations as great bestowers of blessings through their attitude, to such close and co-operative children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

The basis of success is judgement power and controlling power (meeting a group of officers)