Monday, October 3, 2016

Murli 4 October 2016

04/10/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, there is sorrow in blood connections. You have to renounce them and have spiritual love for each other. This is the basis of happiness and bliss.
What special effort do you need to make in order to become part of the rosary of victory?
In order to become part of the rosary of victory, make special effort to become holy (pure). Only when you become real sannyasis, that is, only when you become viceless will you then become a bead of the rosary of victory. If there are accounts of the bondage of karma, you cannot become an heir; instead you will become part of the subjects.
The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering of moths.  
Om Shanti
Look, we are praising our Father. I, the soul, will definitely show (reveal) my Father. Son shows Father. I am a soul, and you would say: We are souls and our Father is the one Supreme Soul who is the Father of all. Everyone would accept this; they would not say that the Fathers of us souls are different. The Father of all is One. Now that we are His children, we know His occupation. We cannot say that God is omnipresent. In that case, God would be in everyone. Children become happy when they remember their father because whatever the father has, his children receive that as an inheritance. We are now the heirs of God; so what does He have? He is the Ocean of Bliss, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Love. It is because we know this that we sing His praise. Others would not say this. Perhaps they would say it, but they don’t know how He is that. All others would say that God is omnipresent. However, we are His children and so we sing praise of our incorporeal and immortal Father: that He is the Ocean of Bliss, the Ocean of Knowledge and the Treasure-Store of Love. However, someone may raise a question: You say that your stage in the incorporeal world is beyond happiness and sorrow. Where would happiness, that is, bliss, that is, love come from, there? These are matters that have to be understood. When you speak of bliss, happiness and love, that is a stage of happiness, but how can there be bliss, love and knowledge in the world of peace? When that Ocean of Happiness comes into this corporeal world, He comes and gives us happiness. There, you remain in a stage that is beyond happiness and sorrow because as it has been explained to you, that is the world beyond happiness and sorrow, which is called the incorporeal world. Then, the other world is the world of happiness where there is constant happiness and bliss which is called heaven. This is the world of sorrow which is called hell, that is, the iron-aged world. Now, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of Happiness, comes and changes this iron-aged world and makes it into a treasure-store of bliss, happiness and love, where there is nothing but happiness and more happiness, love and more love. There, even the animals have a lot of love. Cows and lions drink water from the same river together. They have so much love for one another. So the kingdom that God comes and establishes has happiness and bliss. However, in the incorporeal world, there is no question of happiness, bliss or love. That is the residence of incorporeal souls. That is the retired life, that is, the stage of nirvana of everyone where there is no feeling of happiness or sorrow. The parts of happiness and sorrow are performed in this corporeal world. When it is heaven in this world, there is eternal spiritual love, but there is sorrow in blood connections. Sannyasis too do not have any blood connections. This is why they don’t have any feeling of sorrow about anything. They say: I am truth, a sentient being and an embodiment of bliss because they have renounced their blood connections. In the same way, here, too, you do not have any blood connections. Here, we all have spiritual love which God teaches us. The Father says: You are My beloved sons. My bliss, happiness and love are yours because you have renounced that world and come into My lap (adopted). You have come and sat in My lap in your practical lives. It is not like those people who are adopted by their guru but go back to their own homes. They are not called beloved sons. Those people are like the guru’s subjects. However, those who have renunciation and are adopted by them are called beloved sons because they are the ones who sit on the gaddi after the guru departs. There is the difference of day and night between the children and the subjects. The children become heirs and claim an inheritance; in the same way you have broken your blood connections and come into the lap of that incorporeal One and the corporeal one and so you have become heirs. In this too, the more knowledge you take, the more bliss you experience. Education is said to be bliss. So, the more you take up this education, the more happiness you will receive in that kingdom as subjects. This Godly education is bliss through which you receive supreme peace and happiness. This unshakeable and constant self-sovereignty of happiness and peace is God’s property which you children receive. Then, to the extent that you take up this knowledge, you will accordingly receive the Father’s inheritance. For instance, all of those seekers come to you; they are your beloved subjects. They are not children because they continue to come and go. They can become children, because some change from subjects into heirs. When they take up this knowledge and see that there is unlimited happiness and peace here, and that there is sorrow in that world, they come into God’s lap. No one becomes a child instantly. Previously, you too used to come and go, and then after listening to this, you stayed here and so you became heirs. It is the same with sannyasis. While listening, when they understand that there is peace and happiness in renunciation, they renounce everything. Here, too, when they have tasted this, they become beloved sons, and so they receive an inheritance for birth after birth. They then continue to come in the deity genealogical tree. The subjects do not remain with you; they go away somewhere due to their karmic bondages. The song says: The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering of moths. So, moths also dance on a flame and die. Some simply circle around and go away. This body in which the Almighty Baba has entered is like a flame. You came here as moths and, when you understood the secrets, you stayed here. Thousands and hundreds of thousands come here and they continue to listen to you. The more they hear, the more they will continue to receive blessings of bliss and peace because these teachings of the Immortal Father cannot be destroyed. This is called the imperishable wealth of knowledge; it can never be destroyed. So, those who hear even a little will definitely become part of the subjects. There, even the subjects are very, very happy. There, there is internal bliss because everyone remains soul conscious there. Here, we have become body conscious and this is why we are unhappy. There, there is heaven; there is no name or trace of sorrow there. Even the animals live with so much peace and happiness, and so how much peace and love would there be among the subjects? It is definite that not everyone becomes an heir. Here, 108 firm renunciates will become the beads of the rosary of victory. They have not yet become that; they are still becoming that. The subjects are also being created at the same time. They live outside (of a centre) and also continue to listen to this. They have yoga while sitting at home. While having yoga, they become part of the members here and thereby change from subjects into heirs. While there are still some accounts of the bondage of karma, they continue to live outside and have yoga and continue to remain viceless. So, while living at home, if they practise remaining viceless, there would definitely be a quarrel there because there are those who become lustful and angry…. When you conquer lust and stop giving poison, there is a quarrel. God says: Children, death is just ahead of you; the whole world is to be destroyed. People say to old people: Death is just ahead, so remember God. The Father sits here and says: Children, become viceless! Remember God! Similarly, when you go on a pilgrimage, you stop indulging in vice and getting angry. You would not indulge in vice on the way. All along the way, they continue to sing, “Victory to the Lord of Immortality”, but when they return they begin to drown in those same vices again. You are not going to return. You are not going to become lustful or angry. If you indulge in the vices, your status would be destroyed. You wouldn’t become “His Holiness”. Those who become holy will become part of the rosary of victory. Those who fail will become part of the moon dynasty. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, sits here and teaches all of you. He alone is the Ocean of Knowledge. He will not sit there in the incorporeal world and give knowledge to souls. He comes here and speaks knowledge to you. He says: You are My children. Just as I am pure, so you too must become pure. You will then rule the golden-aged world of love and happiness, which is called Paradise. This world is now changing because it is becoming golden aged from iron aged. Then it will change from the golden age into the silver age. From the silver age it will change into the copper age, and then from the copper age into the iron age. The world continues to change in this way. So, this world is now changing. Who is changing it? God Himself and you have become His beloved children. The subjects are also being created, but children are children and subjects are subjects. Those who have renunciation become heirs. They will definitely become part of the royal family. However, if you haven’t taken that much knowledge, you will not receive a status. Those who study well will become lords. Those who simply continue to come and go will become part of the subjects. Then, to the extent that you become holy, so you will receive happiness. They too become beloved, but they become that fully when they become children. Do you understand? There are many types of renunciate. One type are those who renounce their home and family, and others are those who live at home but do not indulge in vice. They sit and relate the scriptures etc. to their followers. They give knowledge of the soul. They too have disciples, but their disciples cannot become their beloved sons because they have a household and children etc. So they cannot make any of them stay with them. Neither have they had renunciation themselves nor can they make others have renunciation. Their disciples also live with their own families; they simply continue to go to him. He simply continues to give them knowledge or he gives them a mantra. That’s all. They don’t become his heirs, so how could there be growth among them? They simply give knowledge, shed their bodies and depart. Look, one is the rosary of 108, and the other is the larger rosary of 16,108. That is the rosary of the moon dynasty royal clan of princes and princesses. So, those who are unable to take that much knowledge and become purified will experience punishment and become part of the rosary of the moon dynasty. There are many princes and princesses. You listen to and know these secrets at this time. These things of knowledge do not exist there. This knowledge is only received now, at the confluence age, when the deity religion is being established. So, you were told: Those who do not conquer their physical senses fully will become part of the rosary of the moon-dynasty clan. Those who conquer them will become part of the sun-dynasty clan. Among them, too, they are definitely numberwise. One receives a body according to one’s stage. Look! Mama went ahead of everyone and so she received a scholarship; she became a monitor. The whole urn of knowledge was given to her. I too call her “Mother”, because I surrendered all my body, mind and wealth at her feet and did not give anything to my physical children, for those are blood connections. Here, you become the eternal children. You come here having renounced everything, and so there is greater love for you. Eternal love is the strongest of all. Sannyasis leave their homes and go away. You have brought everything here and sacrificed it. God Himself is acting practically and showing you. Here, you can receive the answer to any question. God Himself can also come and tell you that. He is the Magician and His part of magic is now being performed. You are very lovely children; the Father can never upset you. If He were to upset you, you children would also learn to get angry. Here, everyone has internal love. In heaven too, they have so much love. There, they remain satopradhan. Here, a lot of service is done for the visitors who come here because they too are showered with peace and happiness. They are to become beloved subjects. The parents (Mama and Baba) and the children all become engaged in serving them. Although you are becoming deities, you don’t have any arrogance of that status here. All of you become obedient servants and remain engaged in service. God also becomes the Obedient Servant and serves His beloved sons and subjects. He showers bliss upon the children. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found lights of the eyes, the children who become separated every cycle and who have come here once again, to such children, lots of love, remembrance and good morning from the depths of the heart and with a lot of love from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Just as BapDada never upsets you children, in the same way, you children must not upset anyone. Live with one another with internal love. Never get angry.
2. In order to claim the blessing of peace and bliss, surrender yourself fully to the Flame. Claim a Godly right to supreme peace and happiness through this study.
May you be an embodiment of the eight powers and experience the sovereignty of the land free from sorrow while having the world of sorrow in front of you.
It is only now that you have the knowledge of sorrow and of being free from sorrow. Constantly to experience the sovereignty of the land free from sorrow while having the world of sorrow in front of you is a sign of the children who are embodiments of the eight powers and conquerors of the physical senses. It is now that you attain all powers from the Father. However, if you lose your powers because of one or another influence of company or because of being influenced by any of the physical senses you then automatically lose the intoxication and happiness of the land free from sorrow. Then even the emperors of the land free from sorrow become poverty stricken.
Let the power of determination be always with you and success will become the garland around your neck.