Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Murli 17 August 2016

17/08/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the Father has come to liberate the lives of all of you from sorrow and to give you your inheritance of heaven. At this time, everyone receives liberation and liberation-in- life.   
Which sapling are we children planting now and with what method?
We are now planting the sapling of deity flowers. Those who belong to the Brahmin clan will continue to come. This is the sapling of the deity religion in which human beings become deities. This sapling is being planted on the basis of shrimat. By remembering the Father, iron-aged souls become golden aged.
No one is unique like the Innocent Lord!   
Om Shanti
God, the Father, Shiva speaks. The Father should not have to say this, but it is explained to you children that Shiva alone is God. The versions of God Shiva are for the children. He is also called the Supreme Spirit. Shiva’s introduction has been given to you children very clearly. Even so, it is explained that the Bestower of Salvation for all is Shiva. He is also called Ishwar, Bhagwan and Prabhu. He has been given many different names. Shiva is also called Antaryami. In fact, to say that He is Antaryami is wrong. Antaryami means the One who knows what is inside each one. Shiv Baba says: I don’t know what is in each one. I am your Father. I come every cycle at the confluence age and My name is Shiva. You call Him the Supreme Soul. You too are souls, but it is your bodies that are given names. The name of the soul is soul. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, also needs a name and His name is Shiva. He is incorporeal, He doesn't have a bodily name. He is a soul, that is, the Supreme Soul, that is, God. The Father explains: My name is Shiva. The name “Shiva” is given to the soul. He only has one name and that is Shiva. Because He is the Supreme, He is called the Supreme Soul Shiva. To call Him Ishwar or Prabhu is not to call Him by His name. The Father says: I am the Supreme Soul. However, He does have to have a name. According to the drama plan He is named Shiva. He is the Supreme Soul who lives in the faraway land. He is the Highest on High and also the most lovely and unique One. That Supreme Soul says through this body: Remember Me, your Father, Shiva! You call Him God, the Father. The name of the Father is Shiva. Those people don't call Him God, the Father, Shiva. They don't even know that His name is Shiva. People celebrate the birthday of Shiva by worshipping an oval image. The name of the oval image (lingam) is Shiva. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and He is therefore Shivacharya (Shiva, the Teacher). These are the versions of Shivacharya. Because He has been given many names on the path of devotion, they have created a lot of confusion. The unlimited Father sits here and explains: All of you souls have received your own bodies in order to play your parts. Shiv Baba also comes and gives you shrimat, that is, advice, and this is why it is said: Shrimat are the versions of God. There is a difference. All are the children of Shiva. Krishna cannot be called Prajapita (the Father of People). Only Brahma can be called Prajapita. One is Shiv Baba and then there is Prajapita Brahma. Shiv Baba is the Creator who creates creation and you receive your inheritance from Him. Only He comes and gives you knowledge. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the inheritance you receive from Him is heaven. Only the Father grants liberation-in-life to everyone. The expression "liberation-in-life" applies to everyone. He liberates everyone's life from sorrow. He then explains that you are the first ones to enter a life of liberation. This is in your parts. Christ etc. goes to Europe. You come here to Bharat. It is only in Bharat that there is the kingdom of gods and goddesses. They call them goddess Shri Lakshmi and god Shri Narayan. However, you shouldn’t call them gods and goddesses. That is the original eternal deity religion which has now disappeared. There are images of the deities, but no one knows who gave them the inheritance of the golden age. You now know that the history of the world begins with the deities in Bharat. Those who belong to the deity religion come first. The Father explains: They attained their reward. They must definitely have made such effort in their previous birth. The world exists continuously. It is remembered that the Father comes to establish the Brahmin, deity and warrior religions. At this time, the Father comes and teaches you Brahmins. You were previously shudras and have now become Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. That One is Baba and this one is Dada. You souls cannot receive your inheritance from Baba until you belong to the dynasty of Brahma. Brahma is also called Adam. Brahma and Saraswati, Adam and Eve, are the father and mother of everyone. Prajapita Brahma is called the ancestor of all human beings. There is the Brahmin religion, and the deity religion emerges from that and then the second and third religions emerge from the deity religion. You children are told to remember Shiv Baba. It mustn't be said: Remember Ishwar or the Supreme Soul. No, He is the Father. It has been explained to you that a soul is a point and that the Supreme Soul is also a point. The name of this point is soul, and the name of that point is the Supreme Soul, Shiva. The Shiva temples are very well known. You children have to understand that you are souls. We shed our bodies and take others to play various parts. Shiv Baba also has to play a part. People say: O God, come and liberate us! Make us pure from impure! No one knows that only Shiv Baba can make impure ones pure. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Love. He sits here and gives us the knowledge of how this world cycle turns. There are two main pictures – the tree and the cycle. The hand of the clock of the cycle also shows how much time now remains. There are so many human beings in the iron age. There will be very few in the golden age and then the number of them will grow. You have all of this knowledge in your intellects. This is why you are portrayed with the discus of self-realisation. The conch shell is also yours. This symbolises relating knowledge through words. You blow the conch shell of knowledge. The Father says: O souls, remember your Father! It is remembered that the Satguru was found through the form of an agent. The Father Himself sits in this one and gets Himself engaged to you. He also teaches you. You too become agents. This one also says: Remember Shiv Baba! Shiv Baba says through Brahma: Remember Me, your Father. You also say: Remember Shiv Baba and your sins will be absolved. You will receive the kingdom by remembering Alpha. The soul then has to go through the cycle of 84 births. You now understand about the discus of self-realisation, of how you take 84 births. Jagadamba is the world mother. Therefore, there definitely has to be the world father too. It isn't that they are husband and wife. Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma. All are the children of Brahma. She is not Brahma's wife. Saraswati is remembered as the daughter of Brahma. She is called Jagadamba (the world mother) and Brahma is called Jagadpita (the world father). Saraswati is appointed as the main one to look after everyone. Her part is such. You know that Shiv Baba is now giving you knowledge through this Brahma. “You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children.” This praise is sung of that One. He is the Father, but there is no mother. Shiva is Baba. Therefore, the Father enters this one and adopts you children through this one. However, because he is a male, the urn has been given to you mothers. They have then portrayed the ocean being churned and an urn emerging which was then given to Lakshmi. That is wrong. The urn is placed on the heads of the mothers. Jagadamba is the goddess of knowledge. Shiv Baba gives you knowledge through Brahma. God gives knowledge and so you also become gods and goddesses of knowledge. You will then become princes and princesses. You say that you are Raj Rishis. The name Rishi is given because of purity. You are true Raj Rishis. Those people are hatha yogis. You renounce the vices in order to claim the kingdom. You are now at the confluence age. This is the meeting. You are bathing in knowledge and also studying yoga. The knowledge you are taught is of how this world cycle turns. The Father is knowledge- full. You are master knowledge-full. That kingdom is being established. You pass, numberwise. They don’t understand why Rama has been shown with a bow and arrow. That has to be shown in order to explain this knowledge. Otherwise, people would think that the bow and arrow is a symbol of violence. They have even portrayed goddesses with arrows and weapons of violence. It is explained that, at this time, all the warriors are on the battlefield but that your battle is with Maya. Because you don’t stay in remembrance fully, you’re unable to conquer Maya, Ravan; you’re unable to reach your karmateet stage. This is your battlefield. They have named the one who remains stable whilst battling ‘Yudhishthira’. They have made up such names. They have portrayed Yudhishthira and Dhritrashtra. One was on the side of the Pandavas and the other on the side of the Kauravas. They made up all of those stories. There aren't really such names. This study of yours is so simple! The more you study it, the higher the status you claim. The more you study and the more yoga you have, the higher the status you claim. You have to pay more attention to this. When someone fails an examination, all the money spent on that has gone to waste. Here, too, you have to study well, with great attention. You are Godly students. You should have a big university: Brahma Kumaris Godly University. You are giving the knowledge of the whole universe - the beginning, the middle and the end. This is why you can write: Godfatherly University. The Father sits here and explains to you how high the status is that you claim. This is a very important study. You children have to explain very tactfully. We write the words "Godfatherly University" because we explain how the world history and geography repeat and how the world cycle turns. It is through this that those people will understand that this truly is a Godly University. Knowledge of the whole universe, that is, of the whole world, is given here. What was Bharat in the beginning? Very pure intellects are needed to understand how you were the masters. Your intellects are now receiving knowledge. A golden vessel is required to hold the milk of a lioness. A golden-aged intellect is required here. By remembering the Father, your intellects become golden aged. When you don't remember Him, they remain iron aged. You forget the Father again and again. This effort requires time. Those who belong to the Brahmin clan will continue to come, exactly as they did in the previous cycle. The sapling will continue to be planted. You are planting the sapling exactly as you did in the previous cycle in order to change human beings into deities. This is the sapling of the deity religion. Those people only plant saplings of wild trees in order to expand a forest. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have any wood, and animals wouldn’t be able to live anywhere. Here, you are planting the sapling of the deity religion. You are planting the sapling of deity flowers by following the Father's directions. We are not performing ceremonies etc. These matters have to be understood. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. In order to claim the highest-on-high status, pay full attention to the study. Conquer Maya on this battlefield and attain your karmateet stage. Don't be defeated.
2. In order to make your intellect golden aged and pure, stay in remembrance of the Father. Plant the sapling of deity flowers and establish heaven.
May you finish the consciousness of “I” by practising the incorporeal stage and becoming egoless.   
At present, the most subtle and beautiful thread is that of the consciousness of “I”. This word “I” is one that takes you beyond body consciousness and also brings you into body consciousness. When you have the consciousness of “I” in the wrong way, then, instead of being loving to the Father, you become loving to one or another soul and to name, form and honour. In order to become free from that bondage, remain constantly stable in the incorporeal stage and then come into the corporeal. Make this practice your natural nature and you will become egoless.
To have any feeling of dislike in your thoughts on hearing something good or bad about anyone is to follow the dictates of others.