Friday, February 24, 2012

Murli [24-02-2012]-English

Essence: Sweet children, you are the true Vyas, children of Sukhdev (God of Happiness) who relate the true Gita and give happiness to everyone. You have to study well and also teach others and give them happiness.

Question: What is the highest destination for which you are making effort to reach?

Answer: To consider yourself to be bodiless and conquer body consciousness is the highest destination, because body consciousness is the greatest enemy. You have to make such effort that you don’t remember anyone except the Father. You have to shed your body and go to the Father. You should not even remember your body. This is the effort you have to make.

Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a world of rest and comfort.

Essence for Dharna:
1. Cut away all your bondages with the power of yoga and become free. You mustn’t have any attachment to anyone.
2. Follow fully all the directions that you receive from God. Study well and also teach others. Do not consider yourself to be too clever.

Blessing: May you be a true tapaswi whose mind and intellect sit on the seat of a constant and stable stage.
Tapaswi souls are always seated on a seat. They sit on one or another seat and do tapasya. The seat of you tapaswi children is your constant and stable stage and the angelic stage. Remain stable on the seat of these elevated stages and do tapasya. Just as a body is seated on a physical seat, in the same way, make your mind and intellect sit on the seat of an elevated stage and remain seated on this seat for as long as you want whenever you want. Those who sit on the seat of an elevated stage at this time receive the throne of the kingdom in the future.

Slogan: To harmonise your own ideas with the ideas of others and to give respect to everyone is the way to become worthy of respect.