Sunday, November 1, 2015

Murli 01 November 2015

01/11/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 18/01/99

“According to the present time, allow your attitude of unlimited disinterest to emerge
Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, is meeting His extremely loving children. Today is a special day of love. From amrit vela, children everywhere have been moving along with waves of love. The love in each child’s heart has reached the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. In response to the love of you children, BapDada blesses all of you with love and power. BapDada calls today the special day of transformation in the establishment of the yagya. On this day, Father Brahma became the incognito backbone in order to reveal his children in the corporeal form on the world stage. This is why this day is also called the day that the children are revealed. It is called the day of power. It is called the day to give will power. Father Brahma, in an incognito way, is inspiring everything to happen. He is not separated from you, he is with you, but is just doing everything in an incognito way. This avyakt day is for speeding up the children’s task. Even now, he is performing the task of sustaining each and every child by being the canopy of protection. Just as a mother is a canopy of protection for her children, so, from amrit vela, Mother Brahma too has been looking after all the children everywhere. It is you children who are the instruments in the corporeal form, but Mother Brahma, as a bestower of fortune, sees the fortune of every child and continues to sustain you especially with special power, courage, zeal and enthusiasm. Father Shiva is with you anyway, but Brahma has the special part of sustaining you.

Today, in return of the special love you children have, Brahma, the bestower of fortune, as the treasurer (the bhandari) of the treasure-store of blessings, is distributing all blessings. To the extent that you children celebrate a meeting through your avyakt stage, you are easily able to receive whatever blessings you want; it is an open treasure-store of blessings. Today is the elevated day on which you can take whatever blessings you want and as many as you want. You easily receive the gift of blessings as the return of your love. You don’t have to make effort to receive a gift. You receive all attainments easily. You don’t have to ask for a gift, you automatically receive it. To have the experience of blessings in return of your own efforts is a different matter. However, today, Mother Brahma is especially giving you blessings in return for your love. Did each one of you experience yourself receiving all blessings easily today? Even now, you can still receive blessings, as the return of the true love in your heart. The way to attain blessings is to have love in your heart. The love in your heart is a treasure from which you can take all the imperishable blessings that you want from BapDada. Do all of you children have that treasure of love? You have come here because you have the treasure of love. Love has pulled you here. It is easy to love. None of you need to labour in your efforts, because you all souls experience love. Your love used to be distributed– a little to some and a little to others - and is now connected to only One. Previously, you had many different relationships, but you now have all relationships with the One. Therefore, you are easily able to give your total love to just the One. This is why each of you says, “My Baba”. Who do you love? Those who belong to you. All of you say, “My Baba”, do you not? Or, is it Baba of the Dadis? Or Baba of the Maharathis? Baba belongs to everyone. Today, each of you children said from your heart, so many times: My Baba, my Baba. All of you had a heart-to-heart conversation and said, “My Baba”, did you not? What have all of you been doing all day? You offered flowers of love to Baba. The most beautiful flowers of love reached BapDada. The love all of you have is very good. The Father now says: Let the form of your love emerge in a practical way. This is what it means to become equal. All of you have the aim of becoming equal; let the qualities of that now be visible in a practical way. Whichever child people see, meet, or come into connection and relationship with, they should be able to see the virtues of God, the Father and of Father Brahma in the face and form of that child. Let them experience your eyes, your words, your attitude and your vibrations to be unique. Because Madhuban is the place where Father Brahma performed actions and because this place is filled with the vibrations of his tapasya, karma and renunciation, everyone who comes here easily experiences this place to be a unique world. The atmosphere has been made alokik by the vibrations of Father Brahma and the special children. In the same way, wherever you children live, and wherever you work, others should experience the virtues, the deeds and the atmosphere of the elevated attitude of each of you children to be equal to the Father’s. This is what BapDada refers to as becoming equal to the Father (Bap saman). Up to now you have been thinking about becoming equal to the Father, but let that thought now be visible on your face and in your behaviour. Let the sound emerge from the heart of anyone who comes into connection and relationship with you that you souls are equal to the Father. (Every now and then Baba started coughing.) Today, this mike is not so good, but still Baba has to meet you. This too is a mike. If this mike (body) doesn’t work, then this mike (physical mike) is of no use. It doesn’t matter, this is just the fruit of the season.

Now, BapDada wants to see this revelation in all of you children. When you reveal something in words, the words make an impact, but there would be a much greater impact through your virtues and actions. Let everyone have the experience with each of you children that you have something special in your eyes. They shouldn’t experience you as being ordinary, but as being alokik, unique. Let the question arise in their minds: How did you become like this? Who made you like this? They themselves should wonder and ask you: Who made you like this? Nowadays, when you see something beautiful, you ask the question in your heart: Who made this? In the same way, reveal the Father by making your stage equal to the Father’s. Nowadays, the majority of souls wonder whether it is possible for souls to become like that. They wonder whether it is possible for anyone to live in the atmosphere of this corporeal world and still become like that. Show them that it really is possible to become that in a practical way and that you have become that. Nowadays, people believe in practical examples a lot more than theory. They want to see something rather than just hear about it. There are very many of you children everywhere, so if all of you were to become practical examples of being equal to the Father, they would not take long to understand and accept this. Your subjects would then very soon become ready. When they see you as practical examples, see your effort and realise that time is short, they will be stamped with the stamp of a subject. All of you are to become kings and queens, are you not?

Because of the present atmosphere, BapDada is once again drawing your attention to you now letting the attitude of disinterest emerge in your minds and hearts. Whether you children live at home with your families, or at a centre or anywhere else, BapDada has given physical facilities to each and every one of you. There isn’t a single child who doesn’t have the means to eat or a place to stay. Each of you has all the facilities you need whilst being able to maintain an attitude of unlimited disinterest. If someone lacks something due to his or her own carelessness or laziness, that is a different matter. However, BapDada knows that, according to the drama, each of you children has everything essential for your needs. You will continue to receive all the facilities you need. However, in some cases, you have more facilities than you require. Due to this, there is less spiritual endeavour and more use of the facilities. This is why BapDada is specially underlining this for you on this day, the day of becoming equal to the Father. You have been using all those facilities a great deal. Whatever you have done up to now has been very good, but you now have to increase your spiritual endeavor, which means you have to create an attitude of unlimited disinterest. You saw how Father Brahma until the last moment gave you children many facilities and how he himself remained detached from using the facilities. To remain detached from them while having them is known as disinterest. However, when you do not have anything and you say that you have disinterest, that you are disinterested, how is that possible? That is a different matter. While having everything, with knowledge, with feelings for world benefit and wanting to reveal the Father and the self, instead of relying on those facilities, let there be an attitude of unlimited disinterest. At the beginning of the creation of the yagya, the facilities you had were no less, but you were in a bhatthi of unlimited disinterest. The tapasya you did for 14 years was in an atmosphere of unlimited disinterest. BapDada has now given you many facilities. You now lack nothing in terms of facilities but, while using these facilities, let there be unlimited disinterest. At this time, it is essential for you to adopt this method for the benefit of the souls of the world, because desires are increasing everywhere. Souls are distressed due to being subservient to their desires. Even multimillionaires become distressed because of being influenced by their desires. The main cause of an atmosphere of distress within souls is all the limited desires they have. Therefore, with your attitude of unlimited disinterest, you must now make those souls have an attitude of disinterest. Without the atmosphere of an attitude of unlimited disinterest, souls cannot be happy or peaceful, nor will they be able to become liberated from their distress. You are the roots of the tree. In the picture of the tree, where are you Brahmins shown? You are shown amongst the roots; you are the foundation. For the wave you create to spread throughout the world, BapDada is telling you to pay special attention to your attitude of disinterest, which is the special way to become equal to Father Brahma in the corporeal form. Let it be seen that each one of you is not influenced by your facilities, but is engrossed in making spiritual endeavour. Whilst having all facilities let there be an attitude of disinterest. Use the essential facilities, but with as much disinterest in your heart as possible, and not by becoming subservient to those facilities. Now create an atmosphere of spiritual endeavour everywhere. Because time is drawing to a close, to have real tapasya and make real spiritual endeavour means to have unlimited disinterest. You have increased service a great deal this year. You have held big programmes everywhere. You have already been told that this year, many souls have become co-operative through service and have come into close contact. However, do you just have to let them remain co-operative souls? Some of those good, co-operative souls are very good. Now, bring those souls who have the quality of co-operation into a close relationship with you. Give them such an experience that, from just being co-operative, they become easy yogis. For this, you first need an atmosphere of spiritual endeavour and next an atmosphere of unlimited disinterest. Through this, those co- operative souls will easily become yogi souls. Continue to serve them but remember that the atmosphere of spiritual endeavour and tapasya is also essential.

You now have to perform powerful tapasya everywhere, so that that tapasya can become an instrument for serving through the mind. You now have to do very powerful service through tapasya. It is now essential for you to receive touchings through your thoughts for service through the mind. Time is drawing to a close and so it is necessary to have a constant stage and a constantly powerful atmosphere. In order to become equal to the Father, have the same speciality of an attitude of unlimited disinterest that you saw in Father Brahma until the last moment; he had no interest in or attachment to either physical comforts or the children, but just maintained his attitude of disinterest for all. So, on this special day, make the lesson of becoming equal to the Father very firm. “I have to become equal to Father Brahma.” Such determined faith will definitely enable you to move forward.

All of you children are probably thinking that a prize is to be given today. However, not all the children from everywhere have arrived here yet. So, should the prize be given to just those who have come? There is a prize, but BapDada says: A list had been created of all the bondages you had to become liberated from throughout the year. How many bondages were there? (18). OK. Have you become liberated from all 18 bondages even in your dreams? When you don’t have any form of bondage, even in your dreams, you can be called liberated. You raise your hands very easily. Baba knows that if He were to ask you to raise your hands, the hands of many types of souls would be raised. Nevertheless, BapDada knows which are the children and how many of them there are, who check themselves and are thereby ready to raise their hands. You must now become more introverted and check yourself in a subtle way: OK, I may not have made anyone unhappy, but did I accumulate in my account of happiness as much as I could have? I didn’t upset anyone, but did I make anyone happy? Although I didn’t have any waste thoughts, did I accumulate any elevated thoughts in their place? I maintained good wishes for everyone, but did I receive any response to those good wishes? Whether someone changed or not, did I remain content with that person? Now again check yourself like this in a subtle way and if you have passed in this subtle checking, you are very good. You souls who have passed should check yourselves in this way and see what name and what result you have achieved at your centre or subcentre: What percentage did you attain as a result? How many did you make happy? How many were content with you? Did you make those who were upset happy? Or, did you just give happiness to those who were already happy? If, after checking yourself in all of these things, you consider yourself to have passed with honours, then give your name to your teacher. The teachers should then have this all verified by the person in charge of that area and then pass it on to the one in charge of the zone. All the names should be collected by the one who is in-charge of the zone and then the names of those who have passed should be sent to Madhuban. You will then receive a prize. Then, you may applaud. Those who have passed with honours in this way will definitely receive a prize. You will receive that prize, but before you claim your prize, you must show your true chart to the true Father with an honest heart. Everyone’s thoughts reach BapDada. Out of those who raised their hands, BapDada saw that there was a mixed variety of souls, they raised their hands without any understanding. It would not be good if a mixed variety of souls, who raise their hands, are not given a prize by BapDada. This is why, if you have passed with honours, it is better to have a system, so that you can be praised a great deal and the names of such souls would become very well known in the Brahmin family. It is good. The majority of you have worked hard. You have been paying attention, but it is now a question of becoming complete. Instead of being given a prize, those of you who have made this effort are being congratulated today. You will receive a prize later. Is this OK? Achcha.

Secondly, those from all the different zones have to bring a mike here by March. All of you remember this, do you not? In March, BapDada will first ask for this result from all the zones: Who has prepared a mike - and of what quality? Perhaps you say that someone is a mike, but he might only be a small mike. If someone is a mike from a particular state, not even of that zone, he would then be called a small mike. So BapDada will ask what type of mike you have prepared. If someone from a particular zone is unable to come for the last meeting, you can send a short note. If they are able to come, then the heads of those zones are also invited. If they are unable to come for any reason, then it will be OK to just send a short note. BapDada can then arrange a programme to take place of such mikes in which all the mikes from all the different places can appear on the stage. There can be a special programme for them. So, don’t think that you have to bring the mikes here in March. Leave the mikes there and you come! Those mikes will be invited with great splendour and a very good welcome can be arranged for them. We shall have a special programme for them. Then the first, second and third prizes will be given. Is this OK? Is this clear for all the different zones? You have to bring the result in March. Achcha.

What have you remembered? What have you underlined? Unlimited disinterest! Now, rescue souls from their desires. The poor souls are very unhappy and distressed. Now be merciful, and spread waves of mercy on them with your attitude of unlimited disinterest. All of you now sit with the Father in the supreme abode (Paramdham), the highest of all places, and give merciful drishti to all souls. Spread those vibrations. You are able to spread them, are you not? Now, just come and sit with the Father in the supreme abode and spread the atmosphere of unlimited mercy from there. (BapDada conducted drill.) Achcha.

To all the extremely loving children everywhere, to the elevated souls everywhere who are making spiritual endeavour, to all those who sang very lovely and sweet songs from the heart to BapDada throughout the day, to all those who had heart-to-heart conversations with BapDada and filled their aprons with blessings of all powers and virtues - BapDada heard everyone’s songs: songs of happiness, songs of love, songs of spiritual intoxication. BapDada heard so many very sweet things from such children that they really touched His heart, that He became totally lost in listening to them whilst celebrating a meeting with them. Children who tell the truth from their hearts, those who have honest hearts are great children and they will remain constantly great – BapDada is giving multimillion-fold love in a return to such sweet children who constantly maintain an attitude of unlimited disinterest and whose intellects have faith filled with determination; to all those children who remain seated on the heart-throne of the Comforter of Hearts, love, remembrance and namaste.
May you have a right to BapDada’s canopy of protection and remain safe from Maya and obstacles.   
The children who are especially loved by BapDada receive the canopy of BapDada’s protection as a right, and Maya has no power to come under this canopy of protection. Such souls are victorious over Maya all the time. The canopy of protection in the form of remembrance keeps you safe from all obstacles. No type of obstacle can come to those who remain under the canopy of protection. For those who remain under the canopy even the most difficult things become easy. Things as big as a mountain are experienced to be as light as cotton wool.
In order to be loved by God, loved by people and loved by yourself, imbibe the virtue of contentment.