Saturday, November 14, 2015

Murli 15 November 2015

15/11/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 20/01/81

“Those who have all rights over their minds, intellects and sanskaras

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Blessings and the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His children who are great donors and bestowers of blessings. At present, all of you are playing your parts of great donors, according to your capacity. However, as the end of the final period is now coming close, it is especially now that you have to play your parts of bestowers of blessings in a practical way. You great donors especially serve through your words, but the percentage of you who serve through your minds simultaneously is a little less. Your percentage of serving through words would be higher than your percentage of serving through your minds. As bestowers of blessings, your percentage of serving through your minds is higher than serving through words. Serving through your mind means that with your good wishes and pure feelings you can see the practical fruit of greater service in a shorter time.

In order to serve as a bestower of blessings, you first of all need to have pure thoughts for yourself. You also especially need to practise controlling all your thoughts in a second. Throughout the day, float along in the waves of the ocean of pure thoughts and go to the bottom of the ocean of pure thoughts, and become an embodiment of silence when you want. This means that your brake needs to be fully powerful. You need to be able to control the power of your mind. And, as well as this power, the other two powers of the soul, your intellect and your sanskaras - all three powers need to be under the control of you, the soul. If you have less of a right over even one of your three powers, you are not able to do as much service as you could as an embodiment of a bestower of blessings.

This year, just as you have created the great task of the great yagya (sacrificial fire), you also have to play the special part of a great donor for this great yagya. You also have to sacrifice into this great yagya any weakness that stops you from having all rights over the three powers of the soul. The task you have to carry out is an unlimited task. In order to carry out this unlimited task, you need to have positive thoughts for yourself and good wishes for others. Be a master bestower of all powers and with your elevated thoughts be a master bestower of blessings, go to the bottom of the ocean and become an extremely sweet and peaceful light-and-might-house. This is the form through which you should serve.

Just as you come onto the stage of service and use your physical facilities, you also need to experience your form of silence to the same extent, and in this way become an embodiment of success. You have created very good facilities for service. You are making this yagya even greater for unlimited service, so you also have to make this great yagya of the gathering into a shanti kund (vessel of silence) with great intensity. The sacrificial fire for service means to plough the field of serving souls of the world with words. When a field is ploughed, the earth is turned over. Only after you have ploughed the field do you sow the seeds. You can water those seeds with coolness and with your power of silence and those seeds will then bear fruit. Do not think that just because you have created a great yagya for service, you have now finished the main part of service. You have ploughed the field and sown the seeds. It is this that takes a lot of effort. After doing this, in order to harvest the fruit of the seeds you have sown by serving as a great donor, you also have to serve as a bestower of blessings. To be a bestower of blessings means to keep yourself constantly full of blessings. What was the first blessing you received? As soon as each of you took this divine birth, what was the first blessing you received? A blessing is something for which no effort is required. What blessing did you receive through which you easily have all attainments? Does each one of you have a different blessings or is it the same blessing for all of you? When you relate your blessings, each one of you relates a different blessing. However, all of you have one and the same blessing. It is the blessing that the Father has accepted all of you - without any effort on your part. Without His thinking or considering how weak you souls may be or how much courage you lack, it is this: “Whatever you are, however you are, you are Mine.” Whether you call this a lottery, your fortune or a blessing, it gives you all rights to your inheritance in a second and it is given to you by the Father Himself! Baba switched on your switch of the consciousness of belonging to Him. You never thought that you could ever have such good fortune. However, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, gave you this blessing of such fortune. This blessing gave you in a second all rights to your inheritance for many births. To become a constant embodiment of the consciousness of this blessing means to become a bestower of blessings. The Father gave each of you this same blessing in just a second. Whether you are a young child or an elderly person, whether you have a high position or whether you are just ordinary, whether you are healthy or ill, no matter what religion you belonged to, which country you come from, whether you are educated or uneducated, each of you has been given the same blessing. You are numberwise in putting this blessing into your life and in becoming an embodiment of the consciousness of it. Some of you become an embodiment of this blessing constantly and others are only conscious of it sometimes. Because of this difference, two rosaries are created. The beads of the rosary of those who are constant embodiments of the consciousness of this blessing are constantly turned and remembered. The beads of the rosary of those who only use this blessing sometimes or who are only conscious of this blessing sometimes are also only turned sometimes. The former are the bestowers of blessings, that is, they remain constant embodiments of this first blessing. Those who constantly belong to the Father can also make others constantly belong to the Father. You did not have to make any effort to claim this blessing. The Father Himself adopted you. Just remember this one blessing constantly and you will be freed from having to labour. It is when you forget your blessing that you have to labour. Now, through your form of a bestower of blessings, serve with the power of your mind.

This year, using your own powers and virtues, bring weak souls closer to the Father. At present, the majority of souls have the pure desire to gain spiritual power, because they know that it is only by having spiritual power that they can achieve what no one else can achieve. However, they lack the courage to follow the path of spirituality. The one leg of desire is visible in them. Therefore, you must now use your own power to give them the second leg of courage. Only then will they be able to walk and come close to the Father. At present, they lack the courage to come close. First of all, give them courage and enthusiasm with your own blessings and make them feel that they can also become like you. Only with your co- operation will those weak souls be able to claim a right to blessings. Only when you bestowers of blessings make those lame ones walk will they thank you again and again. Some will become your devotees and others will become your subjects; there will also be those who come last and go fast. So, do you understand what you have to do this year?

Just as you have enthusiastically spread the word far and wide, about your great yagya everywhere, so too, along with the task of this yagya, spread the word with enthusiasm everywhere about the atmosphere and vibrations of the shanti kund (the vessel of silence). Just as you make new pictures and prepare floats, lectures and platforms for this great yagya, now all you Brahmins everywhere also become living pictures and floats as light-and-might houses. Prepare lectures on the power of the mind and the power of silence. Go on to a platform in the karmateet stage and play the parts of bestowers of blessings. Only then will perfection come close. This year, for the task of unlimited service that you are going to do, you have to go on to the stage of service in a collective form with the one slogan of revelation: “One Strength and One Support.” All of you Brahmins have to give your finger of co-operation to accomplish this task. In the same way, this year, with this one thought of all of you, you have to become practical forms of bestowers of blessings and accomplish this unlimited task. Do you understand what you now have to do?

To those who are stable in the stage beyond sound whilst coming into sound, to those who give other souls courage through their own courage, to those who bring other souls close through their own closeness, to those who enable lame souls to run the race, to such great donors and bestowers of blessings, to those souls who are close to BapDada, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadis:

Is time coming closer or are you moving closer to time? Are you bringing time closer or is time pulling you? Is the drama making you move or are you making the drama move? Are you the masters or is the drama your master? Is drama the creator or are you the creator? Many times you say that whatever is in the drama will happen. However, as you progress further, whatever is to happen in the drama will be so clear to you that you will not say that whatever is to happen in the drama will happen. You will speak with authority of what is going to happen in the drama and it will then be seen that only that will happen. Just as your future reward is clear to you, so too, whatever is to happen in the drama will be just as clear. No matter how much someone tells you that something is not fixed in the drama, that you don’t know whether someone will become this or not, would you accept it? No; on the basis of being knowledge-full you have become masters of what is going to happen. You will speak about whatever is to happen tomorrow or after a second with such authority on the basis of being knowledge-full and having the power of clarity about what is definitely going to happen. It is not that you will see whatever happens, but that you have already seen what is to happen and that is what happens. You will develop such authority. This too is an authority. You have to have such authority, the kingdom has to become yours. No matter how much someone tries to shake you, everything will be so clear to you that you will become an authority on every point. However, only if you stay in solitude will this happen. The more you stay in solitude, the better the touchings you will receive. Whatever is to happen in the future will become as clear to you as the present moment. At present, you don’t have so much time. This scene is also hidden behind the curtains of the drama. You will also have this experience. This is why you have been told that, this year, the more upheaval there is in service, the more you should go underground. When anything new and powerful is being invented they stay underground. To stay in solitude means to go underground. Whenever you find a few moments, this is what you should do. You may not even be able to find an hour or half an hour at a stretch to do this, but you will develop the practice of speaking one moment and then, when you have five minutes, going into the depths of the ocean. Anyone who comes in front of you at that time will understand that you are not here, but somewhere else. Their thoughts will then also have a brake applied to them. Even if they want to speak, they will be unable to do so. They will receive a very clear answer in that silence that they might not understand so clearly through words. You saw how sakar Baba experienced being lost somewhere else even in the middle of some activity. Whilst listening to someone, speaking to someone or giving directions, Baba would suddenly go underground. So, there now has to be a wave of this practice. As you move along, let others see you as being totally lost to this world. Let them feel that you are an angel who has gone beyond the bodily world and all consciousness of the body. This is what would be called a vision. Anyone who comes in front of you will have an experience of a vision from this stage. In the beginning, there was a wave of visions and the news about this spread from there. Whether they considered it to be magic or something else, it was this that made the sound. When you have this stage and are able to grant visions in the form of an experience, revelation will take place and your name will be glorified. They will have visions and experience the practical fruit. Revelation will take place in the season of receiving the practical fruit. This is known as being the form of a bestower of blessings. Let anyone who comes here go back with an experience. Whilst talking, you yourself become lost and others also have the same experience. This too will happen. At present you can see things being accomplished through words. However, the stage of experiencing and giving others an experience will enable you to find a solution to a problem in a second. You will take less time and achieve greater success. Nowadays, when you tell anyone anything, what do they say? Yes, we know all about this! They too have become knowledge-full; they reply in a second that they know that. This is what you hear them say. Everyone also understands what correction they would receive for a particular mistake they may make. Therefore, you now need to find a new method. This is that method. There is no lack of points of knowledge but there is a lack of experience. Give anyone the experience of the form of power and the form of silence for a second and they will then become quiet. Achcha.
May you use your unlimited intellect to increase the power of the gathering and become an embodiment of success.   
To increase the power of the gathering is the first elevated task of Brahmin life. For this, when the majority verify a situation, then go with the majority: this is increasing the power of the gathering. Do not show any greatness in this about how very good your idea is. No matter how good it may be, if it splits the gathering, that good idea becomes ordinary. At that time, even if you have to renounce your ideas, there is fortune in that renunciation. In this way you will become an embodiment of success and come into a close relationship.
In order to attain total success, increase the concentration of the mind.