Saturday, August 27, 2016

Murli 28 August 2016

28/08/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 08/11/81

“The way to finish any differences is to give an instant donation and thereby accumulate the greatest charity.”
Today, BapDada will tell you a story, with illustrations, about the conversation that took place between Bap and Dada early this morning. You are all very interested in listening to stories, are you not? So, what was today’s story? Father Brahma was walking around the subtle region garden. While he was walking around, who appeared in front of him? Who is constantly in front of the Father? All of you know this very well, do you not? The Father turns the beads of the rosary of the children. Which rosary? The rosary of virtues. So, Father Brahma was turning the beads of the rosary of virtues. Father Shiva asked Brahma: “What are you thinking about?” Brahma Baba replied: “Whatever is Your work is my work too. I was looking at the rosary of the children’s virtues. Father Shiva asked: “What did you see?” What would he have seen? Some children had rosaries that were just like necklaces. The rosaries of some children were so long that they reached down to their feet. Some children had rosaries of many rows of beads. Some children were adorned with so many rosaries that, it was as though the rosaries had become their dress. On seeing the children who were adorned with the rosaries of various virtues, Father Brahma became very pleased. Do you all know the rosary of your own virtues? To what extent are you adorned? Do you look at this portrait of yours? Father Brahma was drawing their portraits like an artist draws a line drawing. He was drawing your portraits with your lines of fortune. You too can draw your own portrait. You can draw a picture of your own fortune, can you not? You can take a photograph, can you not? Do you know how to take a photograph? Your own? Or, that of others? Do you know how to take your own photograph? So, today, everyone’s photograph was taken in the subtle region. It must be such a huge camera. It wasn’t only of all of you who are sitting here, but it was a photograph of all Brahmins. When Baba saw all of you adorned with your rosaries, what speciality did Baba see in some of the children? Each virtue was like a diamond of a variety of forms and colours. There were four particular types of colour. The four colours of the four main subjects were portrayed. You know the subjects, do you not? Gyan, yoga, dharna and seva (service).

The symbol of an embodiment of knowledge: What is the colour of someone who is an embodiment of knowledge? The colour of someone who is an embodiment of knowledge is golden. Because the diamond had a light golden colour, all the other colours were visible within it. All the many rays of different colours were visibly sparkling as they emerged from just the one diamond. It seemed as though the sun was shining from a distance. This sun was even more beautiful than that one, because of all the colourful rays that were very clearly visible from a distance. Is the picture of how the diamonds were sparkling emerging in front of you?

The symbol of remembrance: This is easy, is it not? What do you do when you sit here in remembrance? You have a red-coloured light. However, there was also a golden colour mixed with this red colour. This particular colour does not exist in your world. It would be said to be the colour red only in name.

The symbol for dharna (inculcation of divine virtues): The colour white. However, within that white colour, a sparkling golden colour is mixed with the colour in the centre of the moon. Or, when a light yellow colour is added to the colour of moonlight, it would then look like moonlight, but, because it is slightly golden, its sparkle becomes even more beautiful. You would not be able to create that colour here, because that colour sparkles. No matter how much you try, how could the colours that exist in the subtle region be created here?

The symbol for service: the colour green. By serving, you create greenery everywhere (you make everything flourish). You change the forest of thorns into a garden of flowers.

So, did you hear what the four colours represent? Everyone’s neck was adorned with diamond rosaries of these four colours. However, there was a difference in the size and sparkle of each rosary. Some had a large rosary of an embodiment of knowledge. Some had a long rosary of an embodiment of remembrance. Some had all four rosaries; each a little different. Those who had many rows of all four colours appeared to be so beautiful! So, BapDada was looking at all of your results, which could be seen in the form of your rosaries. Seen from a distance, the diamonds were sparkling like a line of small light bulbs; that was the picture. Then, having seen the results from this picture Father Brahma asked: Have the adornments of all the children been completed according to the speed of time? There was a visible difference in the results. So, how will this difference finish? Father Brahma replied: Children are making a lot of effort for this. Together with making effort, they too desire this; they even have the thought to do this. Therefore, what else remains? All of you know this, do you not? You have all become knowledge-full. So, tell Baba what difference still remains to be finished, so that the necklaces of some and the rosaries of others that reach down to the feet - the many rows of rosaries - all become completely equal? You all listen to the same teachings. You all give others the same teachings. The method you all use is the same. The Bestower too is only One. The laws are also the same for all of you. So, what difference still remains? The thought is the same, the world is the same, so why is there a difference?

Today, Father Brahma was feeling a lot of love for the children. He had a lot of enthusiasm for all the pictures to be completed. He felt that all the children should be adorned with rosaries right now. The Father can adorn you with a rosary, but you also need power to wear that rosary. You also need power to take care of it. Therefore, Brahma asked Father Shiva: What is the matter? Why aren’t the children becoming fully adorned, so that everyone can return home together? Only those who are fully adorned will go with him. What was the cause of this? Shiva said: The difference is very small. Everyone thinks about it and everyone does it; but some think of it and do it at the same time, that is, their thinking and doing are simultaneous. Therefore, they are becoming complete. Others think and also do, but there is a gap between their thinking and their doing. They all think about it a lot, but they do it after some time; they do not do it at that time. This is why, after some time, the intensity and enthusiasm they have in their thoughts at that time reduces by a percentage. It is similar to the difference between eating something hot and fresh and eating something cold and stale. There is a difference in the strength you receive from eating something fresh and something stale. No matter how delicious something is, when it is kept for some time, it does not give the same result as it would if eaten fresh. There is a difference between the results of those who think about something and do it practically at that very moment and those who think about something today and do it tomorrow. Because of the gap in time, as you were told, first the percentage is reduced. There is a difference in the vitamins of something fresh and something stale. Second, because of the gap in time, problems come in the form of obstacles. Therefore, let your thinking and doing be simultaneous. This is known as making an instant donation and accumulating great charity. Otherwise, instead of it being great charity, it becomes just charity. So, there is a difference, is there not? There is a difference between the attainment one receives from great charity and just charity. Do you understand what the cause is? It is a small cause. You do do everything; it is just that, instead of doing it now (ab), you do it after some time (kab). This is why you have to labour more. Therefore, Father Brahma says to you children: Now, find a solution to this cause. Did you hear today’s story, the story of the conversation between the two fathers? What will you do now? Find a solution to the cause. To find the solution means to construct something. There will then be renewal in yourself and also in the world. Achcha.

To those who constantly remain fully adorned, to those who make their thinking and their doing equal, to those souls who are constantly equal to the Father and who make an instant donation and accumulate great charity, to those who fulfil the pure desires of both fathers, to such complete souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

You servers remain on the stage of service from amrit vela until night. Even whilst you are resting, you are on the stage. Even whilst sleeping, you are on the stage playing your part. Everyone’s vision is on how you sleep. Therefore, to be a server means to be one who plays your part on stage for the whole 24 hours. You are in front of the world at every step and every second. You servers must constantly consider yourselves to be hero actors. You are not just sitting at your centre, but on the stage – on the world stage. When you pay this much attention, every thought you have and every deed you perform will automatically be elevated. There will be natural attention. You won’t have to pay special attention, but, because you are on the stage, there will be natural attention. Constantly consider yourself to be a worthy of worship soul, that is, a pure soul. You are worthy of being worshipped every cycle. By considering yourself to be worthy of worship, your thoughts and dreams will be constantly pure. Do you have this much intoxication? In any case, the majority of servers are kumaris. You kumaris have become double kumaris: a Brahma Kumari and a kumari. Therefore, you are so great! Even now, in your 84th, final birth, the feet of you kumaris are worshipped. It is because you became so pure that you are worshipped. Kumaris are never allowed to bow down. Everyone else bows at the feet of kumaris. They wash the feet of kumaris and drink that water. So, which kumaris are they? They are the Brahma Kumaris. So you servers are such elevated souls! Who is being worshipped? All of you. There is also a song that goes, “This worship takes place in every home….” This is why it can be said that you are being worshipped. Look, even BapDada says, “Namaste”, to you. It is because you are so worthy of being worshipped that even the Father says “Namaste” to you. By remaining an embodiment of this awareness, you will continue to make progress: progress for yourself and also in service. All obstacles will then stop. All specialities are contained within this awareness. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups:

1) The solution to the many problems in life is to have the awareness of the pilgrimage place. It is a very great fortune to reach the land of the Bestower of Fortune. This place is not an empty place, but a great pilgrimage place. People on the path of devotion believe that when they visit a pilgrimage place, all of their sins are absolved. However they don’t know when or how this happens. You children experience becoming charitable souls by coming to this pilgrimage place at this time. The awareness of this pilgrimage place takes you beyond many problems in life. This awareness works like a talisman (lucky charm). Whenever you remember this place, the peace and happiness of this place emerges in your life. Therefore, you have become charitable souls, have you not? Even to visit this land is a sign of fortune. This is why you are very, very fortunate. You have become fortunate. However, to become one hundred times fortunate or even multimillion times fortunate is in your own hands. The Father has made you fortunate, and it is this fortune that can help you from time to time. Whenever anything happens, then just come to Madhuban with your intellect. You will then experience yourself to be swinging in the swing of peace and happiness.

2) To be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation is to be an embodiment of success. Do all of you consider yourselves to be spinners of the discus of self-realisation? Have you become embodiments of whatever is the Father’s praise? Just as every act the Father performed is even now praised as a divine act so, too, is every act you perform like a divine act? Have you become those who perform such divine acts? Do you ever perform ordinary acts? Those who have become spinners of the discus of self- realisation, the same as the Father, would never perform ordinary acts. Whatever acts you perform would have success merged within them; there wouldn’t be any thought as to whether they will be successful or not. You would have the faith that success is guaranteed. Those who are spinners of the discus of self- realisation would be conquerors of Maya. Because they are conquerors of Maya, they would be embodiments of success. Those who are embodiments of success would always be multimillion times fortunate at every step. Do you experience yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate in this way? Have you accumulated such an income that it will last you for 21 births? To be part of the sun dynasty means to accumulate for 21 births. Therefore, constantly continue to accumulate at every second. Achcha.

3) The duty of living lamps (the rosary of lamps) is to bring light into the darkness. Do you constantly consider yourselves to be the ignited lamps? You lamps of the world are the eternal lamps of the world, in whose memory Deepmala is celebrated even today. So, do you have the faith and intoxication that you are the Deepmala lamps? Even today, people turn the beads of your rosary so much! Why do they do this? Because you became those who brought light where there was darkness. Constantly experience yourselves to be ignited lamps, not flickering lamps. No matter how many storms there are, you lamps are constantly and eternally lit lights. Even the world bows down to such lamps. Even the Father stays with such lamps. He does not stay with flickering lamps. Just as the Father is a constantly ignited light, an eternal light and an immortal light, in the same way, children are also immortal lights. Your memorial also exists in the form of the immortal lamps. Even whilst you sit in your living forms, you are able to see all your non-living memorials. You have become such elevated souls! Achcha.
May you be victorious over obstacles and save your time and thoughts by being introverted.  
Any new, powerful invention is made underground. To the extent that you remain introverted, that is, underground, you will accordingly be protected from the atmosphere, your churning power will increase and you will remain safe from the obstacles of Maya. Be introverted, cheerful and an image that attracts, even while coming into extroversion. Practise this while doing anything and your time will be saved and you will experience greater success.
Do not be afraid of an illness. Give it medicinal fruit and bid it farewell.