Sunday, August 14, 2016

Murli 14 August 2016

14/08/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 03/11/81

“Do not be a warrior but be seated on the heart throne.”
Today, the Father, the Foreigner from the far-away land, has come to meet His children. He has come to remind you children of your original home. He has also come to make you powerful and take you back home with Him. Do you now remember your original home? This land is foreign; it is a foreign kingdom in which everything you see is old. Whether you look at people or things, what do you see? Everything has reached a state of total decay; there is darkness everywhere. Whilst living in such a land, all of you souls have been tied up in various types of bondage. It is only then that the Father comes and reminds you of your original form and your original home, frees you from bondage and takes you back to your original home. As well as this, He also makes each of you the master of your own self. So, are all of you children ready to go back to your original home? You are not those who just keep saying, “We will go there, we will go there”? In the play you created, everyone said that they wanted to go to heaven, but very few were ready to go there. Have you settled all your karmic accounts or are there some still remaining? Have you celebrated the completion ceremony of finishing your karmic accounts, or are you still preparing to do that? You don’t think that you will celebrate the completion ceremony at the end, do you? Only if you celebrate the completion ceremony now will you be able to celebrate the perfection ceremony at the end. All of your old karmic accounts have to be settled. By doing this now, you will be able to attain the status of being free from bondage for a long time and also be liberated in life for a long time. Otherwise, you will be a battling warrior till the end. What would the reward be of someone who leads a life of battling till the end? A warrior life is a life of being a child. Each of you has now become the master of your own self. You have been given your tilak of awareness and been seated on the heart-throne of the Father. Can those who are seated on this heart-throne be warriors? You have been given your throne and crown which are the reward you get for winning the battle. Have you not yet received your present reward and instant fruit? Have you attained the reward of the confluence age or do you still have to attain it? What is the song you sing? Is it, “I have attained everything that I wanted”? Or, is it, “I have yet to attain everything”? Since the present is connected to the future and your future reward is to last 2,500 years, is the present reward going to last for five or six months at the end, or for five days or five hours at the end or for the whole duration of the confluence age? If the reward of the confluence age is not going to last for a long time, how would your future reward last for a long time? Since it is to last for 2,500 years there, would your reward here not be for at least 25 years? If, having become the direct children of the Father, you do not receive your inheritance of the present time for the whole duration of the confluence age, then what have you attained? Having become a child of the One who is the Master of the mines of all treasures, if you do not become full of all those treasures, then what have you been doing since you became a child of the Master?

“Success is our birthright.” If you say this and yet do not experience constant success, what have you been doing since you claimed your birthright? Having become a child of the two fathers, who are the bestowers of fortune, if you haven’t become one who is multimillion-times fortunate, what have you been doing since you became a child of both fathers? The Father, as the Bestower of Blessings, has shown you the extremely easy method to perform elevated actions and have divine and elevated behaviour. However, if you still haven’t become an embodiment of success, then what have you been doing? Is it that you like to battle, labour and do everything slowly and comfortably at your own pace? Do you like being on a battlefield? Do you not like the heart throne? If you do like this throne, then remember that Maya can’t come to anyone seated on the heart throne. It is when you get off that throne and go onto the battlefield that you have to labour. Some children aren’t able to stay without fighting and battling. If they don’t find anyone else to fight with, they have a tug-of-war with themselves. The sanskars of battling make them leave the throne and go onto the battlefield. Finish your sanskars of battling now! Imbibe the sanskars of ruling. Become one who has received the reward! Only then will you be able to become one who receives the reward of the future for a long time. What would you become, if you have a warrior-life till the end? You would then have to become part of the moon dynasty. The sign of a sun-dynasty soul is that that soul will be constantly dancing in happiness. He will constantly be swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy. Rama of the moon dynasty is never shown swinging in a swing, nor is he ever shown performing a dance. He is only shown with that bow and arrow, which is a symbol of battling. Therefore, he receives the fortune of the kingdom later on. You would not say that the kingdom of only half the period is for a long period of time. So, constantly swing in this swing. Whilst staying in harmony with everyone, constantly continue to dance in happiness. This is known as being an embodiment of the reward of the confluence age. How much longer are you going to continue to say that you are an effort-maker?

You make effort now and receive the reward now! It is not that you make effort at the confluence age and only receive the reward in the golden age. You have to become one who receives the reward of the confluence age. Sow the seed now and eat the fruit of that now. Since scientists are able to increase the speed of their achievements, so too, you, with your power of silence, need to also increase your speed even more, do you not? Or, is it that you are going to do everything in one birth and receive the reward of that in your next birth? Those people try to go faster than the speed of sound; they want to do everything in less than a second. They are ready to destroy the whole world in such a short time! So, would you souls, who are instruments for establishment, not experience doing something fast; doing something in a second and receive the reward of that in a second? Do you understand what you now have to do? Eat the instant fruit! Do you not like instant fruit? Is it that you only like to eat fruit for which you have laboured? It is because you have been eating the dried fruit of your labour that you became so weak, blind, with no intellect (wisdom) and unable to perform elevated actions. Now, at least eat fresh, instant fruit. Change labour into love. Achcha.

To those who always have the sanskars of the royal dynasty, to those who have a right to all treasures, which means those who are children and masters, to those who constantly have the sanskars of experiencing the reward of the confluence age and who eat the instant fruit, to those who are constant embodiments of attainment, who are constantly free from all bondage and are living a life of liberation in the confluence age, to the children who remain seated on the throne and wear their crown, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you remain constantly stable in a state of spiritual intoxication? To have spiritual intoxication means to be soul conscious. Constantly to see the soul whilst you are moving and walking along means to have spiritual intoxication. When you have spiritual intoxication, you are constantly and easily able to experience all attainments. Those who have physical intoxication consider themselves to have attained everything. Similarly, those who maintain spiritual intoxication also become embodiments of all attainments. When you have this intoxication, all types of sorrow are removed; you say farewell to sorrow and peacelessness. Since you have become the children of the Bestower of Happiness and Peace for all time, it means you have said farewell to sorrow and peacelessness, does it not? There will be no name or trace of peacelessness. How could the children of the Ocean of Peace become peaceless? To have spiritual intoxication means to end sorrow and peacelessness. Have you celebrated the farewell ceremony for these? It is only through impurity that sorrow and peacelessness are created. If there is no impurity, how could there be sorrow or peacelessness? You have become master purifiers, children of the Purifier. Those who purify the impure would be pure themselves, would they not? Pure souls naturally have peace and happiness within them. Therefore, you are pure souls, elevated souls, special souls. You are great souls of the world because you now belong to the Father. The highest form of greatness is to become pure. This is why, even today, people bow their heads in front of this greatness. Whose are those non-living images? What do you think now, when you go to the temples? Who is being worshipped? You are now aware that those non- living idols are of you. So, continue to move along whilst considering yourselves to be such great souls! Become those with such a divine mirror that all souls are able to see the reflection of their own original characters.

2. Do you constantly experience the stage of ascending? Let there be the experience of the ascending stage at every step. Let your stage be ascending in your thoughts, words, deeds, connections and relationships, because this is now the time to ascend. No other age is the age of ascending. Only the confluence age is the ascending age. Therefore, there has to be the experience of everything according to the time. Let the second after the second that just passed also be one in which your stage is ascending. Let it not be that you are still the same now as you were two months ago. Let there be transformation at every moment. However, the transformation has to be of the ascending stage. You are not those who come to a halt because of anything. Those who have the ascending stage never come to a halt and they also enable others to ascend with them.

Question: What are the signs of those who are flying birds?

Answer: Those who are flying birds are rulers of the globe. They have all-round parts. Those who are in the flying stage are completely free from bondage and thus be able to reach wherever there is a need for service. They become embodiments of success in all types of service. The Father has an all-round part. He can become the Friend as well as the Father. Similarly, those who are in the flying stage are able to play full parts of any type of service, wherever there is a need. This is known as being an all-round flying bird.

Question: Why are the many arms of sakar Brahma well known? Whose memorial is that?

Answer: It is a memorial of the co-operative form of you children. Just as the special workers of the body are the arms, similarly, all of you children are instruments who do all the work in BapDada’s task. The children who are companions and helpers who fulfil their responsibility accurately are called “right hands”.

Question: What are the specialities of right hands?

Answer: Right hands are always clean, that is, they are pure and elevated. Just as any elevated or pure task is carried out with the right hand, similarly, BapDada’s co-operative right hands are always elevated and pure in their words, deeds and connections, that is, they remain pure.

2) Just as the power that gets the arms to carry out any task is the soul, and the arms are the karanhars (the ones who carry out the task) - the soul being the one who is karavanhar (inspires the task to be carried out), similarly, the co-operative right hands always keep their Karavanhar Father in their awareness and become the karanhar instruments. They do not consider themselves to be karavanhar and this is why their every deed is filled with uniqueness, egolessness, humility and the greatness of newness.

3) The right hand is particularly strong. Co-operative, right hand souls can constantly and easily carry the burden of the responsibility of world benefit and world transformation.

4) The speed with which they carry out any task is intense. They are intense effort-makers in imbibing every subject and in putting that into a practical form. They are always ever ready.

Question: What are the signs of the arms who are co-operative left hands?

Answer:Together with cleanliness, they also have uncleanliness, that is, they sometimes have a little impurity in their thoughts, words and deeds, that is, they are not completely clean.

2) There is not as much intensity in the speed of their efforts. “I will do it sometime, I will think about it”, for left hands means those who do everything late. They will give their support, they will carry out a task but they will not have the courage to take the full responsibility. They would always have enthusiasm and courage, but would not be independent.

3) They would have the stage of a lawyer for a long time. They will think more of the laws (kaida) but will not take that much benefit (faida). They are unable to become their own justice. They will feel a need for a justice to give the final judgment on every small situation. So, now, check yourself and see whether you are a right hand or a left hand.

Question: When will the pure thought for world transformation that you children have in your hearts be fulfilled?

Answer: When you transform yourselves completely. To the extent that transformation is lacking in yourself, the speed of world transformation will accordingly be slower. It is only through transforming yourself that you will be able to transform time. Look at yourself and you will be able to know about time, because you are the clocks for the transformation of time. The attention of the world, that is, of all souls is now on you, who are the instrument clocks, and they are therefore seeing how much more time still remains.
May you be free from all attractions and become powerful with churning power and finish all force of obstacles.   
Currently, there is a need for souls to fill themselves with all powers by having churning power. For this, be introspective and churn every point and the butter will then be extracted and you will become powerful. Such powerful souls experience the attainment of supersensuous joy. Nothing temporary can attract them. The powerful stage of spirituality, which is created through their stage of being absorbed in love, finishes all force of obstacles.
Those who receive everyone’s respect in the Brahmin world are able to be seated on the throne.