Monday, February 27, 2012

Murli [27-02-2012]-English

Essence: Sweet children, become sensible and, while moving along, serve wherever you can. Give the Father's introduction. Have an interest in doing service.

Question: By your intellects understanding what aspect will you children be able to use everything of yours in a worthwhile way?

Answer: That all of this is going to end. By giving two grains of rice you can receive a palace from the Father. Those whose intellects are able to understand this will use everything of theirs in a worthwhile way for God's task. Only the poor sacrifice themselves. The Father is the Bestower. He gives you the sovereignty of heaven; He doesn't take anything.

Song: O Beloved, come and meet us! The unhappy heart is calling out to You.

Essence for dharna:
1. Do the service of staying in remembrance for a minimum of eight hours. While living with everyone at home, make effort to break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the One.
2. Become students with sharp intellects, not dull heads. Become a stick for the blind, the same as the Father, and show everyone the path to liberation and liberation-in-life.

Blessing: May you be constantly powerful and with the awareness of being a master, finish the stage of being influenced or controlled by others.
The thoughts of those who remain stable in the awareness of being a master are always in order. The mind cannot influence the master. A Brahmin soul must never be influenced by his weak nature or sanskars. Whenever the word “nature” comes in front of you, it means you have soul-conscious feelings for the self and others. Stabilise yourself in this elevated meaning. Then, when the word “sanskars” comes in front of you, bring into your awareness your original and eternal sanskars and you will then become powerful and the stage of being influenced or controlled by others will thereby finish.

Slogan: Accumulate the power of blessings and the fire of adverse situations will become like water.