Sunday, April 3, 2016

Murli 03 April 2016

03/04/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 29/03/81

“The essence of knowledge is “I and my Baba”
In order to make all of you children complete, BapDada gives you different points every day. The essence of all the points is to merge everything into its essence and become the point. Do you constantly practise this? Whilst doing everything, do you remain aware that you are a point of light and that you do everything through your physical organs? Have you put this first lesson into practice? This is the beginning and you have to stabilise yourself in this form at the end too. Knowledge is of a second, and so are you able to become an embodiment of this knowledge which is of a second? Do you practise merging the expansion into its essence in a second? Just as it is easy to become a form of the expansion, similarly, do you experience it to be just as easy to become an embodiment of the essence? To stabilise yourself first of all in the form of the essence, and then go into expansion - you do not forget this aspect, do you? By remaining stable in your form of the essence before you start to expand on it, you will not be attracted by any other type of expansion. By practising this whilst seeing, hearing and speaking of the expansion, you will feel as though you are just playing a game. Constantly practise this. This is known as easy remembrance.

In everything you do in your life, both in knowledge and on the path of ignorance, two words are very useful. What are those two words? “I” and “mine”. The essence of knowledge is merged in these two words. “I” am a point of light, an elevated soul. I am a Brahma Kumar or Kumari. “Mine” is one Baba and none other. Everything is included in “My Baba”. When you say “My Baba”, your inheritance is included in that. You remember the lesson of these two words, “I” and “mine”, very firmly, do you not? When you say, “My Baba”, many types of “mine” are merged within that. So, is it easy or difficult to remain aware of these two words? You used to say these two words previously and you do now, too, but there is so much difference. Is it possible that you can forget your first lesson of “I” and “mine”? Even a small child can remember this. You are knowledge-full, are you not? Is it possible for someone who is knowledge-full not to remember these two words? By remembering these two words, you can conquer Maya, you can become free from obstacles and you can become a master almighty authority. However, when you forget these two words, Maya comes to you in a thousand forms. Today, she will come in one form. Tomorrow, she will come in another form. This is because, when you belong to Maya, the consciousness of “mine” is very long and complicated. However, when you say, “My Baba”, there is just the One. The thousand forms of Maya finish in front of the One. Have you become a conqueror of Maya in this way? Why are you taking so long to divorce Maya? It is just a matter of a second, so why do you take a year? If you simply let go, you can become free. Simply say, “My Baba”, and stay absorbed in that remembrance. Time and time again, the Father has to teach you this same lesson! You teach this lesson to others and yet you forget it yourself! You tell others “Remember this, remember this”, so why do you then forget it yourself? What date will you fix for not forgetting? Will it be the same date for everyone or can there be different dates? Can it be the same date for all of you sitting here? Talking about it would then end. You may relate good news, but do not talk about problems. When you open a fair or an exhibition, you cut a string of flowers with scissors. So, what will you do from today? You yourself will keep hold of a pair of scissors. Only when those two blades come together can the string be cut. Therefore, now all of you relate the good news that the bondage of the problems from Maya has ended by being cut with the two blades of knowledge and yoga. Today is the day to cut the bondage of those problems. This is a matter of a second, is it not? Are you ready? Those of you who think that you will cut this bondage after careful consideration, raise your hands! All of you double foreigners will then come in the list of intense effort-makers. On just hearing this, everyone’s face has changed. So, what will happen when you become like this for all time? All of you will appear as angels of the subtle region. The confluence age will then become the age of angels. The deities will then emerge from these angels. Even the deities are waiting for the angels. The deities have to wait to see whether the stage that is worthy for them to come out has been created yet. It is in the final moment that the angels and the deities come together. The deities are waiting with wedding garlands to wed you angels. Your deity status is waiting to wed you angels. Deities can only enter perfect bodies. Therefore, they have to wait for you to become sixteen celestial degrees full, in order for them to garland you with the wedding garland. How many degrees have you attained so far? The scene in the subtle region of the meeting between the perfect angels and the deities is a very beautiful scene. While you are still in your effort-making form, and not your angelic form, the deities observe you from a distance. Because you are not yet complete, then, although they do come close to you, according to the time, you are still deprived of a meeting. You have to fix the date for wearing your wedding garland. When will this date be? When you fix the date, you will then imbibe the qualifications according to your aim. That date is today! The date has to be close, because you need to have the stage of being continuously free from obstacles over a long period of time, for only then will you be able to rule your obstacle-free kingdom for a long period of time. You have now become knowledge-full of all problems and of how to solve them. Whatever you ask others about, on the basis of knowledge, you understand what it should be like. Therefore, why don’t you make a move to end your problems in a second with your light and might of knowledge, instead of making someone else waste time making effort and also wasting your own time? It is just that Maya casts such a shadow on you from a distance that she makes you weak. Correct your connection at that very moment. By correcting your connection, you automatically become a master almighty authority.

Maya makes your connection weak. Therefore, you have to take very good care of it. You can understand that it is because your connection has become loose somewhere that you have become weak. Stop thinking about what happened or why it happened. Instead of asking questions, rectify your connection and everything will be resolved. You may take time to receive co-operation. You may look for co-operation to create an atmosphere and vibrations of yoga, but do not look for someone to speak to about wasteful things or to expand on anything. It is one thing to have positive thoughts for others, but something else to think about others. The main cause of all problems is a loose connection. This is the one and only thing. To think that it isn’t your part in the drama, or that you didn’t receive co-operation, or that you weren’t given a position, is all useless thinking. When you first correct your connection, you will receive everything. You will be surrounded by all the powers you need. You will not even have time to go anywhere. Just go and sit in front of BapDada and BapDada will help you to forge your connection. Even if you don’t experience anything for one or two seconds, don’t become confused. It will take a few seconds or a minute to re-forge your connection if it is broken even slightly, so do not lose courage. Instead of allowing your foundation of faith to shake, you must make it even stronger. Strengthen the foundation of your faith with the awareness of “I am Baba’s and Baba is mine”. You can bind the Father in this bond of your faith. Not even the Father will then be able to leave you. It is at this time that you children are given such authority. Therefore, use your authority and knowledge. Use the family’s help. Neither go in front of Baba with complaints, nor ask Baba for help. Set your programme. Do not become weak by thinking “What can I do? How can I do this?” and then go to Baba. Do not be afraid, but go to Baba with the support of your relationship and His help. Do you understand? Change your sanskar of going up and down the ladder at every second. BapDada has seen that you double foreigners come down the ladder very quickly and you also climb up the ladder just as quickly. You can dance very well, but you can also perform a very good dance of fear. You must now transform this. You have become master knowledge-full, so why do you still perform that dance?

You are progressing and becoming elevated through your lift of honesty and cleanliness. This speciality of yours is number one. BapDada is happy to see this speciality. However, you now have to stop the dance of fear and you can then go very fast and claim a number ahead for yourself. Everyone here clearly understands that those who have come last are going fast and will come first. You may dance this dance of happiness. However, when you let go of the Father’s hand, He doesn’t like it and it even makes Him wonder where you are going to wander off to. For as long as you hold the Father’s hand, there is no question of performing any dance of fear. It is only when you hold Maya’s hand that you perform that dance. The Father has so much love for you that He can’t bear to see you going off with anyone else! The Father knows that before you came to the Father you had been wandering around so much and were distressed. Therefore, how could He allow you to become confused now? When Baba was in the sakar form, you saw how, when someone would go off somewhere, Baba would call “Come child! Come child!” Whenever Maya shows you her form, remember these words.

In order to make your remembrance at amrit vela powerful, first of all make your form powerful. Whether you sit in the form of a point or in the form of an angel, the main thing is that you don’t change your own form, and simply try to see the Father in that form. No matter whether you try to see the Father in His form of a point or that of an angel, until you yourself have become that form, you cannot celebrate a meeting with Him. It is similar to when devotees look at the deity idols in their deity form and only regard themselves as ordinary. At that time, although the atmosphere is one of happiness, that impact only lasts for a short time; there isn’t that experience. Therefore, first of all practise changing your own form. You will then experience a very powerful stage.

BapDada meeting the Dadis: You are very happy to see all the variety, are you not? Even so, they have good courage. It is their courage to transform everything of theirs and to make others belong to them. They have transformed so much that they all feel that they belong to this family. This is their special part in the drama. They continue to make progress with this feeling of belonging. There is great pleasure in seeing each one. First, there was just the one tree of the various woods of Bharat. Now, they have come from all corners of the world, with their different sanskars, different languages and different food, and have all become part of the same tree. This too is a wonder! It is so wonderful how all were one, are one and will be one! You experience this, do you not? You also especially experience receiving everyone’s love.

BapDada meeting the Pandavas: Are all of you great donors? To give happiness to someone is the greatest act of charity and service. Pandavas are those who are constantly stable, unshakeable, united and economical. All of you Pandavas are those who are worthy of being praised and worthy of being worshipped. Even now, you are worthy of being worshipped by devotees. It is just that you are not visible. (Pandavas are usually worshipped in the form of Ganesh or Hanuman.) No, there are other deities too. Ganesh was the one who could hide everything in his stomach. Hanuman was the one who set the devilish sanskars on fire with his tail. Even his tail was used for service. It was not a tail (poonch) of asking (puchna) questions. You Pandavas have the speciality of digesting a bad situation. You don’t spread gossip! All of you are constantly content, are you not? The Father of the Pandavas and the Pandavas are constantly combined. The Father of the Pandavas can do nothing without the Pandavas. Just as there are Shiv Shaktis, so the Father of the Pandavas also was put at the front. So, do you constantly remember your combined form? You don’t sometimes feel lonely, do you? You don’t feel that you need a friend, do you? You don’t ever feel “Who should I talk to? Who can I tell this to?”, do you? Those who constantly stay in the combined form experience the physical form of BapDada with them in all relationships. The more love you have, the quicker the Father becomes present in front of you. Don’t wonder how you can talk to Him because He is incorporeal or subtle. Even when you want to talk to someone about something that does take time, because you have to look for that other person. Here, there is no need to look for Him nor is there any question of time. Wherever you are, whenever you call Him, He becomes present. This is why it is said: The Lord is present. Do you experience this? Now, day by day, you will see how you experience it in a practical form: Today, BapDada came in front of me and held my hand - not with the intellect, but you will see it with your eyes. You will experience this in a practical way. However, in order for you to achieve this, you need to make the simple lesson of belonging to the one Father and none other very firm. BapDada won’t then be able to move away from your eyes, but will constantly move around you like a shadow.

You don’t sometimes experience limited disinterest, do you? There has to be unlimited disinterest. All of you have taken on the responsibility of serving the yagya. Let it now be seen in a practical form that you are all united and that the work you do is the same. You now have to be prepared to play a certain record. What record is that? It is not a recording of words; it is the record of giving regard to one another. This record of giving and receiving regard will then be played everywhere. Give regard and receive regard. Give regard to the young as well as the elderly. Let this record of giving regard now be played. This record now needs to be played everywhere.

Your plans for self-progress and progress for the world should be made together. Churn the importance of the divine virtues. Why is it a problem to try and imbibe the virtues individually, one at a time? Put an end to that problem by imbibing all the virtues and spread the fragrance of them everywhere, so that everyone can experience them. Do you understand?
May you be courageous and experience your destination to be close on the basis of “one strength and one support”.   
Before you reach a high destination, there will be hurricanes and storms along the way. Before a steamer can go across, it has to go through the middle of nowhere. Therefore, do not be afraid; do not get tired or stop. Keep your Companion with you and every difficulty will then become easy. Be courageous and become worthy of receiving help from the Father. “One strength and one support”. Constantly make this lesson firm and you will easily be able to go across and experience your destination to be close.
A world benefactor is one who has good wishes for matter as well as for all souls.