Thursday, August 14, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, all your desires are now being fulfilled and your stomachs are becoming full. 
The Father has come to make you into fully satisfied souls

Question: You children no longer perform devotion and yet, how are you definitely still devotees?
Answer: For as long as you have body consciousness, you are devotees. You are studying to become 
knowledgeable. When you pass your examinations and become karmateet, you will be called completely 
knowledgeable. There will then be no need to study.

Essence for dharna: 

1. You have to become fully satisfied and have a broad and unlimited intellect so that your vision is not 
drawn to anything else. Let there be no desires in your heart because all of this is to be destroyed. 

2. While performing actions for the livelihood of your body, let the mercury of happiness always remain 
high. Remember the Father and the inheritance. Remove the intellect from the limited and always keep 
it in the unlimited.

Blessing: May you become trikaldarshi (knower of the three aspects of time), by using the blessing of a 
divine intellect and be filled with success. 

BapDada has given every child the blessing of a divine intellect. It is only with a divine intellect that you 
can clearly know the Father, your own self and the three aspects of time and also imbibe all powers. Before 
putting any thought into words or practice, a soul with a divine intellect would be aware of the three aspects 
of time of every word and deed and then put it into the practical form. The past and future will be just as 
clear as the present in front of such a soul. Because of being trikaldarshi, those with divine intellects are 
constantly filled with success.

Slogan: Only those who have adopted purity completely can experience supreme bliss.