Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Murli [29-05-2013]-English

Essence: Sweet children, forget whatever you see with your eyes. Forget all bodily beings and practise remembering the bodiless Father. 

Question: Why are the mouths of you children sweetened with knowledge and not with devotion?
Answer: 1. On the path of devotion, people say that God is omnipresent. By Him being called omnipresent, there is no longer the idea 
of the Father and the inheritance and this is why your mouths cannot be sweetened there. You children now say “Baba” with love and 
so the inheritance is remembered. This is why your mouths are sweetened with knowledge. 
2. On the path of devotion, you have been playing with toys without any recognition and so how could your mouths be sweetened? 

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna: 

1. Give one another happiness according to Godly directions. Never cause anyone sorrow. Become a bestower of happiness, the same as the Father. 

2. Remove your attachment from these bodies and become a destroyer of attachment. Become a worthy child and make effort to remember the Father constantly.

Blessing: May you be a master creator, the same as Father Brahma and consider someone who defames you to be your friend and give respect to that one. 

Father Brahma considered himself to be a world server and gave respect to and saluted everyone. He never thought that he would give respect only 
when others gave him respect. He considered someone who defamed him to be his friend and gave him respect. Follow the father in the same way. 
Do not consider only those who give you respect to belong to you, but even consider those who insult you to belong to you and give them respect 
because the whole world is your family. You Brahmins are the trunk for all souls. Therefore, consider yourselves to be master creators and give 
respect to everyone for only then will you become deities. 

Slogan: Those who bid farewell to Maya for all time become worthy of congratulations from the Father.