Saturday, August 6, 2016

Murli 7 August 2016

07/08/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 01/11/81

“The secret of success in service.”
In which form is BapDada seeing all you children today? Today, the World Server Father is seeing His serviceable children, that is, He is seeing His Godly helpers. Those who are God’s helpers (Khudai khidmatgar) automatically remember Khuda (God) and His service (khidmat). They remember both the Father and service simultaneously. Generally, in the world today, when someone doesn’t do something for another person or doesn't become co-operative, they say to him: "Do this task in the name of God”, or, "Do this in the name of Khuda", because they understand that co-operation and success will come when something is done in the name of God. When it seems impossible or hopeless to accomplish something, it is also said: "Take God’s name and your work will be accomplished". This proves that the Father came and made something that was impossible possible. He brought hope to something that was hopeless. This is why this saying is still remembered even now. However, all of you are God’s helpers. You are not those who just take the name of God, but you have become His companions to accomplish the elevated task with Him. Therefore, every task of the children who are God’s helpers has already been accomplished successfully. Nothing is impossible for God’s helpers. Everything is possible and easy. Do God’s helpers find the task of world transformation difficult? Everything has already been accomplished. This is your experience, is it not? Do you constantly have the experience of having done this many times before - that it is nothing new? Because you are the Father's companions, the questions “Will it happen or not?” or, “How will it happen?” do not arise. Everything has been accomplished so far just by taking God’s name. Therefore, every task is already successful for the children who serve with God. This is why BapDada calls you children "embodiments of constant success". You stars of success illuminate the world with your success. Therefore, do you constantly experience yourselves to be embodiments of success? If, whilst moving along, you sometimes experience failure or difficulty, the reason is that you have just become a helper; you aren’t God’s helper. Because you separate God from His service and become alone, something easy becomes difficult and your destination of success seems to be very far away. However, you are called "God’s helpers". Therefore, do not separate what is combined. However, you do separate it, don’t you? When you constantly remember this title of yours, the service will automatically be filled with God’s magic. The reason why all the different types of obstacles come on the field of service, either for yourself or in service, is that you consider yourselves to be just servers, when you are in fact God's servers! You are not just doing service, but you are doing Godly service. By maintaining this awareness, your remembrance and service automatically become combined. There would then be a constant balance of remembrance and service. When there is a balance, you automatically remain blissful, that is, an embodiment of bliss, and you constantly have blessings for others, that is, you easily keep your vision of mercy for everyone. There is no need for you to think that you should have mercy for someone; you are merciful! Your task is always to have mercy. Have you become an embodiment of these eternal sanskars? Special sanskars continue to work automatically. You don’t have to think about something and then do it, but it happens automatically. Again and again, you continue to say: "My sanskars are like this and this is why that happened". "That wasn't my intention, that wasn't my aim, but it just happened". Why? Because of those sanskars. You say this, do you not? Many say that they didn’t get angry, but that is just the way they speak. What does this prove? That those temporary sanskars of yours automatically make you speak and act like that. Therefore, just consider what the eternal and original sanskars of you elevated souls are. To be constantly full and an embodiment of success! A constant bestower of blessings and a great donor! By remaining aware of these sanskars, you automatically have the vision of mercy for everyone. Use your eternal sanskars to transform your temporary sanskars. When your eternal sanskars emerge, all of those different obstacles will easily be finished. BapDada cannot bear to see His children having to labour even now in the service of self-transformation and world transformation. How is it possible that you are God’s helpers and that you have to labour? Others are able to accomplish their task simply by taking His name, but you are the ones with all rights. How is it possible that you are having to labour? It is because you make a small mistake. What mistake is that? Do you know what the mistake is that you make? You do know it very well. So, why do you then make the mistake? Do you feel compelled? It is just a small mistake: "My sanskars! My nature". Instead of considering them to be those of the eternal period, you consider them to be those of the middle period. The mistake you make is that you consider that nature and those sanskars of the middle period to be your nature and sanskars. That is Ravan’s nature, not yours! The mistake you make is to consider something foreign to be your own. By saying and thinking something is yours, you become subservient to it. Then, you are unable to let go, even though you want to. Do you understand what mistake you are making?

So, always remember: "I am God’s helper". Do not think, “I did this”, but think, "God did it through me". By having this one awareness, you can easily finish the seed of all obstacles for all time. The seed of all obstacles lies in just two words! What are these two words that enable obstacles to emerge? Do you know through which door the obstacles are able to enter? What are those two well-known words? There is a great expansion of them, but the essence of everything is included in those two words. 1) Arrogance. 2) Insult. It is especially via these two roads that obstacles come on to the field of service. Either you think, “I did this”, and are arrogant about it, or, you think, “Why wasn’t I placed at the front?” “Why was this said to me?” and you feel insulted. This arrogance or feeling of being insulted appears as obstacles in various forms. You are God’s helpers and the Father is Karankaravanhar. In that case, where does the arrogance come from? How are you insulted? So, this is a small mistake, is it not? This is why you are told not to separate yourself from God. Whilst doing service, also remember the combined form: God and His service. Don’t you know how to do this? It is very easy. By remembering this, you will be liberated from having to labour. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha.

To those who are constant embodiments of the awareness of their eternal sanskars, to those who constantly experience the Father to be Karankaranvar and themselves to be the Father's instruments, to those who are constantly in their eternal form of bliss, to the powerful souls who destroy the seed of all types of obstacles, to such souls who are the Father's constant companions, to God's servers, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Udhar Kumars (Married Brothers):

Do all of you consider yourselves to be elevated souls who are loving and co-operative with the Father? Do you constantly have the intoxication that you are the most elevated of all souls, because you are playing a part with the Father? It is only at this time in the whole cycle that you become instruments to play a part with the Father. You have become instruments to play the highest parts of all. Because you play your parts with God, who is the Highest on High, you have become such elevated souls! In the world outside too, those who work with someone with a high status have so much intoxication! The Private Secretary of the Prime Minister also has so much intoxication! Therefore, who are you with? You are with the highest-on- high Father. Moreover, the speciality of this is that you are not just playing this part for just one cycle, but that you have played this part for cycle after cycle and that you will always continue to play this part; it cannot be changed. If you maintain this intoxication, you will remain constantly free from obstacles. Obstacles do not come to you, do they? There aren’t any obstacles of the environment, the vibrations or the company, are there? Are you like a lotus flower? A lotus flower is loving and detached. You can calculate how loving you are to the Father by seeing how detached you are. If you are detached only for a little while and the rest of the time you are trapped somewhere, you would then only be loving to that extent too. The sign of being constantly loving to the Father is that your remembrance of Him is natural. Anything you love is automatically and constantly remembered. Therefore, He is someone you love for cycle after cycle. You don’t belong to the Father for only this one cycle, but you belong for every cycle, and so how could you forget someone you love so much? It is only when you remember or consider someone or something to be even lovelier than the Father that you forget Him. If you constantly considered the Father to be the lovliest of all, you wouldn't forget Him. You wouldn't have to think about how to remember Him, but would instead be amazed at how you could forget Him! Therefore, although you are called adhar kumars, you are really Brahma Kumars. You are the victorious Brahma Kumars, are you not? Adhar-kumars are experienced kumars. You have experienced everything. An experienced person would never be deceived. You were experienced in the past and you are experienced now. Each one of you udhar-kumars can benefit many others with your own experience. You are a group of world benefactors. Achcha.

Speaking to mothers: Do you check yourself to see that, whilst living at home with your family, you remain aware that you belong to the one Father and none other? In order not to be influenced by the atmosphere and to remain constantly loving to the Father whilst living at home, you must do this checking. It is called your household just for the sake of it, but you have to remain in the remembrance of the Father.

No matter how much you have to play the part of serving your family, you have to play it as a trustee. By being a trustee, you will become a conqueror of attachment. When you have the feeling of being a householder, there will be attachment. If the Father is not remembered, it means that there is attachment. When you have remembrance of the Father, then, because you receive power from that remembrance, every task for the family becomes easy. You do remain under the canopy of protection of remembrance of the Father, do you not? Those who remain under this canopy also remain detached from every obstacle. BapDada loves you mothers very much because you have tolerated a great deal. Therefore, Baba gives such children the fruit of their tolerance in the form of love and co-operation. Constantly remember your fortune of being one who is wed. You have found such an elevated Suhaag (Partner) in this life! Because you have your Partner, you definitely have this fortune. So, may you constantly remain in the fortune of this married state.

Speaking to those from UP and Gujarat (BapDada is relating their specialities): Each place has its own speciality. UP is no less. Gujarat is no less either. After those from Delhi emerged, those from UP emerged. Those who were instruments for establishment in the beginning have special parts to play in the drama. In fact, those of you from the beginning have won a double lottery, have you not? You have won the double lottery of the incorporeal and the corporeal. Is this a small part? There is your memorial of being constantly together in the divine activities for every cycle. This too is your special fortune.

Even now, BapDada is playing all parts through the avyakt form. Sakar Brahma was different. Those who were there in the sakar days have their own speciality and you have your own speciality. You are the ones who draw the love of the sakar form through the avyakt form. Many of you now have many more experiences than those who lived with Baba in the sakar days. Therefore, each of you is going ahead of the other. Achcha.

Today, those from UP have a chance to meet BapDada. The majority of UP is on the banks of the rivers. The kingdom and the raas (circle dance) is shown on the banks of the River Jamuna. However, the purifier (river) of UP is very well known. That is, UP has been shown as a place of service. So, someone from UP will definitely emerge to become an instrument to serve many. Someone like this will be prepared. Just as someone emerged in America and is serving many, so too, someone will emerge in UP to serve many. The sound will spread, will it not? When the sound spreads from abroad, everyone will awaken. A big VIP has not yet emerged. Out of all the VIP's who have emerged up to now, the one VIP from abroad would be said to be the most well-known VIP. He has been an instrument in a practical way to give the message to many. Bharat too can make progress, but this is a matter of the present time. Ultimately, cries of victory have to emerge in Bharat. The cries of victory that emerge from abroad will reach Bharat in any case. The sound that emerges from them will also be: "Our Bharat! The Father has come into Bharat." You won't say that the Father has come to the UN. At this time, the foreign lands are ahead in the race. This is the current situation. Tomorrow, it may well be someone else. Seeing one another, they (VIPs) will make even more progress. Now, bring a VIP from UP. You purifiers have to purify someone and cast a magic spell on them.

Gujarat is number one in terms of expansion. The VIPs will also come onto the stage. They should be such VIPs that they can serve in an unlimited way. When someone from Gujarat serves those of Gujarat, he or she would be called be a “small mike”. When someone serves everywhere, he or she would be called a “big mike”. Achcha
May you be an elevated soul who is responsible for making the atmosphere satopradhan by transforming your mischievous attitude.  
The children who can transform their mischievous attitude are able to make the atmosphere satopradhan, because the atmosphere is created by your attitude. Your attitude becomes mischievous when you do not have the awareness of such a great task. When a very mischievous child doesn’t stop making mischief even while he is busy, he is restrained. Similarly, if your attitude causes mischief even when you keep yourself busy with knowledge and yoga, then bind your attitude to the Father in all relationships and any mischief will then easily finish.
The way to finish any wave of carelessness is to have unlimited disinterest.