Saturday, July 25, 2015

Murli 26 July 2015

“The sovereignty of the confluence age and the sovereignty of the golden age”


May you be filled with all attainments and with Godly intoxication forget the old world.

Just as the other kind of intoxication makes you forget everything, similarly, this Godly intoxication makes you easily forget the world of sorrow. There is a lot of damage caused by that intoxication. When someone drinks a lot, he is completely finished, whereas this intoxication makes you imperishable. Those who are constantly intoxicated with Godly intoxication become filled with all attainments. The awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other increases your intoxication. With this awareness, you develop power.


Instead of copying one another, copy the Father.

Om Shanti
26/07/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 07/1/80

“The sovereignty of the confluence age and the sovereignty of the golden age”
Today, BapDada is looking at a gathering of confluence-aged emperors who are free from sorrow. The confluence age is the land free from sorrow. All Brahmins of the confluence age are emperors of the land free from sorrow. The sovereignty of the golden age is nothing compared with the sorrow-free sovereignty of the confluence age. The intoxication of the attainment and happiness of the present time is multimillion times higher than that of the sovereignty of the golden age.

Today, there was a discussion in the subtle region about the contrast between the confluence-aged sovereignty and the golden-aged sovereignty. You heard many things of the golden-aged sovereignty the other day, which made you very happy. However, you have also experienced how elevated the confluence age is, have you not?

1. In the golden age, every day there will be the natural music of the elements of nature. But just look how great the early morning hours of nectar are for the Brahmins in the confluence age! There, in the golden age, the instruments of nature awaken you, whereas at the confluence age, who awakens you at amrit vela? The Master of Nature, God Himself, awakens you.

2. What sweet music do you hear? The music of the Father calling you: “Child, sweet child!” God’s natural music is so much greater than nature’s music in the golden age. You have experienced this, have you not? So, is the music of the golden age greater - or is the music of the confluence age greater? This is the time to create your sanskars for the golden age and also to create your reward and fill yourselves with everything. You have to create those sanskars within yourselves and also create your reward now. Everything has to be accomplished now, at this confluence age.

3. There you will eat various satopradhan, very delicious and juicy fruits straight from the trees. Here you eat the instant sweet fruit of all relationships that are filled with all attainments given to you by the Lord of the Tree.

4. There you have the fruits of the golden age, whereas here you have the fruits of the diamond age. Therefore, which are more elevated?

5. There you will be looked after by maids and servants, whereas here, you are being looked after by the Father Himself.

6. There your parents will be great souls, whereas here, God Himself is your Mother and Father.

7. There you will swing in swings studded with jewels. But what is the greatest swing of all that you experience here? The Father’s lap is your swing. The loveliest swing for a child is the lap of its parents. You don’t have just one swing; you can swing in various swings. You have the swing of supersensuous joy and the swing of happiness. Although the swings you have there are studded with jewels, the swing you have here now is so great.

8. There you will play with one another with jewels and toys. However, Baba says: “Here, you can constantly play with Me in whatever form you want”. You can play with Baba as your Friend or your Brother. You can play with Baba as His child or play with Him as your Child. You would never find such an imperishable toy anywhere else; a toy that will not break nor crack. It doesn’t even cost you anything.

9. There you will sleep comfortably on mattresses, whereas here you sleep on the mattress of remembrance.

10. There you go to the land of sleep, but at the confluence age, you can go to the subtle region with the Father.

11. You can only tour that one land in your golden-aged vimans, but you can now tour around all three regions in the vimans of your intellects.

12. There you will be the masters of that one world, whereas here you are the masters of the three worlds.

13. There you will only have two eyes, but here you also have a third eye.

14. Now, at the confluence age, you are knowledge-full, powerful and blissful, so what will you be there in comparison? You will be royal buddhus (innocents).

15. In terms of the world, you will be supremely worthy of being worshipped; you will be respected by all the souls of the world. However, in terms of knowledge, there is a vast difference.

16. Here you souls say: “Good morning” and “Good night” to the Father, whereas there it is just souls saying it to souls.

17. There you will have the right to be world sovereigns who rule the world, whereas here you are world benefactors, great donors and bestowers of blessings. So, who are more elevated? You become very happy when you hear those things of the golden age, but you are now becoming those who are constant embodiments of happiness.

18. Although you will eat various foods there, here you eat Brahma Bhojan, which is praised even more highly than the food of the deities. So, constantly keep in front of you both your golden-aged reward and the importance and attainment of the present time. Then, by understanding the value of the present time, you will be able to make every second and every thought elevated. Do you understand?

Today, those from the Punjab zone are here. Punjab has two specialities; these are the water of the rivers of Punjab and the farms of Punjab. That Government advertises these two specialities of Punjab. However, what speciality of Punjab has this Pandava Government revealed? The hands of the rivers of knowledge have emerged from Punjab, but Punjab has also performed wonders. The many rivers of Punjab stay within Punjab itself; very few of them flow into other states. It is because the rivers of Punjab stay in Punjab that the water of Punjab has become very famous. In Punjab, they are able to make grain grow out of season because of the facilities they have. So, those from Punjab have to give twelve different types of fruit in twelve months. Since you have the power of science to be able to make grain grow out of season, can you not use your confluence-aged power of silence to provide fruit for all twelve months? Those people adopt such measures that they are able to make the impossible possible. Therefore, now transform the land of Punjab with spiritual endeavour. You now have to give the practical fruit of that. Punjab has to remember a slogan for the New Year. Which slogan? “Instant donation brings the greatest charity.” At present it is the part of the Ganges of knowledge. The Pandavas are the backbone. The Shaktis are the instruments to be placed at the front. The Pandavas too will benefit from this. Otherwise, you would have to experience a beating. In Punjab, especially, they beat people a great deal. This is why it is good for the Shaktis to be the guides and the Pandavas to be the guards. Guards and guides go together with the same rhythm. Just as Baba is the Backbone and puts the Shaktis at the front, in the same way, you Pandavas also have to become backbones like the Father and put the Shaktis at the front. What newness will Punjab reveal in the New Year? The newness of transforming the land. Do you understand?

In service abroad, very good and courageous male and female warriors are preparing themselves with their power of silence to gain victory over science. Very good and serviceable arms of the Father are already prepared; they are right hands. Anything elevated and auspicious is always done with the right hand and is done very easily. So, you right hands in the foreign lands are being prepared. Achcha, Baba will tell you your speciality when He meets you again. BapDada congratulates all you children who have come from this land and abroad. He congratulates those who have come from near and far to celebrate this meeting. Achcha.

To those who constantly celebrate a meeting with the Father, to those whose only intoxication day and night is of belonging to the one Father and none other, to those who donate to all the souls of the world the great donation and blessing of all treasures, to those who become embodiments of awareness of this elevated fortune by keeping the specialities of the confluence age in front of them, to the world-benefactor souls who constantly have an elevated attitude and elevated vibrations, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups – Punjab zone:

Because those from Punjab have a special instrument soul, they definitely have to give special fruit. In Punjab, there is a memorial of the special immortal throne. Those who keep the memorial of this throne have to be constantly seated on the immortal throne. Whilst being detached observers and performing through your physical organs, you have to remain self-sovereigns. To be a soul seated on the immortal throne means to be a soul who is the master of the self. Do you continue to move along while being masters of yourselves? You are not subservient to your physical senses, are you? Where there is any dependency, there will be weakness. For half a cycle, you have remained weak. So, have you now claimed your kingdom? When you reclaim your kingdom, you stop being dependent. So, you are masters of yourselves, are you not? None of your physical senses, your servants, rule over you, do they? Just as in the world today there is government of the people by the people, so too, it is not your people who are ruling your life, is it? “Your people” means your physical senses. In the government by the people there is constant upheaval, whereas a kingdom ruled by a king functions steadily. So, your kingdom is functioning steadily, is it not?

At the present time, even any upheaval in your thoughts must be taken seriously. Previously, there was a time when you were allowed freedom in your thoughts; you only had to pay attention to your words and deeds. However, now there should not be any upheaval even in your thoughts, because, at the end, world transformation will be accomplished through your thoughts. So, if you have even one wasteful thought, you lose a great deal. Do not consider even one thought to be something ordinary. You have to pay that much attention. The times have now changed and your speed of effort has also changed. You now have to put a full stop to even your thoughts. When you pay attention to your thoughts, that is the ascending stage. Make your stage constantly ascend. The bargain now has to be of doing something constantly.

Avyakt BapDada meeting foreigners:

London: Are you constantly aware of your holy land? Those who live in a holy land would constantly remain stable in a holy stage. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be in the stage of a completely pure soul? When you have the crown of purity here, you will be given a crown studded with jewels there. Constantly experience yourselves to be wearing your crowns of light. Princes and princesses always wear their crowns. You are the children of the Lord, and so how can you not wear your crowns? All of you people of London have your own crowns, do you not? You have to wear such crowns that everyone who sees you wearing your crowns bows down to you.

Always remain aware that you are pure souls wearing your crowns of the light of purity. Maya doesn’t remove your crowns, does she? Now, before you leave here, bid farewell to Maya. Transform Maya’s form before you leave. Instead of Maya coming to you as your enemy, let her now come to you as a toy. Bring about this transformation in this New Year.

America: There are five Pandavas; what wonders did the five Pandavas perform in the previous cycle? Even though there were just five of them, they defeated a huge unlimited army. So, you are the Pandava Army that will fly the flag of victory, are you not? Each Pandava is equal to so many. There was an unlimited army on the other side and on your side there were just five. So, how valuable and precious you all are! Now spread yourselves all over America. Just as a physical net is spread, so too, spread the net of your yoga power so that all the wandering souls can be brought here. In America especially, there are many souls who want peace and happiness. So, continue to donate peace and happiness and you will receive many blessings.

Guyana: You are constantly serviceable jewels, are you not? Each of you is being filled with sanskars of serving: they are like the blood that flows in your body. If your body had no blood in it, it would be useless. In the same way, if you aren’t doing service, it would be as though you were almost dead. Service is the special foundation of Brahmin life. Service has to be merged in each one of you. The tilak of being serviceable has to be applied to the forehead of each one of you. Those from Guyana have shown the proof of service very well. You will be able to serve many places by showing the example of the special people you have served. Special souls have become instruments for service in Guyana. Just as stars are merged in the eyes, so too, the long-lost and now-found, beloved jewels are merged in BapDada’s eyes.

Germany: The group from Germany has to perform many wonders. Those of you from Germany have to prepare such a group that they will become instruments in the future to serve you. In the Golden age, everything works with atomic energy. Souls who have come into contact with you in Germany will become the instruments for such work there. You will become the masters, but those souls who are in contact with you will become instruments. Those of you from Germany have to do a lot of service. When you children keep courage, the Father helps you. Continue to serve those who have come into contact with you.

Those who spin the discus of self realisation can never spin a discus of fluctuation and allow their stage to fluctuate between ascending and descending. Now, let the past be the past! Just as the old year has now ended, end that sanskar completely too. Now, transform your sanskars, because they are the seed. When the seed is destroyed, that tree won’t grow. Just as a physical seed is roasted in a fire so that it won’t germinate, now burn the seed of the sanskars of weakness in the love-filled fire of such remembrance that the tree is unable to grow – that no weaknesses in your thoughts, words or deeds can remain. Just as you are very good at burning a fire at Holi, similarly, burn this fire of becoming holy, and you will become holy. Once you burn all your weaknesses, you will become a destroyer of obstacles. Constantly remember your title: I am a destroyer of obstacles. As well as destroying your own obstacles, you also have to destroy all the obstacles of the world. You now have to keep busy serving the world.
May you be filled with all attainments and with Godly intoxication forget the old world.   
Just as the other kind of intoxication makes you forget everything, similarly, this Godly intoxication makes you easily forget the world of sorrow. There is a lot of damage caused by that intoxication. When someone drinks a lot, he is completely finished, whereas this intoxication makes you imperishable. Those who are constantly intoxicated with Godly intoxication become filled with all attainments. The awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other increases your intoxication. With this awareness, you develop power.
Instead of copying one another, copy the Father.