Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, have the concern to charge your batteries. Do not waste your time thinking about others. 
Grind your own ingredients and become intoxicated.

Question: Why is there a need for the Father to explain everything to you in detail and to give you so much time, 
even though knowledge is of just a second?
Answer: Because the Father sees whether there has been any improvement in you children after giving you knowledge. 
He then continues to give knowledge for improvement to take place. He gives the knowledge of the Seed and the whole 
tree and it is because of this that He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. If He were to go away having given you a mantra 
of a second, He would not receive the title of the Ocean of Knowledge.

Essence for dharna: 

1. Do not waste your time thinking about other things. Remain intoxicated with your own self. Think about your own 
self and make the soul satopradhan. 

2. In order to change from an ordinary man into Narayan, let there be remembrance of only the one Father in your final 
moments. Keeping this highest method in front of you, make this effort: I am a soul. I have to forget this body.

Blessing: May you be a knowledgeable and yogi soul who is successful in every task according to the time. 

Knowledge means understanding. A sensible person is one who does everything with understanding according to the 
time and attains success. The sign of sensible people is that they are never deceived, and the sign of yogi souls is that 
they are clean and clear. Those whose intellects are clean and clear would never say, “I don’t know why this happened.” Knowledgeable and yogi souls cannot speak such words. They use knowledge and yoga in every action.

Slogan: Those who maintain the awareness of their original and eternal sanskars and nature are able to remain unshakeable 
and immovable.