Saturday, November 21, 2015

Murli 22 November 2015

22/11/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 07/03/81

“Become a magnet who is an embodiment of peace and spread rays of peace everywhere”
Today, the Holiest Father has come to celebrate a meeting with you holy swans. Only you most elevated souls can experience this lovely and unique meeting; and it is only at this time that you can experience it. The Father has come in response to the love of you children. You children have shown your response of love by all coming together and co-operating in service. BapDada is very pleased to see this gathering of love. You accomplished your task smoothly by overcoming with love obstacles of your nature and of the iron-aged devilish community. In return for this co-operation and love, BapDada is showering you children with flowers of congratulations; congratulations for having the love of considering the Father’s task to be your own and achieving success in that. However, you have only just begun the first task of the power of the gathering. What you did just now was just a sample. Now, your creation has to grow and make you into instruments for the unlimited task. You experienced how, with the power of everyone in the gathering, all the different obstacles easily vanished. All of you had the elevated thought that success is your birthright and thereby made the task successful. BapDada is pleased to see the children’s zeal, enthusiasm, hard work and love.

What special lesson did you learn from this gathering? Do you know this? Any task you accomplish teaches you a lesson for the future. So, what lesson did you learn from this? (Tolerance.) You now have to imbibe this lesson even more firmly. This task taught you a practical lesson for the future in how to remain constantly double light and constantly ever ready. Those who are double light will easily be able to make themselves embodiments of success in everything they do. They will easily be able to conduct themselves according to the time and the circumstances. In their minds, they will be able to remain constantly lost in love.

Today, Baba has come just to congratulate you children for all your hard work. Now, continue to perform even greater tasks and continue to make progress. BapDada can see all the tasks much more clearly than you can. By using your physical facilities, sometimes you can go somewhere and sometimes you can’t. How long does it take BapDada to go anywhere? It is said: “We (the first generation) saw what you (those who came later) didn’t see. The Father’s love massages your feet. Those from Delhi became the instruments, but all of you children from everywhere, each of you Brahmin souls, came onto the field of service to help and gave your finger to lift the mountain of service, BapDada is massaging your feet with love and remembrance and constantly keeping you under the canopy of His constant company. You are not tired, are you? You are called ‘foreigners’ just in name. All of you, in fact, belong to this original land. Tirelessly and with much love, you also successfully accomplished the task of awakening Kumbhakarna. This is why BapDada is giving all of you the title, “number one”. Did all of you foreigners hear this? The day will come when a similar huge task will also be undertaken abroad. All of you are dancing in happiness.

A special memorial is created of this sweet meeting today. BapDada also loves this unlimited mela very much. BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to all you children who have made a lot of effort with love to come and who have arrived here from faraway places. Love brings anything at a distance closer. Because of the bond of your love and the co-operation of your love, those of you who live the furthest away in Bharat are experiencing yourselves to be close. This is why BapDada is giving special love to you children of Bharat who live far away. You are very innocent and very loving. This is why the special vision of love of the Father, the Innocent Lord, is on you children. All of you consider yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate, do you not? Achcha.

What do you have to do this coming year? Whatever you have done so far has been very good, but what do you have to do in the future? At present, for the majority of souls in the world their greatest need is for true peace. Day by day, there are more and more reasons why peacelessness is increasing and will continue to increase. Even if you yourself are not peaceless, the peaceless atmosphere and those vibrations of others will pull you towards them. The peacelessness in their walking, living, eating and everything they do will not allow you to stay in your peaceful stage; that is, you souls will be influenced by the peacelessness of other souls. Your experience of the tension of peacelessness will increase. What service do you children of the Ocean of Peace have to do at such a time? Where a fire is raging, the hot area around is cooled with cold water. In the same way, the special form of being a master ocean of peace should emerge in all of you. Now, with the thoughts of your mind and with your stage of an embodiment of peace, spread rays of peace everywhere. Create such a powerful form that peaceless souls experience all of you as being the few souls in a corner of the whole world who are master oceans of peace, who can donate peace. When there is darkness everywhere and there is a light in one corner, everyone’s attention is automatically drawn to that. In the same way, everyone should be attracted by you and feel that, amidst all the peacelessness everywhere, it is only from you that they can attain peace. Become such magnets, who are embodiments of peace that peaceless souls from far away are attracted to you. With your eyes, bless them with the blessing of peace. With your lips, remind them that they are embodiments of peace. With your thoughts, merge all their peaceless thoughts and spread vibrations of peace. With the special method of remembrance, achieve success for this special task.

This year, let the form of yours that your devotees remember –that of a bestower of peace - especially emerge. Practise this and see to what extent the vibrations of your being an embodiment of peace have an effect. Do your peaceful vibrations reach souls who are just close to you, or do they also reach those who are far away? Experiment with your vibrations of peace on peaceless souls. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha. We shall continue to meet.

To all those who are constantly loving, to those who are constantly co-operative in every task, to those who because of their love have stopped labouring, to those who are tireless and who constantly remain under BapDada’s canopy of protection, to those who are constant conquerors of obstacles, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Personal meeting with brothers and sisters from Orissa and Karnataka.

1. All of you children have such great fortune that the Father, Himself, has come to meet you. Remain constantly cheerful by remembering your fortune that Baba has come here for you. “I have brought God here!” What more do you need, if you have tied God to you with your love? When you maintain such intoxication, Maya will run away. All of you have divorced Maya, have you not? To divorce Maya means that she should not even enter your thoughts. To finish her even in your thoughts means to divorce her. So, you have divorced her. All of you are the luckiest in that the Father from far, far away has found all of you. Therefore, always consider yourselves to be His long-lost and now-found children.

2. In order to make your stage angelic, consider yourself to be constantly under the canopy of the Father’s protection. Do all of you constantly consider yourselves to be under the canopy of the Father’s remembrance? The more you stay in remembrance, the more you will experience that you are not alone, but that BapDada is always with you. When any problem comes in front of you, you will experience yourself to be combined and therefore not be afraid. When you have the awareness of your combined form, any difficult task becomes easy. When such a situation occurs, then, because the Father is great and you are a small child, remember BapDada and give all your burdens to the Father, and you will become light. Burdens are always given to the elders. Once you have given all your burdens to the Father, you will experience yourself to be constantly happy and will continue to dance around like an angel. You will dance in your mind for twenty- four hours, day and night. To be body conscious means to be a human being. To be soul conscious means to be an angel. Every morning, when you wake up, remain in the awareness of your angelic stage and continue to dance in happiness. Then, when any situation comes up, you will be able to master it with happiness. The deities have been portrayed dancing on devils. Similarly, by staying in your angelic stage, you will be able to dance in happiness when any devilish matter comes in front of you. You will then become angels and go to the world of angels. The world of angels will constantly be in your awareness.

3. The way to liberate yourselves from performing any sinful act is to have the stage of a lighthouse. Do all of you consider yourselves to be light-and-might-houses? No sinful actions can be committed where there is light. When you are constantly a lighthouse, Maya cannot make you perform any sinful actions. You will constantly be a charitable soul. Do you consider yourself to be a charitable soul in this way? A charitable soul is unable to do anything sinful, even in his thoughts. Sin is committed when there is no remembrance of the Father. If the Father is there, there is no sin. When there is sin, the Father is not there. So who is constantly there? All your sins have now finished, have they not? Since you are the children of the Charitable Soul, all your sins have finished. So, from today, have the determination to remember that you are a charitable soul and that no sin can therefore come in front of you. Those of you who think that from today, you will not allow any sin to enter your thoughts or your dreams, raise your hands! With the matchstick of this determination, burn all sinful acts for 21 births. BapDada congratulates you children for being so courageous. This too is such a great fortune: that the Father Himself congratulates you children. Remain constantly happy in this awareness and make everyone else happy.

4. Be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and claim self-sovereignty and world sovereignty. Do you keep in your awareness all the titles you have been given by BapDada at the confluence age? The first title BapDada gave you was “swadarshanchakradhari”. Does the title you have been given by BapDada stay in your awareness? The more you become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation, the more you will become a conqueror Maya. So, do you constantly spin the discus of self-realisation? Whilst spinning the discus of self-realisation (swa-darshan), do you sometimes spin the discus of looking at others (par darshan)? Those who spin the discus of self-realisation claim a right to self-sovereignty and world sovereignty of the world. Have you become a master of the self? Those who have become masters of the self at this time will become sovereigns of the world in the future. In order to claim a right to the kingdom, you need controlling power. When you are able to make your physical organs do whatever you want, you are called one who has all rights. Do you have such controlling power? Do your eyes or your lips sometimes deceive you? When you have controlling power, none of your physical organs can deceive you, even in your thoughts.

5. The seat of a detached observer is the seat of honour (shaan). Those who remain seated on this seat become free from any form of distress (pareshaan).

Whatever happens in the drama is filled with benefit. By remaining constantly aware of this, you will continue to accumulate an income for yourself. Sensible children will always remember that whatever happens is beneficial. Sensible children will never have such questions as “Why?” or “What?” By remaining aware that the confluence age is benevolent and that the Father too is benevolent, your stage will continue to become elevated. Even if there seems to be an external loss, let there be the faith that benefit is merged in that loss. Since you are holding the Father’s hand and are in His company, there can be no loss. You will now have many tests, so do not have any questions of “Why?” or “What?”. No matter what happens, let it happen. Since you belong to the Father and the Father belongs to you, no one can do anything to you. This is known as having an intellect filled with faith. Faith is when the situation changes, but you don’t change. Maya never distresses you, does she? You are never distressed by the atmosphere, by members of your family or by Brahmins, are you? Stay seated on your seat of honour. The seat of a detached observer is the seat of honour. Never leave this seat of yours, then all your distress will end. Promise yourself that you will never allow yourself to be distressed or distress others in any situation. Since you have become the children of the knowledge-full Father and are trikaldarshi, how can you be distressed? Let there be no distress even in your thoughts. Now stop using the word “Why?”. There is a long queue behind the word “Why?” (kyu).

At the time of bidding farewell.

Having seen this meeting, are you all content? Whatever happens in the drama is the best of all. This is nothing; many more are now to come. Facilities will continue to grow and your number will continue to increase. It was only because of the huge crowds in Madhuban that the memorials of devotion could be created. The more you create, the more everything increases. You have received this blessing. The memorial of this is in the form of a story. Even though they reached the bottom of the ocean, it was not big enough. Now, at least you should reach the bottom of Abu Road and there can then be that praise. Only when everyone forms a queue from Abu Road to Mount Abu can revelation take place. People will then wonder what is happening. Their attention will be drawn to how far the Brahma Kumaris have reached. At the moment, this is just a mela of you children, but what will happen when all of you children and the devotees become mixed? You still have to make a lot of preparations. For as long as the Father continues to come, the number of children will increase. If there is no expansion, of what use is the service you have done? Service means growth! Achcha.
May you be loving to all and with the power of tolerance attain sweet and imperishable fruit.   
To tolerate does not mean to die, but to live in everyone’s heart with love. However much someone who may be even stronger than Ravan opposes you, and you have to tolerate that not just once but 10 times, even then, the fruit of tolerance is sweet and imperishable. Do not just feel that you have tolerated so much and that the other person should also tolerate a little. Do not have a desire for any temporary fruit. Have feelings of mercy; this is what it means to have the intention to serve. Those who have the intention to serve can accommodate everyone’s weaknesses and do not oppose them.
Forget what has passed. Learn the lessons of the past and be careful in the future.