Saturday, October 1, 2016

Murli 2 October 2016

02/10/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 21/11/81

“Let go and become free.”
Today, BapDada who is always the co-operative Companion of the children, will tell His co-operative children who are His constant companions about an entertaining conversation between Bap and Dada. All of you are entertaining, are you not? Therefore, the Father too tells such children entertaining things. Today, a very large, beautiful, alokik and significant-looking tree emerged in front of BapDada. The tree was very beautiful and it had many branches - some small and some large, some thin and some thick. There were various very beautiful, colourful birds on that tree. Each one was sitting on its own branch. Because of the birds, the tree looked very beautiful. Some birds would come flying and sit on BapDada’s fingers. Some would come and sit on Baba’s shoulders and some just continued to circle around. Some just sat at a distance and met Baba through their eyes and were happy with just that. They were happy just to observe the pleasure the other birds had in meeting Baba. They themselves didn’t come close. Seeing such a scene, Father Brahma smiled, clapped and began to call all the birds to him. Baba very sweetly invited all the birds to come. He said: “Come children, come children!” Even then, those birds wouldn’t come. Although they had wings and were flapping those wings, they were still clutching onto the branches so tightly with their claws that they were unable to fly and come closer. What happened then? Even though they wanted to, they weren’t able to fly. They began to call out with a lot of love, “Baba, Baba!” Then, they said something. What would they have said? They said, “Make us fly! Make us fly!”, and then they said, “Free us! Free us!” BapDada said: “Instead of saying, “Free us! Free us!” just let go and become free!” However, amongst those birds, there were some who were very clever, but others who were weak. Although they too wanted to experience the Father’s company, they didn’t want to let go of the branch. The clever birds wanted to do both! The weak and innocent birds wanted to become free, but they didn’t know how to get their freedom. The innocent ones, in their innocence, didn’t even realise that they had to let go! Seeing these birds, BapDada repeatedly told them to let go and become free, but the birds continued to chatter in their own language. BapDada showed them what to do and yet they would let go of the branch a little but still be clutching onto it. This is why they continued to call out. Although they continued to speak, they were unable to become flying birds. They were unable to experience having a close meeting with the Father and tour the world, that is, they were unable to do the tour of unlimited world service.

Now, each of you can ask yourself where you were. Were you on a branch or on the Father’s shoulders? Or, were you dancing on His fingers? Or, were you flying around Baba? Do you know yourself? Ask yourself to what extent you have made firm for yourself the lesson of “Let go and become free”. His co- operative children who are His constant companions. Do you always remember the lesson, “Let go and become free”? Or, is it that you can become free when others let go? Or, is it that you can only become free when the Father frees you? You don’t imbibe this lesson in that way, do you? You are not clutching onto any type of branch with the claw of your intellect, are you? You haven’t perched on a branch just because of some old sanskars or your nature, or because you lack a particular power or because of being weak, have you? Do you put this lesson, “Let go and become free” into practice in every situation? It was this lesson that made Father Brahma become number one. He let go from the beginning and thereby became free. He never thought that he would only become free if his companions or his relatives freed him. He never thought that he would only become free when those who were creating obstacles stopped doing that. Or, that he would become free when the various adverse situations went away. Did he ever think that? He constantly made this lesson firm for himself. Do you follow the father in the same way? This is known as: The one who takes the initiative is Arjuna. Therefore, he became Arjuna, did he not? He came very close to the Father. He became equal and combined. You also say that Bap and Dada are combined, do you not? Therefore, have you become like them? Or, are you sometimes one thing and sometimes another, like this electricity? (The lights were continuously going out.) You don’t sometimes play the game of letting go by yourself and, at other times, of becoming free only when others let go, do you? These lights going out is also a game, is it not? Sometimes to come on and sometimes to go out is also a game. You don’t play such games, do you? Which do you prefer: when something is constant or when it keeps coming and going? Therefore, in every aspect, whether in transformation of your nature or sanskars, or in coming into relationship with one another or in overcoming situations and obstacles, what lesson do you have to make firm? “When you yourself let go, you can become free.” The situations are not going to go away, you yourself have to let go and become free. Even if other souls come into conflict with you because of sanskars, remember that you will only become free when you let go. Don’t think that when the other person stops creating conflict, you will become free, no! If you believe that you can only become free when that person lets go, then, when that conflict ends, another one will start. For how long are you going to keep waiting for the other person to let go, so that you can become free? Obstacles of Maya and test papers are going to come in your study in different forms from time to time. So, is it that you pass if you study or do you only pass if the teacher gives you an easy paper? What do you have to do? It is correct to say that you will pass when you study well. Similarly, here too, you have to pass in every situation. Don’t think that so- and-so has to pass. Don’t think that such-and-such a situation has to end. Understand that you yourself have to pass. This is known as becoming free by letting go. Do not wait for anything, but prepare yourself. You are a bird, you have wings, you are very beautiful, you are sitting on the Father’s tree, that is, you belong to the Brahmin family. However, there is the weakness of seeing any type of your own or someone else’s sanskars or nature and speaking about them. You are not independent in your efforts, you become dependent. There is attachment to a person or object; you lack a particular virtue or power. All of those are the various branches. So, you are not perched, clutching onto one of these branches are you? If you hold onto any branch, you are unable to have an experience of the closeness of constantly dancing on the Father’s finger, of constantly moving along with the support of the finger of shrimat. You won’t be able to co- operate in every task of the Father’s, that is, you won’t be able to dance on His shoulders. One is to be constantly co-operative (sahyogi) and the other is sometimes to be co-operative and at other times to be separated from the Father (viyogi). Why? It is because, instead of co-operating, you become separated from the Father by clutching onto one of those branches. Now, ask yourself: Who am I? Do you understand? What lesson have you made firm today? “Let go and become free?” You have made this firm, have you not? You will not clutch onto the branch, will you? When you get tired, you clutch onto the branches and perch there. Sometimes, you get tired of yourself and sometimes you get tired of others. Sometimes, you get tired of service. So, you keep clutching onto that branch and crying out, “Now free me! Free me!” You yourself are clutching onto it and you are asking the Father to free you!” Why should He do this? Therefore, the Father constantly shows you ways to free yourself. You yourself have to let go. When you yourself do something, you receive the reward of that. If the Father were to do that for you too, then who would receive the reward? Is it that the Father does it for you and you receive the reward? This is why the Father becomes Karankaravanhar and makes you an instrument. Therefore, all of you in Maharashtra and Rajasthan are very beautiful birds, are you not?

There are beautiful birds in Bombay, too, are there not? And in Rajasthan? All of you are the beautiful birds who belong to the Father - birds with wings. However, now, check whether you are birds clutching onto a branch or flying birds. No matter how much you try to make some fly, they still have the habit of returning and settling down again on it. To be influenced by anything is like clutching onto that branch with your claw. It is when you forget the mantra that disciplines the mind that you become influenced. So, who are the birds of Maharashta? Flying birds! Which kind of birds are the whole of the Maharashtra group? Are you flying birds or birds clutching onto a branch? And, what type of birds have come from Rajasthan?

Is it, “Let go and become free”? Or, is it, “You have already let go and become free”? When you get tired, you clutch onto a branch. The birds of Rajasthan are very beautiful and very famous. You are the dancing birds, are you not? You are not influenced by anyone, are you? To be birds who simply circle around means to be those who have many thoughts such as: “I will do this; I will do this and show them”. However, they continue to tour around; they don’t fly around nearby. There are many who say: I will do it, I will do it! It will happen, I will demonstrate it, I will think about it”. They are the ones who think about doing something in the future. These are the ones who circle around nearby. So, which group have you brought? Who have you brought from Bombay? Which group have you brought from Rajasthan? Because all of you belong to the Father, you are all beautiful anyway. To become a Brahmin means to become coloured. You have been coloured and you have also received wings. However, it is only when you let go that you finally become free. Achcha. So, today, you entertaining children have come here. This is why BapDada has told you entertaining things of the subtle region. Achcha.

To those who are constantly equal to the Father, the flying birds, to those who are constantly circling around doing unlimited service, to those who are constantly free from the bondage of any type of branch and are able to fly whenever they want, to such free birds who constantly dance on the Father’s finger, that is, those who constantly have elevated thoughts, words and deeds on the basis of shrimat, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups from Rajasthan and Maharashtra zones

1. A true Sita is one who has the awareness of the sound of Rama in her every vein.

Do you consider yourselves to be true Sitas? To be a true Sita means to be one whose every step is within the boundary of shrimat. So, do you constantly stay within this boundary? There is only one Rama and all the rest are Sitas. Sita had to stay within the boundary. To have constant remembrance of the Father and constantly to follow the Father's shrimat - it is those who stay within such a boundary who are true Sitas. She wouldn’t take even one step outside without shrimat. When a train stands on the railway track, it automatically follows the path. So, too, every morning at amrit vela, stay on the path of remembrance. Amrit vela is your foundation for the day. When your amrit vela is good, your whole day will be good. Let those who live at home with their families especially make their foundation of amrit vela very strong, so that they automatically continue to receive help throughout the day. Whilst living in your worldly household, remain a constant and true Sita of the one Father. Sita would always remember Rama alone. There would be the awareness of the sound of Rama in her every vein. You are such Sitas, are you not? This is known as being loving and detached. To the extent that you are detached, you will accordingly be loved by the Father.

2. The way to earn an income of multimillions at every step is to move along considering yourself to be a special soul. The way to earn a constant income of multimillions at every step is to consider yourself to be a special soul at every step. As is your awareness, so accordingly will be your stage. Your acts will also become special acts. Therefore, because you have made the Father belong to you, constantly have the awareness that you are a special soul. What greater speciality can there be than that? To become a child of God is the greatest speciality of all. Constantly stay in this awareness and you will accumulate an income of multimillions. Who do you belong to and what have you become? Even by remembering just this much, you will continue to earn an income. The vision of the souls of the world is on you. You are such elevated souls and you have that in your consciousness while playing every part. This Brahmin life is for playing a part on the stage from the beginning to the end. When you remain constantly aware that you are on the unlimited world stage, you will automatically pay attention to every act you perform. When you pay such attention to every act you perform, you will continue to accumulate an income.

3. The sign of souls who are close to the Father is that they are always equal to Him. Do you constantly consider yourselves to be souls close to the Father? What are the signs of souls who are close to the Father? They would always be equal to the Father. The Father's virtues would also be the virtues of the children. The Father's task would constantly be the children’s task too. To be equal to the Father in your every thought and deed is to be close to the Father. Those whose stage is close to the Father’s would be constant destroyers of obstacles. They would not be influenced by any type of obstacle. If you are influenced by obstacles, you won’t be a destroyer of obstacles. A destroyer of obstacles is someone who can overcome every type of obstacle. So, you don't become afraid when you see any type of obstacle, do you? You don't have questions such as, "What?" or "How?", do you? You have been victorious many times. By remaining aware of this you will become a destroyer of obstacles. You are simply repeating what you have done many times before. You are such easy yogis! It is souls who have this faith and who are destroyers of obstacles who automatically become easy yogis.

4. The confluence age is the powerful age. Finish all wastage with this awareness and become powerful. Do you constantly move along whilst considering yourselves to be powerful souls? When you have the awareness of the Almighty Authority, you are automatically powerful. What would be the sign of a powerful soul? When there is power, all wastage is finished for all time. A powerful soul means one who has stepped away from all wastage. Let there be no wastage even in your thoughts. Those who are children of the Powerful Father must be powerful themselves. For half the cycle, you were thinking waste thoughts and doing everything wasteful. It is now the confluence age; it is the powerful age. It is the powerful age, you have the powerful Father and you souls are powerful. So, all wastage has ended, has it not? Remain constantly aware that you are residents of the powerful age. You are powerful souls, the children of the powerful Father. As is the time, as is the Father, so are the children. The iron age is the age of waste. Since you have stepped away from the iron age and become confluence aged, you have already stepped away from all wastage. Therefore, simply remember the time and all your actions will automatically be according to the time. Achcha..
May you be one with the combined form and experience BapDada in front of you in the corporeal form.
Just as Shiv and the Shaktis are combined, so the Father of the Pandavas and the Pandavas are combined. BapDada comes in front of those who remain in the combined form in the corporeal form in all relationships. Now, day by day, you will have many more such experiences. It will be as though BapDada has come in front of you and is holding your hand – not with your intellect, but you will see it with your eyes and experience it. However, you simply have to have made the lesson firm of belonging to the one Father and none other. Then, just as your shadow moves around you, in the same way, BapDada cannot move away from your vision and you will experience BapDada to be personally in front of you.
Only elevated souls who become conquerors of Maya and matter are those who benefit the self and the world.