Sunday, May 19, 2013

Murli [19-05-2013]-English

Baba’s co-operative right and left hands. 

19-05-13 (Revised Avyakt  Murli - 08-02-1976)
Wonder through the balance of connection and correction.

Blessing: May you be a pure soul who merges yourself in the Ocean of Love and finishes the dirt of the consciousness of “mine”. 

Those who constantly remain merged in the Ocean of Love do not have any awareness of anything of the world. Because of being 
merged in love, they easily go beyond all situations. It is said of the devotees: This one remains lost. However, children remain 
constantly drowned in love. They do not have any awareness of the world and all their consciousness of “mine” is finished. The 
consciousness of “mine” for many things makes you dirty, whereas when you only have the Father as “mine”, all the dirt then 
finishes and the soul becomes pure. 

Slogan: To imbibe the jewels of knowledge into your intellect and to inspire others to do the same is to become a holy swan.