Thursday, September 11, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, you must not love any impure bodily beings because you are going to the pure 
world. Have love for the one Father.

Question: What is it that you should not get fed up with and why?
Answer: You must not get fed up, even slightly, with that old body of yours because that body is very, very 
valuable. The soul sits in that body and wins a very big lottery by remembering the Father. If you stay in 
remembrance of the Father, you continue to receive the nourishment of happiness.

Essence for dharna: 

1. Become swans who constantly select the jewels of knowledge. Only select the pearls and leave the rubbish. 
Earn an income of multimillions at every step and become multimillion times fortunate. 

2. In order to claim a high status, become a teacher and serve many others. Become as pure as a lotus and 
make others similar to yourself. Change thorns into flowers.

Blessing: May you claim the marks in all four subjects that please the Father and become seated on the 

Children who claim good marks in all four subjects and pass with a good number from the beginning to the 
end are said to have passed with honours. Let it not be that you have few marks in-between and that you then 
make up for it, but you claim the marks that please the Father in all four subjects; you can be seated on the 
heart-throne. Along with this, those who are loved by everyone in the world, those who are co-operative with 
everyone, those who receive respect from everyone can be seated on the heart-throne and the future throne 
of the kingdom.

Slogan: A beloved is one who constantly has this unlimited song playing in his heart: I belong to the Father 
and the Father belongs to me.