Friday, September 12, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, here, you receive the love of the family path because the Father says from His heart: 
My children. You receive an inheritance from the Father. A guru, a bodily being, cannot give this love.

Question: What are the signs of the children who have imbibed this knowledge and have shrewd intellects? 
Answer: They have an interest in relating knowledge to others. Their intellects do not wander to friends and 
relatives. Those who have shrewd intellects never yawn whilst studying. They never sit in school with their 
eyes closed. The children who sit here like crazy people, whose intellects wander here and there, would not 
understand knowledge. It is very difficult for them to remember the Father.

Essence for dharna: 

1. It is now time to take a jump from the old world to the new world. Therefore, have unlimited renunciation 
of the old world. Remove it from your intellect. 

2. Pay full attention to the study. It is not usual for students to sit in school with their eyes closed. Pay attention 
that your intellect does not wander here and there at the time of studying and that you don't yawn. Whatever you 
hear, continue to imbibe that.

Blessing: May you be a tolerant soul who tolerates everything with love by considering it to be the Father’s instruction.

Some children say that they are right and yet they also say that they are the ones who have to tolerate and die. 
However, to tolerate or to die in this way is to claim a number in the subject of dharna. Therefore, do not be afraid 
of tolerating anything. Some children do tolerate everything, but there is a difference in tolerating out of compulsion 
and tolerating out of love. You are not tolerating anything because of that situation, but you have to be tolerant 
because of the Father’s instruction. By considering it to be an instruction and tolerating out of love means to 
transform the self and only in this do you claim marks.

Slogan: Those who constantly eat the nourishment of happiness remain healthy.