Saturday, September 13, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, this study of yours is your source of income. Through this study, you arrange for an income 
for 21 births.

Question: Is it an income or a loss to go to the land of liberation?
Answer: For devotees, it an income because, for half the cycle, they have been asking for peace. Even after making a 
lot of effort, they didn’t find peace. They now receive peace from the Father, that is, they go to the land of liberation. 
So, that is the fruit of their efforts of half the cycle. This is why that too is said to be an income, not a loss. You children 
are making effort to go to the land of liberation in life. You now have the history and geography of the whole world 
dancing in your intellects.

Essence for dharna: 

1. Have unlimited disinterest in this dirty and impure world and make full effort to make the soul pure. Stay attracted 
to only the one Father. 

2. Charge your battery by imbibing knowledge. Make yourself wealthy with the jewels of knowledge. It is now the 
time to earn an income. Therefore, save yourself from any loss.

Blessing: May you renounce limited desires and thereby become good, and so become ignorant of the knowledge of desire. 

If your mind has any limited desires they will not allow you to become good. When you are walking in the sun, your 
shadow goes ahead of you and if you try to catch it, you won’t be able to. When you turn around, your shadow will follow 
you. In the same way, desires attract you and make you cry. Let go of them and they will follow you. Those who ask for 
something can never become full and complete. To chase any limited desires is like a mirage. Remain constantly safe 
from this and you will become ignorant of the knowledge of desire. 

Slogan: Accumulate blessings with your elevated actions and your elevated activity and situations as big as a mountain 
will then be experienced to be like cotton wool.