Saturday, April 16, 2016

Murli 17 April 2016

17/04/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 03/04/81

“The path of devotion is the memorial of the path of knowledge”
What meeting is now taking place on the shores of Madhuban? Today, it is a meeting of the many rivers with the Ocean. Each small and large river of knowledge is a purifier, like the Father, the Purifier. The Father is looking at His service companions - the purifying rivers who have arrived from this land and abroad. Souls of this land and abroad have become pure and are singing so many songs of praise. The songs that are now in their minds will become the songs sung through their lips in the copper age. The songs of praise that the Father now sings is of the elevated task and the elevated lives of you elevated souls. Later, on the path of devotion, these songs will be remembered in the form of devotional songs. Now, because all of you souls experience the attainment of supersensuous happiness, you are dancing in your minds. Then, on the path of devotion, you will be dancing with your feet. You now turn the beads of the rosary of the virtues of elevated souls and speak of their virtues. Later, on the path of devotion, they will turn the beads of a physical rosary of you. You now offer bhog to the Father and, in return, people on the path of devotion will offer bhog to all of you. Just as you don’t take anything without first offering it to the Father, similarly, people on the path of devotion will not take anything without first offering it to you deity souls. Just as, at present, you put the Father first and then yourself, so they will put the deities first and themselves afterwards. They copy everything you do. You become embodiments of remembrance and they become embodiments of the remembrance of the memorial of that. You are all constantly unadulterated, that is, you constantly stay in the remembrance of One, so that no one can shake you or change you in a negative way. Similarly, your intense devotees, your true devotees, your first devotees have intellects that have very strong faith in you, their special deities. Their faith in you is unshakeable and unbreakable. Even if devotees of Hanuman were to attain Rama, they would still remain devotees of Hanuman; they have such strong faith. They copy you in the way you have one strength and one support.

It is at this time that all of you become spiritual pilgrims. Your pilgrimage is of God’s remembrance and their pilgrimage is in memory of you. At present, all of you walk around the pillars of the tower of knowledge and peace in order to read the elevated versions and teachings about becoming an embodiment of remembrance and you also make everyone else walk around it. You walk around the tower to read the teachings written on the tower; you don’t miss any side of the tower. When you have been around all four sides of the tower, you feel that you have seen and experienced everything. Later on, in memory of this, devotees go around all of you idols. Until they have gone around those idols, they wouldn’t feel that their worshipping was complete. On the path of devotion, they copy in a physical way every subtle action and virtue of all of you. This is why BapDada constantly advises all of you deity souls to keep your intellects firm in having faith in One. If you don’t stay in constant and stable remembrance of One at this time, if you don’t concentrate on One, if you don’t remain unshakeable, your devotees will not be able to have intellects with strong faith in you. Here, if the feet of your intellects wander here and there, the feet of your devotees would stumble around later. Sometimes, they would consider one idol to be their deity and sometimes another idol. Today, they would be devotees of Rama and tomorrow, they would be devotees of Krishna. If you don’t now have the stage of experiencing all attainments from One, your devotee souls would be wandering around from one deity to another for some attainment. When you move away from your elevated honour now, later on your devotees will also become distressed and leave you. Instead of having subtle experiences through remembrance now, you complain because of a lack of attainment due to your weaknesses; you either complain of being disheartened or you complain out of love. Therefore, your devotees too will constantly complain. Each of you knows all the complaints very well and Baba is therefore not going to tell you about them.

The Father says: Be merciful and constantly have feelings of mercy! However, instead of mercy, you sometimes have arrogance or doubt. The same thing happens with your devotees. To have doubt means to ask: “Should I do this? Will be it like this? Should it not be like this?” In this, too, they forget mercy. Be merciful to yourself and to others. You have doubt in yourself and also in others. If your illness of doubt increases, it becomes like a cancer. Those who are in the first stage of cancer can still be cured, but it is difficult to cure those in the last stage. They are neither able to stay alive nor die. Here, too, they are neither totally ignorant nor knowledgeable. They indicate this by constantly chanting the same slogan. For themselves, they say, “This is how I am”, whereas for others, they say, “This one is always like that.” No matter how much you try to change them, they still chant the same thing. Cancer patients may appear to eat and drink very well. Externally, they would look very well and strong, but internally, they would have no strength. Similarly, those who have the illness of doubt would externally conduct themselves very well. Externally, they would appear to be lacking nothing; they wouldn’t even appear to be discontented but their attainment of happiness and power would be very weak. There is also a similar illness of arrogance. The sign of being merciful is that you will have one Baba and none other in your every word and thought. Wherever they look, those who are merciful will constantly see the Father, whereas wherever those who have arrogance look, they will only see themselves! Those with arrogance will be turning the rosary of “I, I”, whereas those with mercy will be turning the rosary of the Father. Their consciousness of “I” will be merged in the Father. This is what it means to be absorbed in love for the Father. This type of soul is merged in the Father’s love and the other type of soul is merged in the consciousness of “I”. Do you understand? Throughout the whole cycle, there are those who copy you. You are master gods for your devotees. You are the fathers of the people in the golden and silver ages, whereas at the confluence age you are the images of support who reveal BapDada’s name and His task. You can either glorify the Father’s name with your elevated actions and your transformation, or you can defame the Father’s name with your wasteful actions and ordinary behaviour. It is in the hands of you children!

At the time of destruction, you will be in your forms of great benefactors, great bestowers of blessings, and great donors, greatly charitable souls for the whole world. Therefore, you are so elevated in every period. You are images of support all the time. Does each of you consider yourself to be this? You have the recognition of three aspects of time, the beginning, the middle and the end, in your awareness. You are not alone; there are many others behind you who are copying you. Therefore, constantly pay attention to every action you perform.

To those who are great in all three aspects of time, to those who are embodiments of power and who are merciful and stay in remembrance of the Father, to those who are constant embodiments and bestowers of attainment at every second, to the souls who are complete like the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Baba meeting a group of teachers: The practical form of a teacher is that of being a constant server. You all know this very well. What is the speciality of a server? How does a server become successful? The speciality of a server who is constantly lost in service is that he would have renounced any feeling of doing service or having done any service. In other words, you call this “the renunciation of having renounced anything”. When you say, “I did this service”, that service would not be successful. “I did not do anything but I was the instrument through whom it was done, for Baba was the One doing it.” Then, there is praise of the Father. When you say that you are the server or that you did something or that you will do something, then that consciousness of “I”, even in terms of being a server, won’t allow that service to be successful. When service is mixed with the consciousness of “I”, it becomes service filled with a selfish motive, not service filled with renunciation. In the world there are two types of serviceable souls. One type of serviceable souls are those who serve with selfish motives and the second type are those who are embodiments of renunciation out of love. So, which type of server are you? You have already been told that, when your consciousness of “I”, is merged in love for Baba, then that is what it means to be a true server. The language of “I” and “You” then comes to an end. Baba is the One inspiring the act and you are the instrument performing it. Anyone can become an instrument. When you have the consciousness of “I”, what does that mean? Who bleats “Meh! Meh!” all the time? (A goat). By constantly bleating “I”, you become dependent. The head and shoulders of a goat constantly bow down, whereas a lion constantly holds its head high. So, where there is the consciousness of “I”, you are bowing down due to one desire or another and do not have the intoxication of holding your head up high. Due to one or another obstacle, you keep your head down like a goat. A householder’s life is like that of a goat because of constantly bowing down. To bow down in humility is a different matter; this is not humility making you bow down, but Maya making you into a goat. She forces you to bow your head and makes you look down. To have the consciousness of “I” mixed in service means to become dependent. You would then be dependent on a person, a part, the atmosphere or something else. You become dependent on someone or another. You even become dependent on your own sanskars. To be dependent means to be under an external influence. Those who are influenced by others become dependent. Servers cannot possibly have this sanskar.

Servers are those who issue a challenge. You always hold your head high when you issue a challenge. When you have made a mistake, you would look down whilst you speak. To be a server means to be one who challenges. To be a server means to be one who challenges Maya and also the souls of the world about the Father. Those who have first challenged their old sanskars are then able to challenge others. First, you have to challenge your own sanskars in particular and then you can challenge all the obstacles in general that come. Obstacles can never stop true servers. Those who challenge others are able to change a mountainous form of Maya into a mustard seed form in a second. In the drama you show about Maya, what is it that you show? That you will change a mountain into a mustard seed.

To be true servers means to be those who are equal to the Father. What does the Father first of all call Himself? He says: I am the World Servant. To be a server means to be equal to the Father. The service you do in this one birth enables you to claim a crown and a throne for many future births. The confluence age is the age of doing service; for how long do you have to do that? In any case, the confluence age is a short age. Therefore, if you do receive an opportunity to serve in this age, it is for a short time. Even when someone has been serving for 50 to 60 years, if you subtract 50 to 60 years from 5000 years, all the rest of the cycle is the time of the reward, which means serving for 60 years and enjoying the nourishment of that for the rest of the cycle. You become worthy according to the efforts you make at the confluence age. Then, you will become a numberwise worshipper according to how worthy of being worshipped you became. You will become the number one worshippers. Then, just see how good your final birth is too! Even the final birth of you good effort-makers has been good, and so you can understand from this how good your past births must have been. This is like experiencing a little sorrow in comparison to the happiness you have experienced. For instance, when a very wealthy person becomes a little poor, you would say that he has become poor. When the temperature of a wealthy person is even one degree too high, you would say that he has a temperature. However, when the temperature of a poor person is almost five degrees too high, no one would even ask! Similarly, the sorrow that you experience is not that much but, because you have experienced extreme happiness, it is said that you are experiencing sorrow. Even in your final birth, you haven’t become beggars, have you? You have not become those who beg for a couple of chappatis at every doorstep. This is why you have been told that the time for making effort is very short, whereas the time for experiencing the reward of that is very long. The reward is so elevated! What would your stage become when you have this awareness as long as possible? It would become elevated, would it not? To become a server means to claim a right to eat nourishing fruit for the whole cycle. Never ask if you will have to keep serving for the whole of the confluence age. When you are eating nourishing fruit, would you ask whether you are going to eat that for the rest of the cycle? It is at this time that you become aware that you are going to receive all of that reward. You receive one hundred thousand-fold in return for one, and so there would be an accurate account. To be a server means to be constantly happy for the whole cycle. This is no small fortune! Whether you call yourself a teacher or a server, you receive one hundred thousand-fold in return for the service you do. What is the effort you make? Here, you become Didis and Dadis for the students. At least you receive a title! A ten year old student would also call a new teacher of two years, “Didi”. Even here, you are seen in an elevated stage. They all give you regard. If you are a true server, you become worthy of receiving regard even at this time. If you have something else mixed in you, you may be called “Didi or Dadi” but, tomorrow, they may say something to you. When the service is mixed, the regard you are given will also be mixed. This is why to be a server means to be equal to the Father. To be a server means to place each of your footsteps in the Father’s footsteps; not to be a little ahead or behind. To take each and every footstep according to the Father’s shrimat, whether it is in thoughts, words, deeds or in connections and relationships, to be amongst those who place their feet exactly in the Father’s footsteps is to be those who take Baba’s footsteps. What do you think? You are such a group, are you not? You teachers are constantly easy yogis, are you not? If you teachers find everything to be hard work, what would the condition of your students be? Achcha.
May you be a mahavir who attains a medal of an elevated stage by applying a full stop.   
In this eternal drama, no one gives any of you spiritual soldiers in this spiritual army a medal. However, according to the drama, you automatically receive a medal of an elevated stage. Only those who are easily able to put a full stop, while seeing the part of every soul as a detached observer are able to receive a medal. The foundation of such souls is based on their experience. This is why no wall of any problem is able to stop them.
Become a flying bird and cross the mountain of every adverse situation in order to reach your destination.