Friday, May 10, 2013

Murli [10-05-2013]-English

Essence: Sweet children, Shiv Baba is the altruistic number one Trustee. Transfer your old bags and baggage to 
Him and you will receive everything new in the golden age. 

Question: Which children does the Father have to take care of in every way?
Answer: The Father is very concerned that the children have faith in their intellect and give their full news to the 
Father and take directions from the Father at every step. Baba says: Sweet children, you must never have doubts 
about shrimat. If you have doubts, Maya will cause great harm. She will not allow you to become worthy. 

Song: I have come to your doorstep having taken an oath.

Essence for dharna: 

1. Do not see the weaknesses of anyone. Make a connection with one Shiv Baba. Consider the shrimat you receive from 
Baba to be right and continue to follow it. Never have doubts about shrimat. 

2. Fully insure your body, mind and wealth. Take shrimat at every step. Pay full attention to the study.

Blessing: May you remain carefree and become an embodiment of success by surrendering service to the Father with your intellect. 

No matter how difficult any service is, surrender that service to the Father with your intellect. Do not have any consciousness 
of “I”, such as “I did this and was not successful.” It is the Father’s service and He will definitely do it. Keep it in front of the 
Father and you will remain constantly carefree and also be successful. Never sow any seeds of weak thoughts. Do not think 
that you are doing service and are not receiving the Father’s help and that perhaps you are not worthy. That is a waste 
thought and it distances success from you. 

Slogan: Only those whose lamps of awareness are constantly ignited can become the lamps of the Brahmin clan.