Sunday, August 21, 2016

Murli 21 August 2016

21/08/16 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 06/11/81

The special fruit of this special age.
Today, the World-Benefactor Father is seeing His children who are the images of support for the task of world benefit. You images of support are the special souls for the transformation of the world. BapDada always sees such special souls with special vision. The speciality of every special soul is always very clearly visible to BapDada. Each one of you children is a great and a pure soul. To be amongst the most elevated of human beings means to be a deity soul. You are the souls who are instruments for world transformation. Does each of you consider yourself to be this as you move along? Do you realise what you were and what you have become? Are you constantly aware of this great contrast? Your understanding of this contrast automatically makes you become an embodiment of the great mantra. Do you experience this? Just as every child in front of the Father has the form of a special soul, in the same way, do you also always keep in front of you your own speciality and the specialities of others? Do you constantly only see the lotus that is above the dirty water? Or, do you see both the dirty water and the lotus? The confluence age is the special age and all of you special souls are playing special parts in this special age because you co-operate with the Father. What is the task of you special souls? You have to engage yourselves in this special task by using your own specialities. It is not simply about speaking of your speciality in your thoughts or words, but demonstrating your speciality in practice by using it for a special task. The more you use your speciality in your thoughts, words and deeds, the more that speciality will increase. To use it for service means to enable one seed to bear a lot of fruit. Examine yourself to see whether the speciality that you have been given as your birthright by the Father for this elevated life is still being stored in its seed form, or whether you have sown that seed in the field of service and made it grow. That is whether you have experienced your own form and the form of success in service. BapDada has drawn the line of fortune of the speciality of each of you children from the moment you were born. The star of the fortune of your speciality has been sparkling on the forehead of each of you children from the time you were born. None of you children has been deprived of this fortune. All of you have come with your fortune awakened. So, why is there then a difference? You have been told that some of you make this seed of your blessing, this seed of your fortune, this seed of your birthright grow, whereas others, because of not using that seed, make it powerless. If you do not sow the seed at the right time when you should, then that seed can no longer be fruitful. What do some of you then do? Some sow the seed in the field of service, but they keep looking at the tree before it bears fruit and are happy just thinking that they have used the seed. What is then the result of that? The tree grows; the trunk, the branches and twigs emerge and keep growing, but it doesn't bear any fruit. The tree becomes very beautiful to look at, but it doesn't bear any fruit. In other words, the specialities that you souls have received as your birth right are not able to give you the fruit of success, nor are they able to make other souls into embodiments of success. The most elevated fruit of the seed of a speciality is contentment. This is why, devotees today worship the goddess of contentment the most. So, to remain content and make others content is the special fruit of this special age.

Some children do not become fruitful in this way. They do make the tree grow, that is, there is expansion in service – but what use is a tree if it doesn’t give the fruit of contentment? Therefore, you must water the seed of your speciality and blessing with all the powers and it will then become fruitful. Otherwise, even a fully grown tree will be shaken by storms so that, from time to time, one branch and then another will keep breaking off. What would the result of that be? It would be a tree, but it would be a completely dried-up tree. On the one hand, there would be a dried-up tree with no foliage whatsoever - no hope of making progress or of having enthusiasm, happiness or spiritual intoxication. There would no greenery (freshness) in the seed or in the tree. On the other hand there would be a fully grown tree laden with fruit. Which tree would you prefer? This is why BapDada has given every child the powerful seed of the blessing of a speciality. Simply make it fruitful by using it in the right way. This is a matter of your own speciality. However, you must also constantly stay connected with the special souls because to be in the Brahmin family means to be in the family of special souls. Therefore, whilst staying connected with the family, see each one’s speciality. Imbibe the vision of seeing specialities. This means, put on your speciality spectacles. Nowadays, there is the fashion and also the need to wear spectacles. Therefore, wear spectacles with which you can only see specialities and you will not see anything else. Anything green you look at with red spectacles created through science would appear to be red. Similarly, use your speciality vision and

you will only see specialities. You will not see dirty water but only see the lotus flower. Then, when everyone’s speciality is being used, you will become instruments for the special task of world transformation. Therefore, first use your own speciality and make it grow and let it become fruitful. Second, see everyone's speciality. Third, use everyone’s speciality. Fourth, you special souls of this special age must always have special thoughts, speak special words and perform special deeds. What will you then become? You will have special time for this. Otherwise, what happens is that, when you don’t consider yourself to be special, your time is wasted by the obstacles that you yourself have created or by others who come into contact with you. The stories and songs of praise (kirtan) of your own weaknesses and the weaknesses or others are very long. For instance, when you look at the Ramayana, which is your memorial, you see that the story and the praise within it is very interesting and long. However, what are they? When you don’t see someone's speciality, but instead become jealous, then the story and songs become very long! When you don’t see the speciality, then, instead of the story of Lakshmi and Narayan, it becomes the story of Rama. Then, instead of using your time for service, you waste it on that story and on songs. You also do something very entertaining. You don’t just sing songs and listen to the story on your own, but you also create a gathering of those who sing those types of songs. This is why you were told that, in order to stop wasting your time on those wasteful stories and songs of praise, you must be able to find extra time. Therefore, do you now understand what you must do and what you must not do? In today’s world, when you tell others to attain the fruit of their devotion and become an easy Raja Yogi, what are they more interested in doing? They are more interested in hearing stories and songs of praise of devotion, because they consider that to be more entertaining. Similarly, some special souls think that it is much more entertaining to occupy themselves in a gathering of the wasteful stories of Rama or in a gathering of those who sing such songs of praise. At such a time, if you tell those souls to stop singing such songs, but to remain in silence, they would not listen to you because they have those sanskars. Now, stop those gatherings of those who sing songs of praise. Do you understand? You are sitting in this special group of the gathering of special souls. Here, there are those who sit on both gaddis: one is to enter the kingdom and the other is for the kingdom. One is of receiving the key to the kingdom (Calcutta) and the other is of ruling the kingdom (Delhi). So, both gaddis are here. So, both have specialities. If you don’t receive the key, you can't rule the kingdom. Therefore, do not forget the specialities. Achcha.

To those who constantly see specialities, to those who use their specialities, to those who use this special time for service and eat the instant fruit of service, to those who are constantly contented souls and who use their rays of contentment to make everyone else content, to such special souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meetings groups:

1. Do you know the way to go beyond sound? To become bodiless means to go beyond sound. When you have a body, there is sound. Go beyond the body and there is silence. Have you experienced the greatness of the power of silence? You are establishing the world with the power of silence. Destruction takes place with the power of science, whereas establishment takes place with the power of silence. Therefore, do you feel that you are establishing the new world with the power of silence? Since we are the instruments for the task of establishment, we can only carry out establishment when we ourselves remain in silence. If we ourselves fluctuate, we cannot be successful in the task of establishment. The loveliest thing in the world is peace, which means silence. It is for this peace that large conferences are held. Everyone has the aim of attaining peace. This is the loveliest and most powerful thing. You consider silence to be your original religion. Just as you find it easy to come into sound, do you also practise going beyond sound in a second? Have you experienced the power of silence? No matter how peaceless a soul may be, when you stabilise yourself in your form of peace and give him rays of peace, that peaceless soul will become peaceful. To become an embodiment of peace means to give everyone rays of peace. This is your task. Therefore, increase your power of peace in particular. Become a bestower of peace for yourself and for others. Devotees remember the deities of peace, do they not? To be a deity means to be one who bestows. Just as the Father is praised as the Bestower of Peace, in the same way, you are the deities of peace. Peace is the greatest donation of all. Where there is peace, there will be everything. Therefore, all of you are deities of peace. Even in an atmosphere of peacelessness, you are embodiments of peace who make everyone peaceful. Whatever task BapDada has, that is also your task. BapDada gives peace to peaceless souls. Therefore, children, follow the Father! This is the business of you Brahmins. Achcha.

2. The special duty of Brahmins is to become suns of knowledge and give rays of all powers to the whole world. Have all of you become world benefactors who give the rays of all powers to the world? You are master suns of knowledge, are you not? What does the sun do? It lights up the world with its rays. So, are all of you master suns of knowledge giving the rays of all powers to the world? For how long throughout the whole day do you do this service? This is the special duty of Brahmins; everything else is just for namesake. You have been given your Brahmin birth and Brahmin life to benefit the world. So, are you constantly busy with this task? Those who remain busy with this task would always be free from obstacles. Obstacles come when your intellect is free. Always keep busy and you will stay free from obstacles, and you will also be able to destroy the obstacles of others. No obstacles can come to those who are destroyers of obstacles. Achcha.

3. The special place for Brahmins at the confluence age is BapDada’s heart throne.

Do all of you experience yourselves to be seated on BapDada’s heart throne? You will never find another place as elevated as this. In the golden age, you will receive a throne of gold and diamonds, but you will not receive the heart throne. You Brahmins are the most elevated and your elevated position is the heart- throne. This is why the topknot of Brahmins is said to be the highest of all. Do you have the intoxication of being seated on the heart throne? You have the crown, the throne and the tilak. So, do you constantly wear your crown, remain seated on the throne and always have your tilak? The imperishable tilak of your constant awareness is always on your forehead, is it not? Constantly maintain the intoxication that there is no one like you in the whole cycle. This awareness will keep you constantly intoxicated and dancing in happiness.

4. The duty of a spiritual server is to be a lighthouse and give everyone light.

Do you constantly consider yourself to be a lighthouse? A lighthouse means a house of light. There should be so much light that you are able to become a lighthouse and constantly give light to the whole world. A lighthouse constantly has light and is therefore able to give light. If a lighthouse doesn’t have light, how could it give light to others? All facilities are available in a house. So, here, too, a lighthouse means to have constant light. The occupation of Brahmins is to be lighthouses and give light. A true spiritual server, a great donor, would be a lighthouse. Children of the Bestower would be bestowers. You are not those who simply take, for you also have to give. The more you give, the more you will automatically receive. The way to increase what you have is to give.

5. The confluence age is the time to become full of all blessings.

Do you know the importance of this elevated time and the blessing that this present time has? Out of the whole cycle, which time is blessed? (The confluence age.) So, at this blessed time, have you made yourselves full of all blessings? You also know that the treasure-store of blessings of the Bestower of Blessings is always full and open at this time. Any of you who wants to fill yourselves completely may do so now. So, have you made yourselves this prosperous? Do not just take a few treasures and be content with just that. Since you are going to take, you have to take the full amount, not just a little. Souls who have claimed all rights would not be happy with just a little. Since you are going to become someone, become number one. If you are going to take, you have to take the full amount. Therefore, let your aim and the qualifications for your aim be equal.

When there is balance in everything you do, you will constantly receive blessings from the Father and everyone else. You will then also have a blissful life. Maintain a balance and claim blessings and also give blessings to others. This is the main gift you have to take back with you from Madhuban. This is the refreshment you receive here. Achcha.
May you be free from all bondages and experience the stage of sweetness of the mind and also give others this experience by using the method of "Manmanabhav"  
The children who break the bondages of iron chains and subtle threads, and stay in the stage of being free from bondage are then free from the taste for physical, iron-aged things and attachments of the mind. They are not even slightly attracted by body consciousness or anything of the old world or the body. When there is no attraction to the sweetness of the physical organs, that is, perishable sweetness, you can then experience the stage of sweetness of the mind or alokik happiness beyond the senses. For this, you need to have a constant stage of "Manmanabhav"
True service is that in which you experience happiness along with blessings from all.