Sunday, April 10, 2016

Murli 10 April 2016

10/04/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 27/03/81

“How to be loved by the Father, by the people and by oneself.”
Why has BapDada especially come today? Today BapDada has come especially to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you double-foreign children. Baba has come to have an exchange with you. All of you children have come to Madhuban from far away. Therefore, the Father of Madhuban has come to give all you children who have come here the special hospitality of a heart-to-heart conversation of knowledge. Today, BapDada has especially come to listen to you children and hear whether any of you are experiencing any difficulty with anything. The meeting between you and the Father takes place easily, does it not? Since we easily meet one another and you easily received the introduction, and since this path is very easy, there isn’t any difficulty, is there? It isn’t difficult, but it is possible that some of you have made it difficult. You know the way to use your key of all the treasures that you have received from the Father whenever you want. When you know the right way to do something, you definitely achieve success. If you do not know the right method, you cannot achieve success. So, what is the condition all of you?

Are all of you flying? Now that you have become the long-lost and now-found children of the highest Father, what need is there to walk? You have to fly. Whilst walking along a path, it is possible that you could be obstructed somewhere. However, there are no obstructions when you fly. All of you are flying birds. The wings of knowledge and yoga are making all of you fly very well. Whilst you are flying, you don’t get tired, do you? Have all of you been blessed with the blessing “May you be tireless”? It is a very simple matter. Simply experience something and then share your experience. It is very easy to share your experiences. You only have to share something from your own experience. This is why it is very easy. To share something of your own relationships should not be difficult. You only have to share two things.

You have to share something about your own family, that is, of your relationships. The second thing is about your attainments. This is why BapDada constantly sees you children as being very cheerful. However, instead of having a constant stage, in which you are only attracted by the One, are you sometimes attracted by any other form of sweetness? Have you all become constant and stable? Have you become conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance? The age of the Gita now has to come to an end. All of you have now entered the period of the time for experiencing the reward of knowledge, have you not? To be an embodiment of remembrance is the reward of knowledge. So, your time of making effort has now ended. Do you constantly experience all the virtues that you describe as pertaining to your original form? Are you able to become an embodiment of bliss whenever you want and an embodiment of love whenever you want? Are you able to stabilise in whatever form you want for as long as you want? It is not that you have to stabilise in that stage, but that you are already in that stage, is it not? Let the Father’s virtues be the children’s virtues, the Father’s task be the children’s task and the Father’s stage the children’s stage. This is known as the reward of the confluence age. So, are you experiencing this reward or are you still effort-makers? Are you embodiments of attainment? Your language of, “I have yet to attain. I am not able to attain. How can I attain?” has now changed, has it not? You don’t go up and down by being in the sky one day and on the earth the next day, do you? You don’t have a question mark today and then put a full stop tomorrow, do you? To be constant and stable means to be constantly in the mood of perfection. Let your mood not be constantly changing. BapDada sees from the subtle region that the moods of some children change a lot. Sometimes, they have the mood of being amazed, sometimes a questioning mood and sometimes a mood of confusion. You are not swinging in the swing of sometimes paying attention and sometimes being in tension, are you? When you leave Madhuban, be the form of your reward. For how long will you have to keep making effort? Let it be “Like Father, like son”. Does the Father ever have an off mood? You now have to become equal to the Father. You are masters, are you not? You masters should have grown up by now. Have all of your complaints now ended? In fact, although a situation may only be a minor one, you make it into a major one by constantly thinking about it. By offering the situation the hospitality of your thoughts, from being small it becomes large. Do not offer the hospitality of your thoughts. Don’t ask “Why did this come? Why did this happen?” When a test paper comes, you have to take that paper. Should you ever question why the test paper has come? Just take a second to judge between what is waste and what is best and finish it in a second. Put all the waste in the waste paper box for half a cycle. The waste paper box is very big. Be a judge, not a lawyer. A lawyer makes a small case into a big one. A judge is able to give a judgement of “Yes” or “No” within a second. When you become a lawyer, you wear a black gown. It is the judgement of one second: is this the Father’s virtue or not? If it isn’t, then put it in the waste paper bin. If it is the Father’s virtue, then put it into the account of ‘the best’. BapDada is the sample in front of you. To copy means to follow. You don’t have to create a new path. You don’t even have to invent any knowledge. Simply become the form of whatever the Father relates. Are all of you from abroad receiving the 100% reward? The reward of the confluence age is to become equal to the Father. Your future reward is the deity status. So, you will all become equal to the Father and experience sitting in that stage with the Father for some time, will you not? A king who sits on a throne would sit on it for some time, would he not? Not that one minute he sits on it and the next minute he comes down from it. The reward of the confluence age is the stage of being equal to the Father, which means to remain seated on the throne of the complete stage. You don’t just have to attain the reward but you have to attain it for a long time. You now have to fill yourselves with such sanskars for a long period of time; it must be for your whole life. Not that you just have that stage for a few minutes; it has to be for your whole life. You have an angelic life. You have a yogi life. You have an easy life. “Life” means for some time. It doesn’t mean being born one moment and dying the next; that wouldn’t be called “a life”. You say that you have attained everything. So, what have you attained? Have you simply attained climbing up and down? What reward have you attained? Have you attained a life equal to that of the Father? For how much longer will you have to make effort? You have been making all kinds of effort for half a cycle. There was so much labouring, devotion and so many problems on the family path. However, the confluence age is the age of love. It is not the age of having to labour, but the age of celebrating the meeting. It is the age of the moth merging with the Flame. You speak of having to labour, but there really is no labour! Does it take any effort to become a child? Do you receive these things as your inheritance or from your efforts? A child is the crown on the head; a child is the decoration of the home. You children are the Father’s children and so you are masters. So, why do you masters come down? Have you recognised how elevated your name is? Your name is so elevated! Therefore, your name is the same as your task. Constantly stay with the Father in your elevated stage. That is your real place. Why do you leave your place? To leave your real place means to wander around in many different places. Sit comfortably! Sit in intoxication! Sit with a right! Instead of doing this, you come down and say “What should I do now?” Why do you come down in the first place and experience a burden? Do not keep any burden on your head. When you have the consciousness of “mine”, you experience a burden on your head. You think “What can I do? How can I do this? I have to do this.” Are you doing anything? Or, is it just that your name is used and it is the Father who is still doing the work? When you saw the toy the other day, was it moving by itself or was someone making it work? Since science is able to make something work, can the Father not make you work? The Father simply makes you children His instruments in order to glorify your name, because the Father Himself is beyond name and form. Since the Father is offering to take all of your burdens simply to enable you to dance and fly, why do you still carry a burden? There is no question about how service will take place or how you will give lectures. Simply consider yourself to be an instrument and sit with your connection forged to the Power House, then see whether you are able to give a lecture or not. Since that toy can be made to work, can your mouth not be made to work? Can plans not be made by your intellect? The moment you ask “How?”, you insulate your wire with rubber. Then, because of the rubber insulation, you’re unable to make a connection and so you do not see any instant fruit. Then, you get tired and say, “I don’t know what’s going to happen!” Since the Father has made you an instrument, it will definitely happen. If there are only six or eight people somewhere, go somewhere else and make more emerge! Why do you become disheartened? Instead, tour around everywhere. Go to the centres nearby; you have a large area around you. Even if eight emerge from somewhere, that is not a small thing. Enable those hidden in a corner somewhere to emerge and they will sing your praise. You give blessings from your heart to the souls who are instruments with the Father, do you not? Even if only one jewel emerges from somewhere, you would have to go somewhere else for another one, would you not? Would you leave that one out? That soul would then be deprived. Let as many as possible emerge and then make progress elsewhere. At the moment, you have only covered a corner of the world. The forest is very large, there are many more to hunt. So why are you still thinking? What is the reason for thinking? When your intellect is filled with waste, you are not able to receive touchings and your power of discrimination doesn’t work. The clearer something is, the more clearly it is recognised for what it is. Because of your questions of “Why?” and “What?”, your powers to discriminate and to receive touchings do not work. Then, you either become tired or disheartened. Wherever you have been, some hidden jewel has definitely emerged from there, for that was why you went there. There isn’t a single place where not a single soul has emerged. In some places, heirs would emerge, in some places, subjects and in other places wealthy ones. All are needed. Not everyone will become a king; subjects too are needed. It is you instrumental children who have to carry out the task of creating subjects. Or, is it that you will create the royal family and Baba will create the subjects? Both have to be created. Simply examine yourself for two things. First: is your line clear? Second: are you within the line of the code of conduct? When you are OK in both of these two aspects, you will never become disheartened. Those who have a good connection with the Father and those who have become instruments can never be unsuccessful. To have a connection with just the Father is not correct. You also need a connection with the family. You must have a connection with the Father because you have to receive power from Him, but with who else do you also have to have a relationship? It is just with the Father? A kingdom means to be connected with a family. You have to claim three certificates, not just one.

1. To be liked by the Father means to receive your certificate from the Father. 2. To be liked by the people means to receive the certificate of contentment from the divine family. 3. To be liked by oneself means to have contentment in your own mind. Let there be no confusion inside you. Let there be no question as to whether you are able to do something or not, whether you are able to carry on doing something or not. To be liked by oneself means to have the certificate of contentment in your own mind. You need to have these three certificates. Just as there is the Trimurti, so you need this trimurti certificate. Having just two certificates will not do; you need to have all three. Some of you think that you are content with yourself and content with the Father and that this should be sufficient, but that is not so! When the Father is content with you and you are content with yourself, it is impossible that the family would not be content with you. In order to make the family content with you, you must just pay attention to one small thing. “Give regard and receive regard”. Continue to play this record day and night! Let the record of giving regard continue to play. No matter what someone is like, you have to be a bestower and continue to give. Whether someone gives anything in return or not, you must simply continue to give - become altruistic in this. “I gave this much but that one gave nothing in return. I gave something a hundred times and the other one didn’t give anything even once.” Remain altruistic in this, and if not today, then, tomorrow the family will automatically be content with you. Your account of charity will continue to accumulate and you will then definitely receive the fruit of whatever you have accumulated. What do you need in order to be liked by the Father? The Father is very innocent. Whoever the Father looks at, each one is the best of all! No one who is not good is visible to Baba. Each Pandava and each Shakti is ahead of the next. Therefore, in order to be liked by the Father, remember “The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.” No matter what you are, your truthfulness and honesty will win the Father. What do you need in order to be liked by yourself? Do not follow the dictates of your own mind. For something to be to your liking is different. The easy way to like yourself is to stay within the line of shrimat. Let whatever thoughts you have also be within the line of shrimat. Let whatever you say and whatever you do be within the line of shrimat too. You will then be constantly content with yourself and also be able to make others content. Not even a tiny fingernail of thought should be outside the line of shrimat.

BapDada knows how much love you have and how much determination you have in your thoughts. It is just that you become a little delicate now and then. When you become delicate, you play games and make mischief. Love is the ticket which enables you to reach others. If you had no love, how would you then arrive here without a ticket? This ticket makes you into a resident of Madhuban. It makes you an instrument to do service everywhere. BapDada has already thanked you. You have fulfilled the promise that you made here and there will continue to be expansion. You have already carried out the establishment. When there is a balance between self-progress and progress in service, there will be constant progress.

Baba also saw the speciality of those who have been independent for a long time, who are now conducting themselves as part of a gathering. This is also very good transformation. You were living independently and are now living with four to six others and are able to harmonise your sanskars with them; this is a return of love. For Pandava Bhavan and Shakti Bhavan to be successful is also a speciality. BapDada is happy to see this return. You have also given a return by being economical and belonging to One. To use half your income for the livelihood of your body and the other half for service is also a good invention you have created. So, you are carrying out a double task. Whatever you earn, you use it for your body or for service.

You earn money and use it, but you don’t accumulate anything in your bank balance for here - you accumulate it for the future. Your intellects are free, are they not? You receive them and use them for service – you are carefree emperors. There is the race of both the Shaktis and Pandavas. As soon as your flames are ignited, you go and ignite the flames of others. You have kept a very good aim. In Bharat, they make effort to make hands emerge, whereas abroad you easily find ready-made hands. This too is a blessing. This gift is the lift that those who come late receive. Those living here take time to cut their bondages, whereas your bondages are already cut. So, this is a lift, is it not? Simply make sure there are no bondages of your own mind. Achcha.
May you become worthy of respect and worthy of worship by remaining constantly stable in your self-respect and give regard to everyone with your stage of humility.  
The Father’s praise is your self-respect. Remain stable in your self-respect and you will become humble, and you will then automatically continue to receive respect from everyone. You cannot receive respect by asking for it. However, by giving regard, by remaining stable in your stage of self-respect and by renouncing any desire for respect, you attain the fortune of being worthy of everyone’s respect and worthy of worship. This is because to give regard is not a form of giving, but of receiving.
As well as being jananhar (one who knows everything), also be karanhar (one who does everything) and continue to distribute the holy offering of experience to powerless souls.