Saturday, March 19, 2016

Murli 20 March 2016

20/03/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 21/03/81

“How to Celebrate the Real Holi”
Today, the Emperor of the land free from sorrow has come to meet His masters of the land free from sorrow. BapDada is pleased to see such masters, to see that each one of His children has become a master. You have become the masters of all three worlds: the confluence-aged world that is free from sorrow, the incorporeal world that is free from sorrow and the world of heaven that is free from sorrow. Seeing such masters, BapDada congratulates the masters for Holi on this day. The congratulations are not for the colourful Holi, but for “ho-li”, which means that you have already become, that you already belong to the Father. All of you have now become the Father’s, that is, you now belong to Him. You have become His, have you not? Which song do you sing? “We now belong to the Father!” Congratulations for Holi to those who now belong to the Father. Are you still going to become this or have you already become this? What would you say? Once you have made the past the past and come to belong to the Father, you can then sprinkle one another with the (water) sprinkler of happiness. You sprinkle coloured water on one another, do you not? So, how many different types of spray flow from your sprinkler? Nowadays, you sprinkle one another with water of different colours from the one sprinkler. You become colourful with all the different types of coloured water; you then have to tidy up your clothes or your face. However, your colour is so elevated and lovely that whoever you colour with that, they want to be coloured even more. They will want to be coloured with it all the time. Your sprinkler of happiness transforms souls so much that it makes them into deity souls. One spray is, “I am an elevated soul”. This is the spray of happiness. “I am a child of the Master of the World.” “I am knowledge-full of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world.” “I have a hero part with the highest-on-high Father on the elevated stage.” In this way, you have so many different points of sprays of happiness in your sprinkler. Firstly, you sprinkle one another with this sprinkler of happiness. Secondly, you also have the sprinkler of all attainments. For instance, there is the sprinkle of supersensuous joy and the sprinkle of spiritual love between souls and the Supreme Soul. These are common things, but you can think of more things. The third sprinkler is that of all powers. Have all of you people from abroad seen these water sprinklers? They are like rose-water sprinklers which have many holes in them; however, these sprinklers are used from a distance with great force so that the water spray reaches a long way. You have also seen the unique sprinklers of knowledge, have you not? The fourth sprinkler is of the main points of knowledge. By playing Holi with such sprinklers, you become deity souls. You gopes and gopis do not play holi with your Father, Gopi Vallabh, for just one day, but every day, because every day of the confluence age is a holiday. All of the confluence age is your holi day and all of the golden age is your holiday. Do not celebrate your holiday at this time. Because of your love, the efforts you make at present seem like a holi day. BapDada was watching a scene of you children from up above. He saw a scene of you children labouring. (Every day brothers have been removing rocks from the land where a new hall – Om Shanti Bhawan - is to be built.) At some time in the future, you will be worshipped in the temples in this form (stone idols), matter will serve you as your servant, and the Father too will turn the beads of the rosary of you children. However, what were you children doing? You were picking up rocks. Because of your love, this labour didn’t feel like labour. You all considered this task to be your task and the task of your family. This is yagya service. Because of your love for BapDada, you experienced this labour to be a game. The more you labour at the confluence age, the more freedom you experience, because the busier you keep your intellect and body, the freer you keep yourself from waste thoughts. This is why you were told that the labour of the confluence age is in fact a holi day. When Bap and Dada saw you children, they had a heart-to-heart conversation. You are now removing those rocks so that a hall can be built. However, each of those rocks will increase a thousand-fold and become diamonds and jewels for you. These diamonds and jewels will decorate your palaces very beautifully. You will not have to build palaces there. Because of the effort you make now, you will receive ready-made, decorated palaces as your reward. BapDada saw how all of you were very happily lost in the intoxication of service. So, do you now understand what Holi it is?

First you burn (jalana) something and then you celebrate (manana). On the first day, you burn something and on the next day, you celebrate. On the first day you also make the past the past. This means that you burn everything of the past. Only then can you sing the song of your now belonging to BapDada. This is how you celebrate in happiness. They celebrate the memorial of this Holi festival by making fancy images of deity idols. However, in that, they also especially put lights in the middle of their foreheads. This is in memory of you. When the lights on your foreheads are lit, you become deities. When you belong to the Father, you become deities. You experience this practically, whereas those people just celebrate the festival in memory of your practical experience. So, do you now understand how you celebrated Holi and what those people do? See the difference between the real thing and the memorial of it! (Someone said: Eminent people hold a seminar of great fools). This too is right because when the Father comes, those eminent people become great fools. To the extent that they are great, they become fools. Since they are unable to recognise the Father, they are great fools, are they not? This is how they celebrate the memorial of their great foolishness of the previous cycle. They do everything wrong. The Father says: Recognise Me, whereas those people say that the Father doesn’t exist. So, that is wrong, is it not? You say that the Father has come and they say that that’s impossible! So, they do everything wrong, do they not? They create great expansion in that way. However, the memorial is, in essence, the auspicious meeting of the Father and the children. The confluence age is the age of this auspicious meeting. Although you children who live in Bharat know about these things, today Baba is telling all of this to the children who have come here from abroad, because the kingdom you are to rule will be in Bharat; you are not going to rule your kingdom in America. Therefore, you would definitely need to hear about and understand the things of Bharat, would you not? Look at the memorial they have made of your experience. What they created is so different!

To those who sing songs of Holi after celebrating Holi by making the past, the past, to those who with the holy sprinkler constantly sprinkle the costume of the soul with different colours, to the Brahmins who constantly celebrate the auspicious meeting with the Father and thereby become deities, to those who become the masters of the land free from sorrow, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

You have heard many murlis. Is there anything left to hear now? Now, we just have to meet and celebrate. You have heard and spoken a lot too. You were told so much through the sakar form. You have also heard so much from the avyakt form. You haven’t just been listening for one year, but for 13 years. Now in this 13th year, you have to make Him yours. (Tera (13) also means yours). Now, just remain in the intoxication of, “I am Yours”. This is the essence of everything you have been told.

Yesterday, Baba saw the scene of how you children were celebrating. Whilst you were laughing and playing so much, BapDada was smiling. Constantly continue to laugh and dance in this way. Let this become eternal. When BapDada saw you children entertaining yourselves, He gave you this blessing: May this last for eternity. Your legs and feet may get tired, but you will constantly dance in happiness with your intellects. By wearing your angelic costumes and becoming residents of the subtle region and continuing to dance, you will do this constantly and eternally. This too is one of the celebrations of the confluence age that you will not experience at any other time. Therefore, play as much as you want, eat and enjoy yourselves but also remember the word “eternally”.

America: Each of you jewels has become an instrument to benefit many other souls. You feel compassion when you see those wandering souls. There will now be even more intense cries of distress. They will feel that there isn’t even the slightest glimpse of happiness anywhere. They will experience all the facilities of happiness to be facilities of sorrow. At such a time, they will only be able to see the Father and His children as their support. When the whole world is in total darkness, they will only be able to see one lighthouse. Gradually, all of this will go very quickly into the extreme. For such a time, you need souls who have the practice of giving light and might. Do you maintain this practice? You will have to serve in three ways at once. You will have to serve through your thoughts, words and deeds. Through your deeds, you will have to sit them down, reassure and comfort them. Continue to prepare yourselves because the greater the comforts in America are and the bigger their homes, the greater will be the sorrow they experience. Preparations for destruction are being made, are they not? Together with those souls who are going to be instruments for destruction, you souls, who are carrying out establishment, also have to hoist the flag of revelation. So, who will bring the special souls for the task of establishment here? (America.) By bringing special souls here, the service centres of America will also become VIP centres.

San Francisco: According to the place, what flag are you going to hoist there? Scientists exist in many other places too, but what is the speciality of this place? There are many religious leaders. By enabling even one religious leader to experience something here, your name will be glorified a great deal. Therefore, now reveal this speciality. When people hear your practical experience, they will be attracted on the basis of hearing about those experiences. So, now show this newness. Let Kumaris shoot such arrows at those scholars. This is a memorial of the previous cycle. So, which kumaris were they? They were you, were they not? Any of you can become instruments. You Brahma Kumars will bring them close and you Brahma Kumaris will gain victory and hoist the flag of victory. You Brahma Kumars will bring the prey here and the Brahma Kumaris will make that prey belong to you and make them die alive. The first task is the Pandavas’. It does take some time for the fruit to emerge, but the seeds you are sowing now will definitely bear fruit. Continue to serve them with a lot of love. By continuing to tell them that they are great, you will show your own greatness. If you first tell them that they are nothing and that whatever they are doing is wrong, they won’t even listen to you. Therefore, first praise them. You have heard in the murli about what the mouse does, have you not? It first blows on you and then bites you. You have to do this, because they have at least provided pillars to support this world of vice and enabled it to continue. So, you have to praise them for what they have done. The way to make them good is to continue to tell them that they are good. So, do you understand what task you now have to carry out? They will then become your messengers. Their sound is loud, is it not? Mikes are always louder. Therefore, continue to make contact with such good and well-known souls. You will be able to get your huge tasks accomplished through them. Of course you have to do the service of increasing the number of Brahmins, but you have to make this addition. Hold a big programme and try to invite a VIP to speak by giving him some position. Make them co-operate with you in this task. Take an experienced family to them and there will be the greater impact of their practical lives, because they also want to see some proof of what you people do.

Africa: You constantly have the zeal and enthusiasm to make service expand. There is the example of fish not being able to stay without water. Similarly, you Brahmins cannot stay without doing service, because when you serve, you first make progress yourself, and, secondly, many other souls are able to progress. You accumulate attainment because of your own progress and you also accumulate a share when others progress. This is why BapDada always says that a Brahmin is one who is always engaged in remembrance and service. To serve whilst staying in remembrance means constantly to eat nourishing fruit. Just as labour is transformed into love, in the same way, serving is really eating nourishing fruit. So, do you maintain such enthusiasm for service? However much each of you does, that amount is multiplied multimillion-fold in your attainment. In Africa, there are very co-operative souls with great feelings of devotion. They have very good zeal and enthusiasm to co-operate with you in service. Each of you jewels is very valuable and especially loved.

Keep the mantra “See the Father” in front of you and continue to move along in the ascending stage. When you see the Father and follow the Father, you will continue to fly, and when you follow souls, you come down. Never look at souls, because all souls are effort-makers. Do not follow effort-makers, because effort- makers have some good things but also some weaknesses within them; they are not perfect. Therefore, follow the Father not a brother or sister. The Father is constant, so, when you follow Him, you too will remain constant.

Seeing the children from Bharat, BapDada says: The foreigners have their own fortune and you children from Bharat have your own fortune. If you people from Bharat had not become so fortunate, how would those from foreign lands come here? The praise of those from foreign lands is that of coming last and going fast, but those who have been here from the beginning will stay at the front. The people of Bharat made God belong to them, whereas those from abroad found God ready-made. If you people from Bharat had not recognised God, who would have given those from abroad recognition of God? Even so, it is you people of Bharat who are the instruments to reveal the Father first. It was you people of Bharat who revealed the One who is incognito. Only after that did everyone else accept Him. When someone opens a shop, he starts with a market stall on wheels. Then, as his business grows, his shop grows larger and larger. In the same way, those from Bharat had to make a lot of effort in the beginning. It was because those of you from Bharat opened your shops that those from abroad have come. Those from abroad have not had to tolerate as much as the people of Bharat have. This is why you children from Bharat are number one in this. Those who are foremost in the power of tolerance receive an inheritance according to that. You are those who lived this life of divine activity in a practical way, whereas they (those from abroad) are the ones who listen to your experiences. You say that you saw Father Shiva in Brahma with your own eyes, and so this is a speciality. In fact, all of you are ahead of one another because, according to the drama, each one in the confluence age has received the blessing of a speciality that is unique to that one individual. Look at the speciality of Bholi Dadi (Dadi in charge of the kitchen) and the speciality of those who give lectures. Nothing would function if even Bholi Dadi were not here. Achcha. All of you are playing holi. Today is the day for celebrating. You are also being sprayed.
May you be multimillion times fortunate and at the confluence age receive one hundred-fold instant fruit as a return of one.  
It is only the confluence age that gives one hundred-fold instant fruit as a return of one. Once you simply have the thought, “I belong to the Father, I am a master almighty authority”, you will experience the intoxication of becoming a victorious conqueror of Maya. To have elevated thoughts is the seed, and the greatest fruit of that is God, the Supreme Father Himself coming to meet you in the human form. All fruits are merged in this fruit.
A true Brahmin gives the experience of the personality of purity and royalty through his face and character.