Monday, July 21, 2014


Essence: Sweet children, you now have to become satopradhan and return home. Therefore, practise considering 
yourself to be a soul and constantly remember the Father. Always be concerned about your progress. 

Question: What is the sign of whether you are making progress day by day or moving backwards in your study?
Answer: If you are making progress in your study, you experience lightness. It will remain in your intellect that 
that is a dirty body and that you now have to shed it, that you now have to return home. You will continue to imbibe 
divine virtues. If you are moving backwards, devilish traits would be visible in your activity. There wouldn't be 
remembrance of the Father whilst you are walking and moving around. Such a soul will not be able to become a 
flower or give happiness to everyone. Such children will later on have visions and also experience a lot of 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Whilst walking and moving around, keep your intellect thinking about the study. Whilst performing any task, 
let the knowledge always trickle in your intellect. This is the best study through which you have to become 
double crowned. 

2. Practise: We souls are brothers. By becoming body conscious, you perform wrong actions. Therefore, remain soul 
conscious as much as possible.

Blessing: May you be an image of support who brings about transformation of the atmosphere of the world through 
your elevated attitude. 

You children are not the support for just your own lives, but you are the images of support for all souls of the world. 
The atmosphere of the world is being transformed by your elevated attitude and, with your pure drishti, the souls of 
the world and matter are both becoming pure. The world is changing through your drishti. The world is becoming an 
elevated world through your elevated actions. It is because you are now crowned with such a huge responsibility that 
you receive the crown and throne in the future. 

Slogan: Make the Almighty Authority Father your Companion and no obstacle will be able to stop you.