Friday, July 25, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, body consciousness means a devilish character. Change that and imbibe a divine character and you will be liberated from the jail of Ravan.
Question: How does each soul experience punishment for his sinful actions and what method should you use to be liberated from that?

Answer: Each one experiences punishment in the jail of a womb for his sins and, secondly, he also receives many types of sorrow in the jail of Ravan. Baba has come to liberate you children from these jails. In order to be liberated from them you have to become civilized.

Essence for Dharna:
1. Never allow your stage to be spoilt by believing the rumours you hear. Have cleanliness within. Don't burn inside on hearing lies. Take God’s directions.
2. Make full effort to become soul conscious. Do not defame anyone. Whilst paying attention to benefit, loss and honour, completely finish the criminal eye. Listen with one ear to whatever the Father tells you, but don't let it out of the other!

Blessing: May you be co-operative with everyone and with your elevated awareness, create an elevated stage and an elevated atmosphere.

Yoga means to stay in an elevated awareness. I, an elevated soul, am a child of the elevated Father. When you have such awareness your stage becomes elevated and an elevated atmosphere, which attracts many souls towards you is automatically created through an elevated stage. Wherever you souls stay in yoga and perform actions, the atmosphere and environment there will help others too. Such co-operative souls are loved by the Father and the world.

Slogan: You will receive the throne of a kingdom by sitting on the seat of an unshakeable stage.