Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Murli 26 April 2016

26/04/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you now have to return home. Therefore, forget the consciousness of the body, consider yourself to be a bodiless soul and break any attachment you have to anyone.   
What wisdom do you children learn from the Father at the confluence age?
It is only now that you learn the wisdom of how to become satopradhan from tamopradhan and how to make your fortune elevated. To the extent that you remain accurately linked in yoga and knowledge-full, accordingly you will continue to experience progress. Children who progress can never remain hidden. From each of the children’s acts the Father can understand which children are making their fortune elevated.
To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.  
Om Shanti
All of you children heard this song. Baba uses the word “children”. The children at all the centres understand that Baba is referring to us Brahmins, and that the children heard the song, “In order to become a garland around the neck while alive, go to the incorporeal world and stay in Baba’s home.” That is Shiv Baba’s home, where all the saligrams reside. You children the decoration of the Brahmin clan, spinners of the discus of self-realisation, know that that same Baba has truly come. He says: You now have to become bodiless, that is, you have to forget the consciousness of the body. This old world is to be destroyed. This body has to be shed, that is, everyone has to be left, because this world is to be destroyed. You now have to return home. All of you children are now happy because you have stumbled around a great deal for half the cycle in order to return home. However, you never found the way home. Instead, when you people saw the show of the path of devotion, you became trapped in that. The path of devotion is the bog in which human beings are trapped up to their necks. You children now say: Baba, we are forgetting this old world and these old bodies. We will now become bodiless and return home with You. It is in the intellects of all of you that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has come from the supreme region to take us back home. He simply says: Become pure and remember Me! Die alive! You know that souls reside there in that home. A soul is just a point. All souls will go to the incorporeal world. There will be as many souls there as there are human beings here. How much space in the great element do souls take up, whereas how much space do bodies, that are quite big, take up? How much space would a soul need? How small a space would we souls take up? A very tiny space. You children have the great fortune of hearing these things from the Father. The Father explains that you came bodiless and adopted bodies and played your parts. You now have to die alive and forget everyone. The Father comes and teaches you how to die. He says: Remember your Father and your home! Make a lot of effort! Your sins will be absolved by staying in yoga. Then, from being tamopradhan, you souls will become satopradhan. This is why the Father advises you now and also told you in the previous cycle: Renounce all bodily relations, including your own bodies, and constantly remember Me alone. That One is the Father of all. You are the mouth-born children of Prajapita Brahma. You continue to receive knowledge. You are the children of Shiva anyway. Everyone has the faith that they are children of God. However, because of having forgotten God’s name, form, time and place, no one has that love for God. No one is to be blamed; this is fixed in the drama. The Father explains: Souls are such tiny points and parts for 84 births are recorded in you souls. It is such a wonder how a soul takes a body and plays his part. You now know about this unlimited part. No one else has this knowledge. You too were body conscious. Now, how much each of you changes depends on each one’s fortune. You now have a vision of your fortune of the previous cycle. There are so many human beings in the world. Each one has his or her own fortune. Depending on what actions each one has performed, he or she becomes happy, unhappy, rich or poor accordingly. It is the soul that becomes this. The Father sits here and explains how the soul becomes happy and then goes into sorrow. Only the Father teaches you the wisdom of how to become satopradhan from tamopradhan, exactly as He did in the previous cycle. Whatever wisdom each of you attained then, you are receiving that much wisdom now. By the end you will understand each one’s fortune. Then it would be said that this is each one’s fortune every cycle. Those who are very well connected in yoga and are knowledge-full will continue to do service. There is constant progress by studying. Some children progress quickly, whereas others give you a headache. It is the same here. Whatever progress each of you makes every cycle, that cannot remain hidden. The Father knows that everyone’s connection is with Shiv Baba. This one understands everything from seeing the acts of the children. That One also sees everything. You can hide something from this one, but you can’t hide anything from Shiv Baba. Even on the path of devotion, no one can hide anything from God. So, how could anything be hidden from Him on the path of knowledge? The Father continues to explain to you that the study is very easy. Actions have to be performed. Live in the old world with your friends and relatives and make effort. Those who live at home, and have such deep love and make effort, can go ahead faster than those who live here and make effort. In the scriptures, there is the example of Arjuna and the native (Bhil). Although the native lived outside, by practising he became more skilful at archers than Arjuna. Therefore, while living at home with your family, become like a lotus. You can see examples. While living at home, you can do very good service. You will continue to make a lot more progress. Maya doesn’t leave alone those who live here; it isn’t that they become liberated from Maya because they come to Baba. No, all of you have to make your own effort. Those who live at home with their families can make effort better than those who live here. They can show very good courage. Only those who live at home and become like a lotus are called mahavirs. Some say: Baba, you have renounced everything. Baba says: I didn’t renounce anything. They left me and went away. Baba did not leave anyone and come here. Instead even more children came to stay with him. Baba says to the kumaris: Do this Godly service. This one is Baba and that One is also Baba. Many kumars also came but they were unable to carry on. The kumaris are still better. A kumari is considered to be greater than 100 brahmins. A kumari is one who uplifts 21 generations and shoots the arrows of knowledge. Even those who live at home with their families are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. As they make further progress, their bondages too will finish. Service has to be done. Children who do service are seated in BapDada’s heart. They are benefiting thousands of people. Blessings continue to be showered on those who are such serviceable children. They remain seated in the heart. Those who are seated in the heart will be seated on a throne. Baba says: Continue to have meetings among yourselves and create methods to show everyone this path. Pictures also continue to be made. All of these are practical matters. You now explain that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is incorporeal. He too is a point, but He is the knowledge-full One, the Purifier. A soul is just a point. A child is still small. There is some difference between a child and a father. Nowadays, 15 or 16 year old children become fathers. Nevertheless, their children would still be younger than them. Look at the wonder here: the Father is a soul and the children are also souls. He is the Supreme Soul, the knowledge-full One. All the rest claim a high or low status according to how much they study. Everything depends on the study. By performing good actions you claim a high status. You children now have the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. There was just Bharat in heaven; there were no other lands. Therefore, show your heaven in a small New India. In the same way, you shouldn’t write the name “Dwaraka” but “The kingdom of the dynasty of Lakshmi and Narayan”. The intellect says that in the golden age there will first be the kingdom of the deity dynasty. There will be their villages and small states. This also has to be churned. Together with this, also connect your intellects in yoga to Shiv Baba. We are claiming our kingdom by having remembrance. The rust has to be removed with remembrance. All the effort is required for this. Some children’s intellects are constantly wandering outside. Even while sitting here, they cannot stay in remembrance; their intellects wander in other directions. It is the same on the path of devotion. While worshipping Shri Krishna, their intellects go in other directions. Those who do intense devotion make a lot of effort to receive a vision. They sit down for so many hours to remember just Krishna and don’t remember anything else. There is a lot of effort needed for that. The rosaries of eight and 16,108 are created here. They even show a rosary of hundreds of thousands of beads. However, the rosary of the path of knowledge is very valuable because it is this one that requires spiritual effort. The rosary of the path of devotion is cheap. Look at Krishna and see how happily he is dancing. There is the difference of day and night between knowledge and devotion. They haven’t said that the rust is removed by remembering Krishna. Here, it is explained that the more you remember the Father, the more your sins will be absolved. Through the power of yoga you children are now becoming the masters of the world. No one would ever have even dreamt about this. Lakshmi and Narayan did not battle etc. How then did they become the masters of the world? Only you children understand this. The Father says: You receive the kingdom with the power of yoga. However, if it is not in their fortune, they don’t make effort for it; they don’t become serviceable. Baba continues to give you directions about how to prepare exhibitions. There should be at least 150 to 200 exhibitions in a day. Go and tour around all the villages. There should be as many exhibitions as there are centres. By having an exhibition at every centre, it will become easy to explain. Day by day, the centres will continue to become larger so that you can even keep pictures etc. there. There is also the invention of the pictures. Make a picture of heaven in Bharat with beautiful palaces etc. As you make further progress, there will continue to be very good pictures made for explaining to others. Those who are in the stage of retirement can continue to do service while touring around. Those whose fortune shines will emerge. Some children perform impure actions and lose their honour, and so they lose the honour of the yagya. You receive a status according to your behaviour. The names of those who give happiness to many are remembered. You have not yet become full of all virtues. Some children are serving very well. Hearing the names of such children, Baba becomes very pleased. Baba is pleased to see serviceable children. They continue to make good effort for service. They even continue to open centres where thousands are to benefit. Many will then continue to emerge through them. No one has yet become perfect; one mistake or another continues to be made. Maya doesn’t leave anyone alone. The more service you do and the more progress you make, the more you will climb onto the heart-throne. Similarly, you will accordingly receive a high status too. Then, such will be your status every cycle. No one can hide anything from Shiv Baba. At the end, all of you will have visions of your own actions. What will you do then? You will have to cry very bitter tears. That is why Baba continues to explain: Don’t perform any such actions for which you would have to suffer punishment and also have to repent at the end. No matter how much is explained, if it is not in someone’s fortune, he doesn’t make effort. Nowadays, people don’t know the Father at all. They remember God, but they don’t know Him. They don’t listen to Him. You are now receiving the inheritance of the golden-aged sovereignty from the Father in a second. Everyone likes the name of Shiv Baba. You children understand that you are receiving your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Glorify the name of the Father and the yagya through your behaviour. Don’t perform any such actions through which you would lose the Father’s honour. Create your own fortune by doing service.
2. Become as benevolent as the Father and receive everyone’s blessings and claim a number ahead. Live at home with your family and remain very courageous by living like a lotus.
May you be an embodiment of power and sacrifice all your weaknesses out of love.   
The sign of love is sacrifice. Anything difficult or impossible becomes easy and possible to do by making a sacrifice out of love. So, with the blessing of being an embodiment of power, sacrifice all your weaknesses with your heart, not under compulsion, because the true Father only accepts the truth. So, do not just sing songs of love for that Father, but become like the Father in having the avyakt stage so that everyone sings your praise.
To have remembrance of the one Comforter of Hearts in your thoughts and dreams is known as being a true tapaswi.