Friday, April 1, 2016

Murli 01 April 2016

01/04/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, this is your wonderful university in which the Father, the One who rectifies that which has gone wrong, the Innocent Lord, comes as the Teacher to teach us.   
What aim do you children give everyone at this time of settlement?
O souls now become pure! No one can return home without having become pure. In order for them to become free from the disease that everyone has had for half the cycle, you make them sit in a furnace for seven days. Only when they remain distant from impure company, and they do not remember anyone else, can their intellects imbibe knowledge.
You wasted the night in sleeping and the day in eating.  
Om Shanti
Who said this to the children? Since you are sitting in a school, it must definitely have been the Teacher who said this. The question arises whether the Teacher said this, the Father said this or the Satguru said this. Who spoke these versions? First of all, it should enter children’s intellects that He is our unlimited Father and that He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Therefore, the Father said it, the Teacher said it and the Satguru also said it. This is in the intellects of those of you who are students. A teacher who teaches in other colleges and universities is not called a father or guru. This too is a place of study which you can call a university or a college. It is still a study. First of all, you have to understand who is teaching you in this school. You children know that the incorporeal One, who is the Father of all souls, the Bestower of Salvation for All, is teaching us. This whole creation is the property of that one Creator. Therefore, He Himself sits here and tells you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. You children have taken birth to the Father. Your intellects understand that He is the Father of all souls and that He is also called the Ocean of Knowledge and the knowledge-full One. The Ocean of Knowledge is the Purifier. It is only through knowledge that there can be salvation. Human beings become pure from impure. You children are now sitting here. In no other school would it enter their intellects that the Ocean of Knowledge, the incorporeal One, is teaching them; it is only here that you know this. This is explained to only you. Throughout the whole world in general, and Bharat in particular, no one would understand that the incorporeal Supreme Soul is teaching them. It is only human teachers who teach them. They don’t even have the knowledge that they are souls. It is the soul that studies. It is the soul that does everything. The soul does such-and-such a job through the organs. They are aware that they are So-and-so; they very quickly remember their names and forms. “I am doing this” or “I am doing that.” They only remember the name of the body. However, that is wrong! First, we are souls and then we adopt bodies. The name of the body continues to change, but the name of the soul doesn’t. The soul’s name is only one. The Father has said: I, the soul, only have the one name, Shiva. The whole world knows this. All of those other names are given to the body. Shiv Baba is only called Shiva. That’s all! He doesn’t have a visible body. Names are given to human beings: I am So-and-so. Such-and-such a teacher is teaching me; you would mention the name. In fact, a soul carries out the work of a teacher through a body and teaches another soul. The sanskars are in the soul. A soul teaches through the organs and plays his part according to his sanskars. However, everything functions on the basis of the names given to the bodies. Here, you children know that the incorporeal Father is teaching you. Where did your intellects go? I, the soul, now belong to that Father. The soul understands that the incorporeal Father comes and teaches you through the corporeal form. His name is Shiva. People also celebrate the birthday of Shiva. Shiva is the unlimited Father. Therefore, He alone is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul; He is the Father of all souls. How do they celebrate His birthday? Does the soul enter a body or enter a womb? No one knows that the soul comes from up above. Christ is called the founder of a religion. His soul first of all has to come from up above. A satopradhan soul comes down; he has not performed any sinful actions. A soul is at first satopradhan and then, as he goes through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo, he performs sinful actions. Because a soul is at first satopradhan when he comes down, he cannot experience any sorrow. It is only when that soul has been down for half his time that he then begins to perform sinful actions. There truly was the sun-dynasty kingdom 5000 years ago. All other religions came into existence later. The people of Bharat were the masters of the world. Bharat is called the imperishable land. There were no other lands. Shiv Baba is the One who rectifies everything that has gone wrong. Shiva, not Shankar, is called the Innocent Lord. Shiva, the Innocent Lord, is the One who rectifies everything that has gone wrong. Shiva and Shankar are not the same; they are different. There is no praise of Brahma, Vishnu or Shankar. There is only the praise of Shiva for putting right everything that has gone wrong. He says: I enter an ordinary old body. This one has completed his 84 births and the play is now to end. This old costume and these old relationships are all to be destroyed. Now, whom should you remember? You don’t remember things that are to be destroyed. When a new house is being built, the heart is removed from the old house. This is an unlimited aspect. Everyone receives salvation, that is, everyone is liberated from the kingdom of Ravan. Ravan has spoilt everyone. Bharat is absolutely poverty-stricken and corrupt. People refer to corruption as corruption and adulteration and as stealing and cheating. However, the Father says: The first form of corruption is to become impure. Because bodies are created through vice, this is called the vicious world. The golden age is called the viceless world. We were deities of the family path in the golden age. When they ask how children can be born if people remain pure and don’t indulge in vice, tell them that you are establishing your kingdom, not with physical power, but with the power of yoga. Therefore, since that is the viceless world where there are pure households, can children not be born through the power of yoga? As the king and queen are completely viceless, so too are the subjects. Here, all are completely vicious. There are no vices in the golden age. That is called the Godly kingdom. It is established by God, the Father. It is now the kingdom of Ravan. Shiv Baba, who established heaven, is worshipped. Ravan, who created hell, is burnt. No one knows when the copper age began. This is also something to be understood. This is the tamopradhan, devilish world. That is the divine world. That is called heaven, the pure divine world. This is hell, the impure world. Only those who study every day will understand these things. Many say that there isn’t a school at this place (Madhuban). Oh! But this is the head office! You can come here and take directions. It is not a big thing. The world cycle is explained in a second. The golden and silver ages have passed, and the copper and iron ages have also now passed. It is now the confluence age. You have to study to go to the new world. Everyone has a right to study. “Baba, I am doing this job.” Achcha, just come and take this knowledge for one week and then go back and you will continue to receive murlis. First, you definitely have to stay in a furnace for seven days. Even though they come for seven days, not everyone’s intellect remains the same. To stay in a furnace for seven days means that you mustn’t remember anyone during that time. There shouldn’t even be any correspondence with anyone. Not everyone can understand to the same extent. Here, the impure have to become pure. This too is a disease; human beings have been diseased for half the cycle. They have to be made to sit separately. They should have no company at all. If they went outside, they would eat impure things and food cooked by impure beings. In the golden age, they were pure deities. Look how people build special temples to them! Impure ones cannot touch the deity idols. At this time, human beings are completely impure and corrupt. Their bodies are created through poison and this is why they are called corrupt. Even the bodies of sannyasis have been created through poison. The Father says: First, the soul has to become pure. Then the body also has to be pure. This is why all the old impure bodies will be destroyed; everyone has to return home. This is the time of settlement; everyone has to become pure and return home. It is only in Bharat that people have the festival of Holika. Here, the bodies of five elements are tamopradhan. In the golden age, the bodies are satopradhan. There is the picture of Shri Krishna. Hell has to be kicked away because you have to go to the golden age. When a corpse is being taken to the cremation ground, the face is at first towards the city and the feet towards the crematorium. However, when they enter the crematorium, they turn the corpse around. You are now going to heaven and your faces are therefore towards that. Your faces are towards the land of silence and the land of happiness, and your feet are towards the land of sorrow. That is a matter of a corpse, whereas here you have to make effort. While remembering the sweet home, you souls will go to the sweet home; this is something for your intellects to practise. The Father sits here and tells you all the secrets. You souls know that you now have to return home. This is an old costume and an old world. To say that the play has come to an end means that you have played your parts of 84 births. It has also been explained that not everyone takes 84 births. Those who come later, in other religions, definitely take fewer births. Buddhists have fewer births than those of Islam. Christians take even fewer births. Sikhs believe in Guru Nanak; they have only just come. It is only 500 years since Guru Nanak. Therefore, they wouldn’t take 84 births. This can be calculated. Since there are so many births in 5000 years, there must be this many births in 500 years: perhaps 12 to 13 births. It is 2000 years since Christ. Therefore, how many births would souls have taken in that time? It would be less than half the number of births. This is the calculation. Some may take so many births and others a different number, but you can’t tell accurately how many births. You mustn’t waste too much time debating these things. Your duty is to remember the Father. Don’t use your intellects in wasteful matters. Have yoga with the Father and understand the cycle, because it is only by having remembrance that your sins will be absolved. This requires effort. This is why people speak of the ancient yoga of Bharat. Only the Father teaches this. There is no question of yoga in the golden and silver ages. Hatha yoga then begins on the path of devotion. This is easy Raja Yoga. The Father says: You will become pure by remembering Me. The main thing is remembrance. Don’t commit any sin. Temples are built to deities because they are pure. The priests who look after the temples are impure. They bathe the idols of the pure deities. In fact, even the hands of impure ones must not touch them. All of those things are the customs and systems of the path of devotion. We are now becoming pure. When we have become pure we will become deities. There is no need for worship etc. there. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation for All. Only He is called the Innocent Lord. I enter the impure world in an impure body in the old kingdom of Ravan. Yes, He can enter anyone’s body and speak the murli. That doesn’t mean that He is omnipresent. Each one has his own soul. In the form they fill in, there is the question: Who is the Father of your soul? However, they don’t understand this. There is only one Father of all souls. We are all brothers and there is the one Father. We receive our inheritance of liberation-in-life from Him. He is the Liberator and the Guide. He will take all souls back to the sweet home. This is why the old world is to be destroyed. People celebrate the festival of Holika. All the bodies will be destroyed and all the souls will return home. Then, in the golden age, there will be very few people. You have to understand who is carrying out establishment of the golden age and who carries out destruction of the iron age. This is clearly written. It is said: When you give love, you receive love. The Father says: Those who do a lot of service to change humans into deities for Me are the ones who are loved the most. Those who make effort will receive a high status. You souls are to receive an inheritance from the Father, the Supreme Soul. You have to become soul conscious. Some make many mistakes and their old habits become very firm. No matter how much you explain, they don’t break those habits. They reduce their own status through that. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Don’t waste your time debating anything. Your intellect should not be used for wasteful matters. Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance for as long as possible and have your sins absolved. Instil the habit of remaining soul conscious.
2. Turn your face away from this old world. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. A new home is being built. Therefore, remove your heart from the old one.
May you be a conqueror of Maya who practises solitude and introversion and thereby make the self, complete and perfect.  
Together with being knowledge-full also be powerful, that is, an image of experience. Stay in solitude and be introverted. The reason for fluctuation is a lack of experience. Therefore, do not be one who just understands, explains or churns, but one who stays in solitude and becomes experienced in every point and you will be saved from any type of deceit, sorrow or conflict. Once you have experienced the first lesson of “Whose child am I?” and “What have I attained?” you will easily become a conqueror of Maya.
Only those who remain double light while looking after a responsibility are the jewels who are close to the Father.