Friday, August 19, 2016

Murli 20 August 2016

20/08/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, Baba has come to awaken your fortune. Only by becoming pure will your fortune be awakened.  
What are the signs of the children whose fortune has been awakened?
They become deities of happiness. They claim their inheritance of happiness from the unlimited Father and make everyone happy. They can never cause anyone sorrow. They are children of Vyas, Sukhdev, true bestowers of happiness. They have renounced the five vices and are called true Raja Yogis, Raj Rishis. Their stage remains constant and stable. They can never cry about anything; they are called conquerors of attachment.
My fortune having been awakened I have come.
Om Shanti
When you hear the line of the song, you sweetest children should have goose pimples. It is a common song but no one else knows the meaning of it. Only the Father comes and explains the meaning to you of all those songs and scriptures. You sweetest children also know that in the iron age everyone's fortune is dormant. In the golden age their fortune is awakened. Only the one Father awakens the dormant fortune, gives directions and creates your fortune. He sits here and awakens the fortune of you children. As soon as a child is born his fortune is awakened. As soon as a child is born he is aware that he is an heir. In reality this is an unlimited aspect. You children know that your fortune awakens and then becomes dormant every cycle. When you become pure your fortune awakens. It is said: A pure household ashram. The word ‘ashram’ refers to something pure. There is the pure household ashram, and, in contrast, there is the impure religion; it would not be called an ashram. Everyone follows the household path. Even animals have that. Everyone creates children. Even animals are said to have a household path. You children now know that in the golden age you were deities who belonged to the pure household ashram. Their praise is sung, “…full of all virtues…” You yourselves also used to sing this. You now understand that you are once again changing from humans into deities. There is the deity religion. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are also called deities. “Salutations to the deity Brahma. Salutations to the deity Vishnu.” However for Shiva they say: “Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva!” There is a difference! Shiva and Shankar cannot be called one and the same. You had stone intellects and are now becoming those with divine intellects. Deities aren’t called those with stone intellects. According to the drama plan, when it again becomes Ravan’s kingdom they have to come down the ladder. They have to change from those with divine intellects into those with stone intellects. Only the one Father makes you most intelligent. He makes your intellects divine. You come here to become those with divine intellects. There are also temples to the Lord of Divinity. A gathering takes place there, but no one knows who the Lord of Divinity is. In fact, only the Father makes you divine. He is the Intellect of the Wise. This is nourishment for the intellects of you children. The intellect changes so much. It is said, “See no evil….” This does not refer to monkeys. It is human beings who have become like monkeys. Apes are compared to human beings. This is called the forest of thorns; they continue to cause one another sorrow. You children are now receiving nourishment for your intellect. The unlimited Father is giving you nourishment. This is a study. It is also called the nectar of knowledge. It isn't a question of water etc. Nowadays, they call many things nectar. They even say that the water of the Ganges is nectar. They wash the feet of the deity idols and drink that water. They keep that water. They consider that water to be a special drop of nectar. They don't tell those who take that drop of water that it will make them pure from impure. They call the water of the Ganges the Purifier. They say that when a person dies he should have the water of the Ganges in his mouth. They show that Arjuna shot an arrow and the Ganges emerged from where it struck the ground. He then gave someone nectar to drink. You children have not shot any arrows. There is a village where they battle with bows and arrows. They say that the chief of that place is an incarnation of God. The Father says: All of them are gurus of the path of devotion. There is only the one true Satguru. The Bestower of Salvation is only One and He takes everyone back home with Him. No one, apart from the Father, can take you back home. It isn't even a question of merging with the brahm element. This play is predestined and it continues to go around in an eternal cycle. You now know how world history and geography repeats. Human beings, that is, souls, don't know their Father, the Creator, the One whom they remember and call out to, "Oh God, the Father!" A limited father would never be called God, the Father. They say the words "God, the Father" with a lot of respect. They say that He is the Purifier, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. On one hand they say that He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, and when they have any sorrow or when their child dies they say that God gives happiness and sorrow. What did God do? He took away our child! They then insult God. They say that God gave them a child. So, if He then took that child away, why are you crying? He has gone to God! No one cries in the golden age. The Father explains: There is no need to cry. That soul had to go and play his part according to his karmic accounts. Because of not having any knowledge, human beings cry so much! Some even go crazy. Here, the Father explains: If your mother dies, eat halva! Even if your father dies, eat halva! Become a conqueror of attachment. Mine is one unlimited Father and none other. You children should have such a stage. You must have heard the story of the king who conquered attachment. There is neither any question of sorrow in the golden age, nor is there any untimely death. You children know that you are conquering death. The Father is even called the Great Death. He is the Death of all deaths. You have to conquer death. That is, death will never come to anyone there. Death cannot come to the soul or the body. A soul simply sheds a body and takes another. That is referred to as ‘taken away by death’. However, there is no such thing as death. People continue to sing praise, but they don't understand anything. They sing praise. The Father explains: These five vices have completely spoilt your intellects. At this time no one knows the Father. This is why this is called the world of orphans; they continue to fight and quarrel among themselves. This whole world is Baba's home. The Father makes all the children of this world pure from impure. There truly was the pure world for half the cycle. It is sung: The king is Rama and the people belong to Rama. How could there be any irreligiousness there? They say that the lion and the lamb drink water together there. So, how could Ravan etc. exist there? They don't understand anything. People from abroad laugh when they hear such stories. The Father comes here and gives you knowledge. This world is impure. Would He make impure ones pure through inspiration? They call out, “O Purifier, come!” Therefore, He must definitely have come in Bharat. Even now, He says: I, the Ocean of Knowledge, have come to make you into master oceans of knowledge, equal to Me. Only the Father is called the true Vyas. So, this One is Vyas Dev and you are His children, Sukhdev. You are now becoming deities of happiness. You are claiming your inheritance of happiness from Vyas, Shivacharya. You are the children of Vyas. However, so that people don't become confused, you are called the children of Shiva. His real name is Shiva. A soul can be known; the Supreme Soul can be known too. Only He comes and shows you the way to become pure from impure. He says: I am the Father of you souls. It is said that He is thumb shaped. Such a huge image could not stay there (in the centre of the forehead). It is extremely subtle. Doctors too beat their heads to see a soul, but they’re unable to see it. A soul can be realised. The Father asks: Have you now realised the soul? Such tiny souls have imperishable parts recorded within them, just like a record. At first you were body conscious and you have now become soul conscious. You souls know how you take 84 births. It has no end. Some people ask when this drama began. However, it is eternal. It is never destroyed. It is called the predestined imperishable world drama. You now know the world. Just as uneducated children are given an education, so the Father is teaching you children. It is the soul that studies through a body. This is food for the stone intellect. The intellects receive understanding. Baba has had the pictures made for you children. They are very easy. There is the Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Why is Brahma referred to as the Trimurti? They say, “Deity, Deity, Great Deity.” They place one above the other, but they don’t understand the meaning of that at all. How could that be Brahma, because Brahma is also called the Father of People (Prajapita)? How could he be a deity in the subtle region? Brahma, the Father of People, would have to exist here. These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. The Father says: I enter this body and explain to you through this one. I make this one My chariot. I come at the end of this one's many births. This one also renounces the five vices. Those who have renunciation are called yogis, rishis. You are now Raj Rishis. You make a promise. Those sannyasis renounce their homes and families and go away. Here, husband and wife live together. You say that you will never indulge in vice. The main thing is vice. You know that Shiv Baba is the Creator. He creates the new creation. He is the Seed, the Truth, the Living Being, the Ocean of Bliss and the Ocean of Knowledge. Only the Father knows how He carries out establishment, sustenance and destruction. Human beings don't understand these things. You children now know all of these things and so you are able to explain to everyone. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Each soul has his own karmic accounts. Therefore, when a soul leaves his body you mustn't cry. Become a complete conqueror of attachment. It should remain in your intellect that you belong to the one unlimited Father and none other.
2. Renounce the five vices that spoil your intellect. Become a deity of happiness and make everyone happy. Never cause anyone sorrow.
May you be master sun of knowledge and burn the impure thoughts and attitudes of all souls.  
Just as the sun burns away all rubbish and germs of uncleanliness with its rays, similarly, when you become a master sun of knowledge and look at impure souls, their impure thoughts, attitude and drishti will be burned. Impure thoughts cannot attack purifier souls. Impure souls will surrender themselves to those who are purifiers. For this, be a might house, that is, remain constantly stable in the stage of a master sun of knowledge.
To be an embodiment of dharna and make an impact of your yogi life on others is a very big service.